Client hangs on zoning from lobby to guild hall if guild hall instance not running

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Xanbar, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. Xanbar Journeyman

    Subject issue occurs about 50% of the time. Once the guild hall instance has been created (from prior crash) zoning to it from lobby works every time.
  2. coloeb New Member

    You do know it takes about 20 seconds for the guildhall instance to load if it is not already established.
  3. Rasper Helpdesk Augur

    I can attest to Xanbar's experiences. Clicking in it just freezes, no "Entering Guild Lobby" message, no loading screen, just stops. Only option at that point is to kill the process. I've let it sit for 2-3 minutes to see if it would work though it, but nada.
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  4. Recalllgon New Member

    i have been getting this as well since the last update. it is very annoying. and now i have the EQ virus as well
  5. Rasper Helpdesk Augur

    Been going on for a while for me. Today was a great example:

    Logged on my enchanter mule, was camped in Guild Hall.
    Hall loaded fine, portal set to Cobalt Scar, portal vendor had items from my friend slaughtering othmir, even though he last used the Hall 3-4 hours before.
    Ran chanter from Hall to PoK to buy emeralds and vials, ran right back to Hall (less then 5 minutes)
    Program locks when clicking into Hall.
    Kill process, relaunch EQ, wait for it to kick character, log in to Lobby
    Zone into Hall no problem, portal not set, vendor inventory cleared.

    My friend and I are the only two in the guild (we use it to store all our tradeskill drops we might need one day), and only have mules/alts in it so it doesn't get much use.
  6. Shaantara Elder

    Thank you, Atlane, for verifying what I had seen myself. I posted this in another thread about the guildhall teleporter on 11/8 but my experience is exactly like yours.

    I am on FV server and this is my experience there. My cleric had been logged out in the guild hall for about two weeks and she was the only character camped in the guildhall. One week later I set the teleporter to Arcstone with another character. Since then every time I logged in the cleric, she was still in the guildhall and the teleporter would give the message that it was set for Arcstone. It wasn't clearing. Just last night I logged in the cleric, still in guildhall, teleporter still on Arcstone and changed the teleporter to Shard's Landing as I needed to go there. When I came back from Shard's and tried to enter the guildhall, the game froze and I had to use task manager to shut down. This is no way, by far, my first experience with this problem. It's been happening regularly for months.
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  7. Pikollo Elder

    Just to add to this.

    Signed in a character that was logged out in guild hall. Logs in fine to guildhall.
    Signed in second char in the guild lobby and click guild hall door.
    Character one is instantly disconnected. Character two freezes and have to force close.
    Signing back in char 1 (crashed in guild hall) signs back into guild hall. Char 2 (crashed in lobby clicking into the hall) was in the lobby but able to click guild hall this time.

    My guess is the old instance of the hall is active because chars are logged inside of it. If that char logs in its fine. If a new guild hall instance is spawned by clicking the door in the lobby the game hangs because for a second there are 2 instances of the guild hall.
  8. VesuviusDrinal New Member

    This problem has been going on for quite some time now. I have 3 accounts and can say this happens way more frequently than not. Mine is probably closer to 90% if not guild hall instance running. I have also had to hang logging in when my character has camped in the guild hall.
  9. Raiina New Member

    This happens to me as well, usually when I try to zone into the guild hall the first time during a play session. If I have someone who logged out in the guild hall it's 50/50 that I will log in to the guild hall or guild lobby.

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