Test Update 03/21/2023 - New UI Bugs Only

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  1. Marton Augur

    I have the same issue. Any advice how to fix the inventory window?

    Also, got some Kronos but the window doesn't show how many.

    If only we had some place to test things before they go live ....
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  2. Emilari UI Designer

    The temporary fix for those suffering from white windows is to force EQ to load the old xml files.

    Step 1: Log out of EQ.

    Step 2: Load the patcher, but instead of logging in, click the little "Advanced Tools" gear close to the bottom left corner.

    Step 3: Click "Open Game Directory."

    Step 4: Open the "uifiles" folder in your EQ directory.

    Step 5: Create a new subfolder. Mine will be called "EmilariUI" for the purposes of this example.

    Step 6: Open the "default" subfolder and copy the following 4 files to the new subfolder created in step 5: EQUI_Inventory.xml , EQUI_QuantityWnd.xml , EQUI_SelectorWnd.xml , and EQUI_StoryWnd.xml.

    Step 7: Log into EQ.

    Step 8: type and enter "/loadskin UIFolderName 1" in a chat window. (IE: /loadskin EmilariUI 1)"

    The space and 1 at the end is important to retain the position all your windows load in; if you don't add it, you'll have to reposition your windows.

    Unfortunately, from the comments I've seen, this white windows issue seems to be experienced by those using AMD graphics cards. Until they get the rendering issue fixed, you'll have to use a custom UI, which is what we're doing by forcing it to load the old xml files instead of the new html5 files.
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  3. donhos New Member

    This fix did not work. still have the white out issue. unplayable in this current situation.
  4. Blastoff Augur

    When you have the cursor in the plat amount selection window you can no longer move the cursor with shift and left/right. Home and end still work but if this ever became a thing with chat windows it would be bad.
  5. Kynsha New Member

    I have 4 accounts, 3 of them work fine after the patch. On the fourth account, I have 3 toons, that no matter what computer I load them on, all the items and hot buttons flicker after opening a bag. Loading the default UI will fix this issue, but loading the custom UI on any of these three toons will cause the flickering issue. I even tried doing a fresh install of Everquest and using 4 different custom UIs. Still the same issue. I am baffled.
  6. Wulfhere Augur

    It works for me. I did the steps, but using an adjacent folder rather then a sub-folder (shouldn't matter).


    You can verify that your (new) UISkin is set in your character files. The /loadskin command (or from Options UI) should do that. E.g. for me it's:


  7. Bernel Augur

    Would it be possible for EQ itself to create a skin called "old_ui" or something so that the players don't have to do all this folder creation and copying of UI files? We just run the patcher and then we'd just have to load the custom UI "old_ui".
  8. Genken New Member

    Is there any way to move the inventory window to the back of the others? I used to be able to click through my bags and see the contents without having to close my inventory window each time because it's covering them up.
  9. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Emilari's fix (a few posts above) literally gets rid of all the crap with the new UI and makes everything work like it should.

    If you're using a custom UI, just copy those 4 files into your UI folder, load EQ, and you're good.