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  1. Underscore_one New Member

    8:00 CST and servers still locked?
  2. Vaeeldar Augur

    Was just thinking the same thing.
  3. toxicsmell New Member

  4. Vaeeldar Augur

    I remember seeing that last night, waiting an hour and said guess my definition of soon is different. Still for it to still be down with no update, I wonder if they forgot to unlock login servers and left last night lol
  5. Nuttann Elder

    Thanks for the hot bar changes. While not show-stoppers for me (I already had some potion items on regular hot bars when we still had a potion belt), these changes are really helpful and will at least one feature applies to non-potions.

    The hot bar updates address the biggest potion belt features for me. For the two that I know of that are not addressed, they affect me less than others who have posted. I am really looking forward to seeing what item I used up rather than having to remember what was in that slot. The fact that the notes state that the name/icon works for other missing items too is really a big win for me. Seeing 'not found' and not recalling what you used to have on that hot bar was always a pain as the item may be in a bag that you may have moved to the bank and don't recall what it was. The total count/charge count is really nice to get back, but was something that I found I lived without for items that were above the 5 slots that previously fit on the potion belt.

    I am looking forward to trying this out on test sever.

    ===== Why the following missing features are not such a big deal for my personal use cases:

    Hot bar size - For me, I had more than 5 items that I used that were enabled for potion belt anyways. So I had wanted more than 5. I had already used part of a hot bar for some extra potion belt items even with the old hot bar behavior. Allowing us to customize hot bars to show fewer than the buttons it actually contains could be a useful improvement some day that many may like even for hot bars that people don't use just for potions.

    But now with the added potion belt features, I will probably have formerly potion belt enabled items on a hot bar with some other clickies and won't have a "potion-only" one. So this one doesn't really affect me and as I said, I needed more than 5 potion belt slots anyways.


    Auto-inventory - This was always a mixed blessing for me, as it actually combined two things. One it would auto-inventory and two if the item was enabled for potion belt, it would make that slot work for that item and replace anything that was there. The biggest use case for me was to /autoinventory items that I foraged or popped on my cursor for any reason. This did adversely affect me in the past when I went to drop an item there that was enabled for potion belt and it would replace what I had there and I had to open my bags, find the old item and put it back.

    I just made an '/autoinventory' hot key. I had wanted to do this in the past, but didn't want to pull up a totally new hot bar. This will actually stop me from accidentally changing a hot bar (potion) slot. I will likely add it to the hot bar that will have all my potion-like items.
    With more than 5 slots, I also won't rotate belt contents like I had done before I started to use a hot bar for the overflow.
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  6. svann Augur

    Looks like ui changes are hitting a lot of the ui mod pieces I use.
  7. ayanaex Journeyman

    is there any word at all on test server coming up?:(
  8. toxicsmell New Member

    no news is good news
  9. Angahran Augur

    a lot of the ui changes are simply removing the 'filigree' border.
  10. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    - Lost but Not Forgotten - Various changes and improvements have been made to this Heroic Adventure.
    - - Harris Feril's adds now share aggro with him.
    - - Harris Feril's HP are locked until his adds have been slain.
    - - Forceful Presence's adds now share aggro with her.
    - - Forceful Presence's HP are locked until her adds have been slain.
    - - Forceful Presence should no longer teleport to an unreachable location occasionally.
    - - If anyone in the ward's area of effect has the Warded Bag, no one will be teleported.
    - - The message indicating how to remove the ward should display more reliably.
    - - Messages indicating that the Forceful Presence will soon spawn should display more reliably.
    - - Bosses are now immune to many crowd control effects.
    - - The task now locks on element 6 instead of element 3.
    - - Sila will no longer give her medallion to the person that gives her Hilus's Journal, as this method of receiving the medallion doesn't update the task. The task expects the medallion to be looted from the Forceful Presence.

    I think we need to discuss what the word "improvement" means. Quest worked fine for me not sure why changes are needed. I think the aggro link and hp locks will make it significantly more of a challenge at the end. Just not sure that is a good thing. I guess too many minions were able to finish this and it caused a disturbance in the dark side of the force.
  11. Vaeeldar Augur

    Well another 5 hours and server will be down for about 24 hours. Been a long time since that happened from a patch.
  12. Underscore_one New Member

    I have found a major bug on the test server...... It is locked for almost 24 hours now. Is that a new feature or a bug?
  13. Greymantle Augur

    Well since you have all the extra buttons , just make button one an inventory button. Thats what i did.
    Then just drop stuff on it.
  14. xxGriff Augur

  15. segap Augur

    I'm not looking forward to this. If I suddenly have lots of little gaps between windows, I'm going to be spending a lot of time on UI for 20+ characters shuffling windows around by a few pixels. What a waste of time of both them making the changes to begin with and then foisting the task on all the players to adjust screen layouts afterwards. All for no real gain.
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  16. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    The spells themselves had their values backwards... so I fixed it for the live patch (Won't be on test until the true-up).
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  17. moogs Augur

    The real gain is that the UI is bloated, making EQ difficult to play on a laptop screen. Won't say that this alone will make a big difference, but it's a step in the right direction.

    You can easily copy your UI layout so why would you make these adjustments by hand 20 more times? I would like to be able to adjust window positions one pixel at a time using the arrow keys and I would venture to guess you would be in the same boat.
  18. Sheex Augur

    Nice. May I ask, does this include the pottery/tradeskill made ones also?
  19. svann Augur

    You could make a copy of the default folder before the update, and then dont copy over those new files. Old files will almost certainly still work since its just an artwork change.
  20. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    We did not look specifically at were/how these were available. We did a database search for every container that transforms the appearance of an item. We changed everything that was in the database.
    Edit. Unfortunately, that does mean that those pottery recipes will still make the "old" item, but... that item will have the convert button. I'll add a task to look them up and make it create the augment directly. I can't guarantee that this will make the patch.
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