TLP bleeding players after launch is normal.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Strawberry, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. MaxTheLion Augur

    I truly hope it is good for you and your guild since I dislike seeing attrition on any server. Sadly, history has shown that many/most guilds fold once content stops being too easy. Seldom do people enjoy running into a wall with no prize in sight.
  2. Lisfin Journeyman

    Like I was saying before, Selos is not as hard to stay current as people seem to think...including yourself.

    With the double XP and sometimes 4x rates and double rare mobs, you might actually spend less time "catching up".Its very easy to get AAs and be caught up, its very easy to get gear and be caught up.

    If your goal is to see content and experience raids, Selo's is a great server. If you are wanting to do the same content 20-40-60 times over the next 3 to 6 months, than I guess it would be too fast for you.

    If you consider raiding 2-3 times a week to much of a time sink, I don't see how spending double the amount of time grinding to "catch up" on a 3 month lockout server is any better...
  3. MaxTheLion Augur

    I'm not sure why you're trying to sell me on Selo. I understand how it works but it's just not for me. Even with double exp, with lockouts released 50-66% faster than the server I play on, it's either equal or less time per expansion to accomplish the same goal. What if I need to take a two week break for work? Then I've missed approximately half the window allotted to play that expansion. Everything is too condensed me for to view playing on Selo a reality. Let the people who enjoy it enjoy it but please stop trying to sell your experience as a one size fits all.
  4. Lisfin Journeyman

    With the double xp its twice as fast to catch up and stay current...

    You have 2x the amount of chances to raid. Even if you miss a few raids, other people in your guild are gearing up, making the gear easier to attain for you next time you are raiding.

    It won't matter that much, a day of leveling and a few raids you are caught up again. Yes it's faster, but its also easier to xp and gear up.

    Also it's not like the previous expansions lock again when the time is up, you can always go back and do stuff you might have missed. Not sure why you think you can only do the current content.

    I have never said its one size fits all, you seem to have missed the points I made when I first commented on this post. The point was, Selos is not as hard to stay current as people make it out to be.

    People mentioned you needed to raid 5-6 nights a week, which I replied saying that is not true.

    Only playing 2-3 nights a week its very easy to finish the content in a week or two. If you honestly like being stuck in the same expansion and raiding it 24 to 48 times while waiting for the next expansion than your right, Selo's would be too fast for you.

    All I know is, after the 8+ clear, content starts to get old...
  5. Meridian Augur

    The Selo shills are out in force.
  6. yerm Augur

    Eq is a difficult game to walk away from and come back to. Always has been. The best thing they could do IMO would be more catchup mechanics.

    Selo shills, meh, we don't force gamebreaking changes like manglers rmthappy community does. Cut us some slack.
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  7. Tierdal Augur

    Selo doing well!
  8. code-zero Augur

    To be honest Selo "shills" seem to be a lot happier than the typical Mangler poster. They never mention "80 boxers" nor do they accuse Daybreak of running bot teams to control the economy
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  9. Lemerian Journeyman

  10. code-zero Augur

    okay you got me

    one thread

    one freaking thread

    Compare the the incessant Mangler bot threads and there is no comparison

    I'm sorry that the general perception of Selo is that it's a happier server than Mangler but that's how it looks to me and most people who read the forums
  11. oldkracow Augur

    The happier server yet it's hovering at medium / low population while mangler is always high pop?

    Yes happy people always leave in droves. :rolleyes:
  12. Tierdal Augur

    selo is best - mangler is dead server walkin
  13. Lisfin Journeyman

    Gratz Mangler for having a high pop? It's probably from all the bot armies I constantly hear about on the forums anyway...

    What are the values for high/med/low? How can you even use these to compare server pop?

    Mangler could be high at 2000 players and selos could be medium at 1800, and low could be 1500. Them values don't mean anything if you don't have the actual metrics they are using to label them...
  14. Lemerian Journeyman

    Log on and compare membership in class channels. It's an imperfect metric but the difference is stark enough to believe there's a sizeable difference in population.
  15. Oakenblade Augur

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  16. oldkracow Augur

    Oh no not an image to describe how you feel.
    Maybe now I'll retire to my happy server. :D
  17. Brunlin Augur

    Im sure for some peeps this can be true, but its proven that Classic launch usually has the most peeps. Mangler by far had more people than most of their TLP's that they launch, So, when people start dropping off its more noticeable here. Also,its a fact that at the end of each expac people take a break waiting for the next expac. So Mangler really got a dip before Velious, and since Velious isnt a level increase and also WOW Classic just launched, Mangler got a real big hit. I for see peeps coming back for SOL and POP as they are more popular expacs.....but with peeps mired in WOW Classic...which btw is more of a time sink than these watered down easy versions of true classic EQ, we will have to wait and see.

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