There's another Everquest post up on Massively

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by RoamingBlue, Jul 1, 2015.

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  1. Glistarian Augur

    Yeah, that's kind of gone unnoticed. That they're changing the default on Ragefire to 3 months. Based on who knows what...
  2. Gregolo Augur

    I had to do data entry all night to meet a deadline. Forums keep me awake :p
  3. Pikallo Augur

    You're right, it didn't but it gathered the data that DBG was looking for, and they made their decision based on that. Which is exactly what they set out to do. This was not a vote and never claimed as such.
  4. Risiko Augur

    LoL... I guess they can't sweep that under the carpet like they would a forum post.
  5. Glistarian Augur

    To save time, I'll go ahead and write up the poll to run within minutes of the defeat of that last Kunark raid boss-

    Velious should open:

    A) ASAP
    B) Tomorrow
    C) Next week
    D) 2077
    E) Last Week
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  6. FXTi New Member

    I have no bias but you clearly don't seem to understand how majority in a poll/vote works. You can't tally the Independents and Republicans to show that they beat the Democrats. The poll/vote option that won was 6 month cycle.

    Its pretty easy for them to set up a new 2 option poll/vote if they feel like it will change the outcome.
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  7. Alexanders Augur

    Combining votes should not have been done you can argue any who voted asap would take 3 months over 6 but you can also argue some who voted 3 months might take 6 over asap.

    The real answer is this. ASAP should not have been an option.
    Do you want to open early at 3 months?
    Do you wish to retain the original 6 month plan?

    The only other option should have been no preference. Combining votes on some delusional thought process of what you believe people would have voted if the poll was different is both misleading and wrong.
  8. FXTi New Member

    I'm still smh at them issuing a statement kicking their cash cow in the mouth. Casuals are a majority of their subs and casuals are also the people that purchase Kronos. I guess it just shows the disconnect DBG has with majority of its player base.
  9. Pikallo Augur

    I most certainly understand how majority works in a poll. I understand that the option that has the most votes was 6 months. I also understand that we aren't talking about Independents vs Republicans vs Democrats. Since you only seem to understand it in that context, it would be like the Democrats had 2 candidates running and Republicans only had 1. DBG wanted to see if the community would vote Democrat (early Kunark) or Republican(6 months). Even though there were 2 separate Democrat candidates - they still voted Democrat.
  10. Solkos Augur

    So it is true when you bring up you can't assume what the 3 month voters preferred but you can assume, beyond a fairly reasonable doubt the below statements:
    Those who voted 6 months would take 3 months > ASAP
    Those who voted 3 months would take 3 months > 6 months

    So no matter what, 3 months can be interpenetrated as winning in any close poll which makes it even more hilarious that they gave us 3 options, as they did.

    There is 1 advantage of the 3 option poll they did. The advantage is they could interpenetrate the results however they wanted which seems to have been exercised.
  11. Wispur Elder

    The poll was always going to be skewed because it was based on accounts, and not players.

    Likely the majority of PLAYERS voted 6 months, but the extra 5 accounts per boxer threw the results off and made 3 months look like a viable option.

    So, majority of players get screwed, and the multi-boxers mess things up for everyone else. Again.
  12. Solkos Augur

    Again, you can't really assume that. Why would a mage army want to vote for an era where their class isn't nearly as powerful as it is now? It doesn't make sense for them to vote for that!
  13. Roshen Brand Manager

    ^ this

    If something like this article was made as a forum post, I'd remove it. It has a clickbait title, and author seems to try to troll players into commenting on the topic.

    Even the final paragraph of the Massively article isn't about the poll. It's just takes a quote unrelated to the poll from an interview posted the previous day, and posting it again.


    Since this thread has just become a conversation about the poll and NOT about the Massively article, I'm going to close this down and link you guys to where these conversations are happening:

    Commenting on the poll:

    Commenting on the Holly's interview in the Massively article:
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