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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. Angahran Augur

    How about correcting items with recommended level 110 ?
  2. Bigstomp Augur

    So you won't be pushing this pet stuff live without some serious testing right?
  3. Iila Augur

    I'm sure it will tested as rigorously as The Broken Mirror was.
  4. Leex Augur

    Eh I doubt they'd really need to do a ton of testing for it..Just flag pets to be target-able when a PC is near.

    Yay for not having to only group with casters anymore when no tanks are around :)
  5. Bigstomp Augur

    I play a game on my iphone, apparently they make a million dollars a day. So what you could do with content that works.
  6. Gumby Augur

    No idea what you mean by command press. Enlighten me!
  7. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    The bard AA Shauri's Sonorous Clouding rank 2 currently only casts Shauri's Levitation on the bard - it should land on the whole group.

    Item Issues:
    • No type 5 or 9 augs fit into Charm or Range slot
    • No type 5 augs fit into Primary/Secondary
    • The only type 9 aug for Range is Bows Only
    • There are no Sympathetic augs for casters. Please add melee and Sympathetic procs to the type 6 augs.
    • Procs on TBM weapons are tuned to level 75 - need some way to improve upon the existing weapon proc.
    • Deathseeker's Loremaster Greaves are missing Ferocity XII
    • Deathseeker's Loremaster Vambraces are missing Cleave IX - 49
    • All TBM raid armor has 70 purity; normally raid gear has 75 purity
    • TBM group armor / type 9 augs are severely lacking in mod 2's - please bump the stats, especially Spell Damage/Heal Amount which have been completely gutted. (see this post for more data). Mod 2's have been capped for many years.
    • Peacock Feather / Shimmering Quill / Feather of the Lady are missing Backstab Dmg and the Backstab 12% mod usually seen on piercing weapons.
    • Monsoon, Sword of the Swiftwind needs to have a DD proc instead of a stun proc
    • Form of Endurance XX has Spell Effect: Unknown DB String 20522-6 in its description. (Found on Emblem of the Crystalwing, Triumphant Mask, Darkbrood Mask)
    • TBM raid belts have the same clicky as TDS - ideally should be higher than Expanding Mind XVI (Skinner's Belt, Grotesque Girdle, Bone-Clasped Girdle)
    • Prismatic Ward XIX has Spell Effect: Unknown DB String 20524-6 in its description. (Found on Icebelt, Bile Etched Obsidian Choker). Normally Prismatic Ward is on Range items, not belts.
    • DawnFire, Morning Star of Light has Effect: Unknown Spell (Combat)
      • Please consider making this a big undead bane like the original weapon or CotF hammer spell, and/or a cool sympathetic proc.
    • Frigid Pike of Isolation has proc Burst of Ice IX (900 DD), which is a downgrade from TDS two-handers (Burst of ___ XI = 1200 DD)
    • Staff of Undead Legions has Effect: Unknown Spell, and the Focus Effect: Sympathetic Invigorating Burst VII - please adjust to make this an upgrade to Sympathetic Burst of ___ XIII (from TDS - 1500 DD)
    • Gilded Prodigal Harrier (and possibly other TBM range items) is missing Improved Dodge VII
    • Dark Feral Ravagers have the proc Strike of Flames VII (600 DD), this is a downgrade from TDS Strike of ___ IX (900 DD)
    • Similar proc downgrades for most 2H - these should be Strike/Burst of ___ XIV or greater. 1H should be Strike/Burst of ___ X or greater.
    • Deathseeker's Illuminator Breastplate currently has the same focus as the TDS BP. This is abnormal for cleric BP foci (Spiritual Remedy Intensity 7%)
    • Crypt-Hunter's Mindlock Robe (TBM enchanter group robe) and the TDS group robe have the same clicky - please upgrade the TBM version.
    • Enchanter TBM raid armor could use a bump in AC to be competitive with the group armor. For example:
      The group boots have 78 AC more than the raid boots.

    I can't see the other raid items on Test, so I can't comment on what clickies they have. Here's a summary of what things should look like to be an upgrade to TDS raid:
    • Primary Caster 1H - Sympathetic Alleviating/Invigorating Burst X
    • Primary Caster 2H - Symathetic Force/Burst/Strike of ____ XIV (over 1500 DD)
    • Primary Melee 1H - Strike of ____ X (over 900 DD)
    • Primary Melee 2H - Strike of ____ XII (over 1200 DD)
    • Range - Raid = Improved Dodge VII, Prismatic Ward XIX Group = Improved Dodge V, Prismatic Ward XII
    • Face - Raid = Form of Endurance XXII, Group = Form of Endurance XVII
    • Neck - Raid = Improved Parry/Block VII, Group = Improved Parry/Block V
    • Shoulders - Raid = XI, Group = Myrmidon's Skill IX
    • Back - Raid = Illusionary Spikes XVII, Group = Illusionary Spikes XII
    • Waist - Raid = Expanding Mind XVII, Group = Expanding Mind XII
    • Fingers - Raid = Form of Defense XXII or Knowledge of the Past XXI, Group = Form of Defense XVI or Knowledge of the Past XVII
    Overall there is an issue with procs, clickies and the way level 75 gear is dropped. Normally weapons come with decent procs, but we can't put good procs on level 75 items. Likewise, most dropped gear doesn't have any clicky effects. One solution would be to put the clicky effects on the type 9 or 5 augs. Another would be to make clicky upgrades a consumable item that isn't part of a piece of gear, since clickies are now built into the AA system.

    For procs, it would be nice to see some decent DD effects added to the type 6 augs, as well as Sympathetic procs. Most players really only like DD procs or mana return (for healing). Weapons with heal procs or de-aggro are sadly going to rot in most cases.
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  8. Igniz Augur

    Pets now able to hold aggro over players? I don't see how that could possibly a bad idea.
    Mages, I recommend to you the new spell Summon: Umbrella, to try to be covered for the massive sh!tstorm soon to be incoming from all kinds of tanks...
  9. gotwar Augur

    Hludwolf, I know you got a bit of info on this shortly after the patch went live last night, but I suspect you'll start getting more complaints as the problem persists. I know that a growing handful of players were running into this issue before I did. Obviously the bits of the truebox code that were flipped off after its implementation patch are now back on, which is causing unintended lockouts on boxers who have logged out since the patch and are attempting to log back in.

    It seems that it's locking out all accounts that have been logged into the server from the same PC at one time, and continuing to lock those accounts from entering Test, even when reduced to one client/account. I am not sure if that was intended to punish people who successfully log in multiple accounts, so I'm reporting it here as a bug. This is regardless of eqgame.exe launch method (WinEQ, eqgame.exe with patchme, EQLauncher). I heard anecdotal reports that validating assets, switching to live and back, trying different accounts in the launcher or combinations of the above would clear this issue, but I have ran through the list with the same results on multiple accounts (EQString 3500 is the error message for reference) attempting to login from the same PC that was able to box post-patch. I have also tried modifying/removing various files in the Everquest directory with (expected, I'm sure) no change, but not until after exhausting login/launch methods first.

    At this point I will begin more "extreme" methods to clear the lockout, beginning with a simple restart, both to help pinpoint the issue if it hasn't already been found and to report any easily exploited workarounds. I won't detail that here, I'm sure many people can already figure out the escalating methods I'll be walking through to remove the lockout. But that's mostly to help expedite the True Box testing period on our little lab we call home, if possible, so the Development team can quickly and confidently end the test knowing everything works. Hopefully the 'bug' detailed above can be fixed without additional info, but it may help if more people could perform similar tests to get a larger sample on a wider range of hardware/software. I figure the more comfortable Daybreak is with its effectiveness the closer we are to the test being over.

    Sorry for the wall-of-text, wanted to be thorough. If additional information is needed I can (hopefully) be reached in game, or via forum post/PM. I know a lot of people are frustrated by the inconvenience the True Box test causes, but it is the test server for a reason! If there's anything the playerbase can do to help expidite the process let us know, I'm sure many will be happy to help.
  10. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    Illusions of Grandeur is currently being overwritten by Fierce Eye, when they used to stack.

    I can't adjust gamma on the Test server, also cant use Autorun/walk - makes my character spin in a circle.
  11. Brohg Augur

    The change to pet / root agro / targeting rules is ambitious and potentially super. Kudos to whichever programmer is even taking a swing at this.
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  12. Azrael Elder

    In addendum to Illa's note on the group gear spell focus range being in the incorrect order, I actually parsed this out and confirmed that it's doing exactly the maximum focus, with no variance.

    Group gear focus listed as 100-75 is doing exactly 75% each hit.

    Group gear normally maxes at 75, so I imagine just the minimum is incorrect - it's likely intended to be 65-75 (to match the 65-100 on raid).

    Not sure how I feel about the pet tanking update. Lots of large scale changes all at once with this expansion, and that's another big one... the root changes are good.
  13. Randragon Augur

    Tribute Values are lower than previous expansions on items that drop in the missions.

    For example:

    Glamouring Wand: Tribute Value is 1172

    Bulwark of Vitality: Trib Value is 1288

    Now I did get some trash mob drops and they seem okay. For example:

    Dissenting Hackblade Trib Value 10,227.

    I am also thinking is it because the first few I listed have a required level of 75 while the trash dropped stuff is 100th lvl. I suspect that might play a part in it.
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  14. Delphwind Augur

    Haha I did not even think about all the tank hate fallout we will inevitably receive. On that note a lot of times its damn hard to find a tank. This is a great change for the majority of the player base. The only thing that may take some tweaks and patch updates is how much threat pets now throw at their masters on raid targets. Let's hope procs such as the air pet stun is not transfered to us ...
  15. gotwar Augur

    Click the menu button or push Ctrl+O to open Options -> Click Advanced - > Check the "Enable Windowed Gamma" checkbox. Your gamma will now be adjustable in-game again. Whenever people ran into problems after a patch day, they would often save themselves a lot of frustration by taking a few minutes to thoroughly read the patch notes, as changes like the one with gamma no longer messing with your windows display settings like it did for ~14 years are often explained in detail :)

    Pet aggro originally worked like this or similarly way back before a long series of pet changes and nerfs. Thrilled that it has been changed in this patch, though it's interesting that they decide to do it now after so many years of using the other system. For anyone who is on the fence about it without getting the chance to experiment with it yourself yet, definitely log in to see for yourself. I think most people will agree it's "the right way" now, and raid mobs/certain targets still use the old system for pet aggro, which was a smart decision.

    To update previous bug post regarding unintended account lockouts, a simple PC restart fixed the issue. I'll try to nail down how to repo it later today if it hasn't already been addressed.
  16. Vazuvius Augur

    Fierce eye and IoG haven't stacked since TBM launch, the new ranks just overwrite each other and it's probably just an oversight, which means it won't get touched for a few years
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  17. Randragon Augur

    Hludwolf posted in the notes:

    None of the new augs will fit into TDS Cultural Armor. It states that the item will not satisfy the augment's restrictions.
  18. Bugfinder New Member

    The pet change is curious, I always wanted this, and now i have it, Im not so sure. I wouldnt mind if pet taunt was on, but if it gains more ago by default that could be kinda irritating.. I think its nice though, its more natural, eg the thing with the most agro gets attention
  19. Shor New Member

    Getting the one account on a time world server rejection on test, any fix to get it?
  20. svann Augur

    Same here. It says test in the bottom left corner of the login screen but then it only shows regular servers at server select. In advanced tools/servers it also only shows regular server list. Is there a file I need to manually modify or delete?

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