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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Yinla, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Lakeland Lorekeeper

    Sadly if they are working on it it’s not being conveyed to us. The queue is a joke and times out (time out error on a queue? That’s like waiting in line for a restaurant then when you get to the front they erase your name, that isn’t a queue). Plus no timer, nothing saying you are in a queue.
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  2. Quill Augur

    Translation: Come back later tonight or tomorrow.
  3. KennyJr New Member

    @Roxxlyy any ETA for how long till we can actually get on and play? Just wondering if I should come back later in the evening or even tomorrow lol I'd prefer not to though of course.
  4. Pleasantvalley Journeyman

    You guys made absolutely no improvements for launch from Phinigel to Agnarr to Coirnav to Mangler. Buy more powerful servers, this is a disgrace. You guys are awful at customer service, ten times over.
  5. Norok Journeyman

    @Roxxlyy can you please answer our question instead of locking my thread?

    If we get a timeout error do we restart the queue or not?
  6. Xiss Journeyman

    Working as intended.
  7. Torvius Journeyman

    in 15 minutes, Que has gone from 18 min to 25 lmao
  8. Junlo Journeyman

    Please tell us how this queue works. Close the window? Keep it open? If it times out, do we restart? This is so ambiguous and not intuitive what so ever...
  9. Ponderosa New Member

  10. Vorkosh Journeyman

    it goes up. i've been waiting since 6 min. It's now up to 26. Complete joke this is.
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  11. ikrouki New Member

    they see it missing place on the server do something about it lol
  12. Storm Cloud New Member

    Haven't seen log in problems like this since they released Frogs .... you think they would learn by now... are we gluttons for pain.....
  13. Aneuren Tempered Steel


    RIP Mangler and Selos, 2019-2019
  14. Vorkosh Journeyman

    timeout - an error has occured. Really? Thx Info
  15. Richie00007 New Member

    Why have a Que when you time people out after 5 min ?
    And yes before you say I am actively at my computer moving the mouse and click
  16. discordkitty Augur

    I'd be fine with a queue if it didn't time out before I got anywhere, forcing me back to the bottom of the queue again. Or is that working as intended?
  17. Yimin Augur

    This should of been a 6 am start up !

  18. Malik_Fippy Journeyman

    3 x 1 min que = unknown error
    2 x 6 min que = unknown error
    3 16 min que -= unknown error
    now a 28 min que ... serioulsy
  19. Strickin New Member

    We are definitely gluttons for pain, but there's only so much we can take...
  20. Storm Cloud New Member

    ...and to think we PAY for this ...
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