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  1. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    because this is not reproducible.
    I literally (I mean it... with a loop) ran it 100 times (actually 100 times...). Every single time all 4 dropped.

    You are not looking everywhere.
  2. Jumbur Augur

    One of the times, we thought the mission bugged out on us too.
    Turns out there was a secret part of the library, that we didn't check. You can pull one of the books to open a secret door.
    Its easy to miss if you are not familiar with the zone.
  3. Angahran Augur

    I posted this in the vet forum thread:

    fyi, I just tested this and it's an easy fix to modify the hotbutton file to make a 5 slot hotbutton.
    take a copy of the default EQUI_HotButtonWnd.xml

    Insert this section:
    <TileLayoutBox item="HB_PotionBeltLayout">
    and edit the following section:

    <Screen item="HotButtonWnd11">
    <ScreenID />
    <!-- <Pieces>TileLayoutBox:HB_HotButtonLayout</Pieces>--> <!-- remove this line -->
    <Pieces>TileLayoutBox:HB_PotionBeltLayout</Pieces> <!-- Insert this line -->
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  4. Gialana Augur

    I'm wondering what the quoted part means. I think of a task lock as the point in a shared quest/mission where new players can no longer be added. In the case of Lost but Not Forgotten, that's currently as soon as the adventure is requested (on live). Does this note mean that we will be able to add new players to the adventure after it is requested but not after some step within the adventure is completed?
  5. Nekk Elder

    Well lucky you. Maybe you just got lucky. I did this once got all 5 clues. Took 5hrs 15 mins. Second time it took us half the time, we got 4/5 clues. Killed the weapon racks, every single mob in zone, literally searched everywhere including the secret area in the library. Luckily for us the event hadn't changed yet and I was still able to guess the room and the murderer and get the berry paste. First time was literally longest mission ever. I know what I was doing by this point and so did a few of the others. Maybe there is something I'm missing? There were less mobs this time around did you test it after the mob count was reduced?
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  6. Nightops Augur

    How many of those missions take ~2 hours, require at least a solid tank & puller or CC? Not to mention, how many of the other missions gave bonus loot out to everyone in task for 4 weeks and then changed to 1 per win (with correct bonus requirements met)?

    The dreadspire mission is clearly a step up in difficulty over the tent trophy mission. The reward should reflect the increase in difficulty.
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  7. kizant Augur

    I don't know if there's a bug, but to be fair, 100 times isn't really enough to be sure.
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  8. Nightops Augur

    Where are these 'hidden' areas in this mission?

    There is a door after the book-door in the library which I could not click through. I could not click through the doorway to Hatchet's raid room. I could not click the 'front door' headed out to Redwing's raid area. Are any of those areas populated with mobs?

    Unless I'm missing some room or a 5th weapon rack which no one has pointed out; My guess is the 4 victims (1 in the lab; 3 in the ritual area) are being given a chance to drop the items when the instance is spun up. Unfortunately, I'm unable to target or agro them. Is there an obscure trick to cure them or get them to open their corpse to check for loot which I don't know about?

    My main question though was in regards to changing the berry paste reward from everyone to 1 per chest. I don't see a reason to make this change after the event has been out for month. If the FV server is selling the berry paste and you want to limit them, then limit it over there or make the turn in step appear on the task so the character must run and complete the task before the turn in is accepted.

    The people who have a ton of playtime have already ran the task (legit method or eye method) for all their toons. The only people who will be affected are those who are casual players and don't have a lot of free time. The change is just an unneeded complication.

    Yes Jumbur, I know about the book in the library to access the back room. Yes, I know about the 4 weapon racks in the study. Yes, I know about the vamps laying in the coffins. Where are the other areas or mobs that I could be missing? Are there similar objects to be opened / broken like the weapon racks?
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  9. Underscore_one New Member

    Any update on the Uchat getting fixed?
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  10. Dailor Augur

    Thank you very much!
  11. Fohpo Augur

    I missed it if it's already been discussed, but what's the logic behind further nerfing chanter runes?
  12. CrazyLarth Augur

    - - EverQuest will no longer run on operating systems older than Windows 7.
    one of my PC's is getting a Pop up about Window 7 for each char I log on it but my other PC does not. Not looking forward to the patch.
  13. Ghubuk Augur

    You can click through to the hidden doorway in the library. There is a book that sticks out a bit in the shelves you need to click on. There is a couple other areas that I dont know how to explain that took me a while to figure out how to get to. I also noticed that one area, the mobs in it didnt show up on track until i figured out how to get to it. I think I had to go through an invisible wall if I remember correctly.
  14. Fian Augur

    Why not drop 2 copies of each item so that non-experts in the zone can actually complete it? Normally loot quests have extras for just that reason.
  15. Fian Augur

    My guess is they are reducing the amount of time needed to complete the mission, but the trade-off is only one person gets the item like the tent trophy mission. If the completion time is 90 min or less, I am ok with this change.
  16. Vaeeldar Augur

    I'm confused. What has changed to allow it to be completed faster? NOthing that I can see. I knocked out the aug for my box group + secondary tank right away - thank god I did because I would not have want to do this mission like 10-11x just for my box team. I would have stopped at 2 for just the tanks.
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  17. Nightops Augur

    I know you're trying to help, but did you read the 2nd line of my post?
    "There is a door after the book-door in the library which I could not click through."

    To me, 'click through doors' are the type which lead from the bedroom to the spiral ramp; from the ramp to the study, and from the study to the ritual area. There is a door which looks like this type in the library -after- you go into the back room via the door which opens by clicking the book. If this 2nd door requires a book too, then my apologies. I believe it does give an emote when clicked, but I could not find a way in.

    The mobs in the study & ritual area do not show on track until you click through the door in the bedroom area. I do not know of an invisible wall, if there is one, can someone please post more info. I only know of a fake carpet on the floor to the right of the main NPC.
  18. JPearcy83 New Member

    My apologies if these are already know but for "A Formal Dinner Party," the skeleton, gargoyle, and a few other mobs are all showing as human females after the patch. Also, not sure if this is intended, but if you happen to leave the instance for any reason for even a very short amount of time, the Dreadspire servant in PoK will not let you back in to the instance, and if you happen to crash while no other players are currently in the zone, it will log you back in normal Dreadspire and the NPC will not allow you access back to the mission, even if there's 5+ hours left on the task.
  19. sobroken New Member

    i have this same problem, can log in fine but once in game, keyboard does not work at all.

    edit: seems using launcher it works fine, but with wineq2 keyboard doesnt work at all.
    can't play with using alt-tab, is there another alternative way to one button window switching if wineq2 is null and void now?
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  20. Silverstone Journeyman

    I posted this before, but I think it may have been ignored or bi-passed.

    The Paladin discipline Blessed Guardian disc is taking 50 percent of my stamina per use at level 110. It is not taking from the "upkeep" cost, it is continually ticking away at the initial activation cost. Some of the other Paladin disciplines are doing the same thing also. Since this bug occurred, I have held up groups when I have to use these disciplines in order to tank, everyone is still full power/endurance and I am sitting to regen endurance back.

    If this is intended, please change the upkeep cost to show the actual cost.

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