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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Yinla, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Fastlane Journeyman

    11 minute wait time? What a joke I've been waiting for 1 hour, 18 minutes. Opening up a new server at NOON, on a SATURDAY during a BONUS XP EVENT? Great idea Daybroke...
  2. Zish Elder

    This is just ridiculous.

    I sat in your "queue" the first time. It said 1m. After 5 minutes of nothing happening, I got a timeout error.

    So, I sat in the "queue" again. This time it said 5 minutes. After 10 minutes of nothing happening, I got a timeout error.

    I log back in again, and the "queue" says 26m.

    I logged off.

    I really want to say some harsh words right now.
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  3. dmccollum Elder

    My client always times out before entering while in queue.
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  4. Aowar Journeyman

    I'm okay with a queue, what I'm not okay with is sitting in the queue for a long time with no information given on it only to be given a "timeout error." Has happened 5 times now...
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  5. Nimryl New Member

    What he said ^
  6. Skaeth New Member

    I think the goal is to get people to stop trying to login, if people wait 20-30 minutes for a timeout there's less congestion. Doesn't seem like queue actually works or achieves anything but getting people to stop pressing the play button a million times.
  7. Avanfri New Member

    I had 5 min Queue errored out, 11min queue errored out, now in a 26 min Queue... -_-
  8. Vorkosh Journeyman

    say all the harsh words you want, they don't listen, nor do they care. If they did, we wouldn't have issues like this every single time.
  9. Fortano New Member

    Why can't I post?
  10. leland New Member

    I’m getting the same thing but now it says 29 mins and every time I hit play Everquest it goes up a minite
  11. Peat Moss Journeyman

    Same here
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  12. Draks New Member

    I keep timing out on the queue as well D:
  13. Pleasantvalley Journeyman

    At least on Coirnav you could get in to reserve names in a fairly reasonable fashion. How does a launch go worse with more time and money to upgrade your servers?
  14. Korzu111 Elder

    Are there actually people in the server playing?

  15. Psalmz Elder

    Same here, queue was down to 21 minutes but now I'm back to repeated time outs!
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  16. Rbreiser New Member

    Happy Anniversary! What a turn off! Nothing really changed, servers and customer support still sucks! Instead of PC Online game development you may want to try board games. Less complex and may fit better to your current skill set and capabilities.
  17. Cronos Journeyman

    This is exactly what I want to know, I don't mind waiting but I want to know what to do with this queue. I don't know if I should hit ok or not.
  18. Fortano New Member

    That's happening to everyone currently in the queue. You would think after 20 years, they would learn how to bring up new servers.
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  19. Ponderosa New Member

    I was completely excited to be playing an hour and a half ago, deciding on going outside for awhile and do yard work that needs to get done.
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  20. Vorkosh Journeyman

    the biggest slap in the face, is that in red letters they acknowledge something's wrong with FV.. but no mention of their 20th anniversary TLPs
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