The guild hall seems to have a propensity to crash if the teleporter is set

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  1. Braikkarrii Lorekeeper

    I think this is a known stability problem with the Guild Hall instance, but I have noticed that when ever my characters attempt to enter the hall several hours after the teleporter has been set, the game freezes/crashes upon entrance.

    Having the teleporter active appears to make the crash more likely to happen.

    1. Set the Guild Hall's teleporter to any location. It is best to do this just before you log out of the game.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Once the GH teleporter has been set, do not attempt to enter the Guild Hall for the next few hours. Better yet, don't attempt to enter the guild hall until the following day.
    2. Once the time has elapsed, attempt to enter the Guild Hall.
    3. Observe. Most likely, when your character attempts to click the GH door, the game will freeze and become unusable.

    The game will stay frozen, as if it is attempting to find the Guild Hall instance, and eventually (after ~10 minutes) throw the user back to the old login screen (which itself has some quirky timeout issues, which is separate problem than this).

    In this case, it is just better to stop the game through CTRL+Alt+Del and log back on through the game Launcher pad.
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  3. Braikkarrii Lorekeeper


    In this particular case of instance instability, there is no one in the Guild Hall when a character enters. The problem seems to manifest itself in different ways (based on observable behavior), depending on whether or not there are people already in the GH. For some strange reason, having the teleporter set seems to exacerbate the issue and make it much more likely to happen.

    Here are my observations so far:

    (test case #1: teleporter is set)
    scenario 1: no one is in the Guild Hall and someone tries to enter
    result: the game freezes and becomes unresponsive for several minutes, eventually sending the user back to the "old" login screen
    scenario 2: there are already people in the Guild Hall and someone tries to enter
    result: the person attempting to enter gets in successfully, but anyone who is already inside gets disconnected from the game and sent back to the character selection screen

    (test case #2: teleporter is not set)
    scenario 1: no one is in the Guild Hall and someone tries to enter
    result: the instance may actually be stable enough to let you enter and not make the game unresponsive
    scenario 2: there are already people in the Guild Hall and someone tries to enter
    result: the instance may actually be stable enough to let anyone who is already inside not be thrown back to the selection screen, and the person trying to enter may actually succeed

    If you have any additional data or observations you would like to contribute, please add to the thread so we can have a developer look into it.
  4. Gherig Addicted since Aug 1st, 1998

    I do not think it is related to an active portal. When you log in and click the Guild Hall, if it hasn't be preloaded, or loaded that day, you hang and never zone in, never crash, you just sit there forever frozen. It also happens from time to time when you zone into an almost never used zone and the server has to spin that zone up, I assume, you hang there forever in limbo zoning. Its been doing this for more then 2 years now
  5. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    This sounds like your on AB. I remember that server having this issue for years.

    Perhaps you need to list your server? And if your using a custom guild hall (door on the left) or the game guild hall (door on the right) or other means (like anchors or ports) to get to the guild hall ?

    I am on Tunare and have not had this issue. My teleporter will retain the zone set so long as someone is in the guild hall. It will let go of any set zone once no one is in guild hall for a period of time.

    No crashing, no freezing.
  6. Shaantara Made of Moonlight

    I am on FV server and this is my experience there. My cleric has been logged out in the guild hall for about two weeks and she is the only character camped in the guildhall. One week ago I set the teleporter to Arcstone with another character. Since then every time I logged in the cleric, she was still in the guildhall and the teleporter would give the message that it was set for Arcstone. It wasn't clearing. Just last night I logged in the cleric, still in guildhall, teleporter still on Arcstone and changed the teleporter to Shard's Landing as I needed to go there. When I came back from Shard's and tried to enter the guildhall, the game froze and I had to use task manager to shut down. This is no way, by far, my first experience with this problem. It's been happening regularly for months.
  7. Braikkarrii Lorekeeper

    Hello Devs,

    Any updates/progress on addressing Guild Hall woes? I have several more bugs that affect gameplay that I want to report, but I would like to give you guys time to address the low-hanging fruit.
  8. Ratalthor Developer

    Is this issue still happening to anybody?