Test Update 02/19/15

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Hludwolf Developer

    February 19, 2015 - Test Update

    *** Events ***
    - Set the 16th Anniversary player designed missions to start earlier than normal on the Test server. They should start up on Friday, February 20th.

    *** Items ***
    - Moved the Spell Guard component of the Geomantra line to slot 7 so that it will stack with other Spell Guard effects.

    *** Spells ***
    - Magician - Added a restriction that prevents Remorseless Servant and Remote Remorseless Servant from using Twincast counters.

    *** Tradeskills ***
    - Consolidated most of the tradeskill vendors in the Plane of Knowledge. All of the items that were sold are still present, just on fewer vendors.

    *** Miscellaneous ***
    - Removed the restriction on opening help windows within the Tutorial zone.

    *** Advanced Loot System ***
    - Your choices for "Need", "Greed", and "No" will now properly apply to rolls while you are not in the zone.
    - Fixed a crashed caused by assigning an item to a link-dead player.
    - Fixed a bug that could cause an item to be awarded to an invalid player if all players declined it, resulting in the message "has rolled" without a name.
    - Fixed a bug causing group members to be disconnected if they disbanded during an auto-roll.
    - Items assigned to logged-off players will now properly appear in that players Advanced Loot Window when they log back in, or be auto-inventoried at that point if that item is on their auto-loot list.
    - Corrected several errors in the help windows.
    - The Manage button in the Advanced Loot Window will now properly toggle on and off.
    - "Auto Loot All" now works in groups.
    - "Auto Loot All" will no longer loot items in your "Never" list when "Apply Filters" is checked.

    *** UI ***
    - The Looking for Guild window will now use total assigned AA points rather than the total number of AA points the character has.
    - Fixed some more help links that were still pointing to the wrong site.
  2. Draco Journeyman

    Servers are locked now. Just curious when do we get the details?
  3. Ladihawk Journeyman

    Can you at least tell us how long test will be down for?
  4. Hludwolf Developer

    I gave an estimate in the shutdown message of 30 minutes. Please keep in mind that these are just estimates and that sometimes issues occur that take less or more time.
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  5. Ladihawk Journeyman

    We understand and thanks for the prompt reply.
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  6. Kolani Augur

    If we're laying off NPCs now too, can I suggest a few that need to get the boot?

    * Samatansyn Flamecaller - no one likes him, everyone knows Maesyn Trueshot is the real ranger GM.
    * Cicero Qwikwire - just because
    * Morden Rasp - more useless than a box of uselessness.
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  7. WhtRabbit Journeyman

    What a great patch. Thanks guys!

    Now, is there any chance you guys would tell us why you consolidated the merchants. Don't get me wrong, I agree with this change (In fact, I'd love to see everything from Abysmal moved to PoK as well) but I just don't understand why? Is this just change for the sake of change. There a plan in motion? Whats the deal-e-o?
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  8. Rainbowdash Augur

    *** Events ***
    - Set the 16th Anniversary player designed missions to start earlier than normal on the Test server. They should start up on Friday, February 20th.

    *** Items ***
    - Moved the Spell Guard component of the Geomantra line to slot 7 so that it will stack with other Spell Guard effects.

    *** Spells ***
    - Magician - Added a restriction that prevents Remorseless Servant and Remote Remorseless Servant from using Twincast counters.

    I love you...
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  9. Versifier Elder

    The above sounds good in practice.
    Having empty stalls and buildings all over the Plane of Knowledge is pretty strange, is something being done with all that real estate? It sort of feels like the Plane of Detroit now...
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  10. Zarie New Member

    when will it become more fun and less like work with graphs etc? This is efficient?? KISS!!
  11. Rainbowdash Augur

    Haven't done all of the quests yet but some feedback/bugs etc so far!

    "Korucust's Royal Pain"

    Korucust can be killed, which effectively makes the quest unbeatable unless you already beat it. And doing so doesn't seem necessary to complete the bonus reward objective either, as he didn't attack me when I opened the chest with the key (He DID when I inspected it with the Dead Hills clicky though, and also when I attacked him first :p)

    I highly recommend you make all key pieces for both keys tradeable and just make them poof when you zone out or something, that way you can transfer pieces amongst members of the group. I restarted once because i got the container, and both shafts, on my mage and could not for the life of me forage either keys' teeth with her 50 skill. I tried a second time with the druid as the key bearer and got both teeth in 2 clicks. Speaking of, may wanna make sure there isn't a min skill requirement on the teeth, i did sit there for a good 30 minutes or so just clicking on my mage before restarting with my druid and got no teeth.

    It seems you can bug the final fight with the Advisor and not be able to complete the mission. I don't know if this is what caused it, but i burned him down fast and then dealt with the drake adds afterwards. Eventually the same 3 remaining drake adds kept spawning infinitely and i was stuck at 3/4 updates to complete the task.

    "Cleansing The Ground"

    It seems if all your members zone out for any reason (Exodus, gate, death etc) the camp supplies Giladan gives you poofs, hailing him etc will not get you new ones forcing you to restart the task.

    I'll check back in when i complete more but everything else seems good so far! so in love with my new toy <3 eager to see what the other items are!

  12. CaptAmazing Augur

    These missions are brand new, never seen before?
  13. Eniner Augur

    I do not know what your update did but anychance you can fix the random client locks when zoning? I have had 28 client locks getting little old spent more time reloading my chars then i have playing.
  14. Crystilla Augur

    I'm betting this must be one of the player designed missions from either SoE Live 2013 or 2014. They hit the test patch 2 weeks earlier than the Twitch stream said they would.
  15. Rainbowdash Augur

    "Cleansing The Ground"

    I'm running into a strange issue with this mission.

    When it gets to the step where you have to prevent any infected creatures from entering the lake, It starts off slow enough but eventually it gets hectic and soon after that it automatically removes all toons from the task and boots them out of the zone (at once, no delay after task removal).

    I'm guessing too many mobs got into the lake and the task failed? Trouble is, all the mobs spawn spread out around that lake pathing towards it, that's a wide area to cover and they start spawning progressively faster. And they aren't weak mobs either, they're typical trash for the zone (VERY slightly less hp than standard, aka not necro-fun, Arx Mentis mobs. Hits 15k+) When you have like 8 of these things on you at once, and more are still spawning pathing towards the lake eventually failing and booting you...

    I think this part may need retuned :p
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  16. Rainbowdash Augur

    "Belle of the Ball"

    I think the bonus objective may be broken on this task. I have tried literally every outlandish thing I can concieve. Have done this 4 times myself and had others try as well, no luck.

    Handed mask to Gloria and Goo to Danille (obviously, this was the objective in the task). Nothing.
    Handed both items to Gloria. Nothing.
    Handed both to Danille. Nothing.
    Handed mask to Danille and Goo to Gloria. Nothing (It should be noted, ALL 4 of the above completed the task successfully. And the different combos gave unique dialogues. Inmplying it was the intended bonus and it's broken imo)
    Killed instead of captured bunnies. Nothing.
    Capturing regular zone trash bunnies. Won't let me.
    Killing Gloria or Danille. Won't let me.
    Handing both or either items to Zantog or his little half elf admirer. They hand the items back.
    Captured the bunnies in order by size, reverse size, in order as you run into them in the zone, and in order on the task window. Nothing.
    Clicking the goo after having all bunnies captured. Nothing.
    Clicking goo on Danille (why not?). Didn't take hold.
    Collecting components for a second Goo and capturing the bunnies outside of the task. Won't let me.

    I...think I'm either missing something obvious or the bonus reward is bugged as I've exhausted all my ideas and can find no clues indicating what to do. =X. Don't want you tell me how to get it, just double checks and confirm whether or not it's working as intended please? :)

    "Dead Dragons"

    This task is not giving completion credit on the achievement when you finish it.
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  17. WhtRabbit Journeyman

    Dead Dragons:

    I've seen Dead Dragon's update after you log out and log back in. But RBD is right, it's not updateing on completion.

    Could you make it so dialog indicates you can use find to keep track of the little guy. Lot of people didn't even know they could and where expressing frustration till somebody in the know clued them in.

    Could you up the HP of the mercs so they could survive the fight. My melee team had no issues since they could hold agro but my Mage team lost there crack at the prize because the merc's charged in and died.

    I'd also request you lower the agro radius of the mobs. It's like Raid mob sized for a group mission. Nothing worse IMO then beating the end guy only to have a pack of wondering worms run from looks like the other side of the zone and eat the guy that gives the final prize.

    Otherwise it was a quick fun little mission and I really loved the little guy. Hope to see him again.

    Pirate mission.

    Ugh.. yay.. more pirates. Now with..ripped off movie flavor.

    I know this was supposed to be light hearted fun and if we where not DROWNING in pirates I would have laughed instead of groaned when I saw this. Please please please in the future just stop with pirates.

    Mission steps are not very clear. On my first run I killed a couple of pirates and got jumped by the first mini boss. NO bigs but it's not clear at all if I should go back and hail the bird or keep killing pirates till I got them all.

    Instead of lumping all the kill pirate into one sum it should be something like

    Kill X pirates
    Kill Shady.
    Hail bird
    Kill X pirates
    Kill Next mini
    Hail Bird

    Etc till the end.

    The Prize: Provided you've killed the last boss and got your map, could you change the lore info to indicate to click the map while in the instance. Many thought they had to hand it too the bird outside the instance (Since he won't take it inside) and ran the chance of not getting there prize since the map is a temp item.

    Other then it's pirates yet again I thought it was a great mission with really fun boss fights.

    The Butler Mission.

    I know I've sent in /bugs about it along with a few others. This joker just doesn't work :( But from what I've seen the mobs hit a little hard, are a little too packed up and Getting mez'ed for almost a minute at a time is not fun it's just annoying. However, considering how broken it is I will reserve any real judgement till it gets fixed.

    Belle at the ball.

    I've heard it's broken or so far nobody has figured it out. Second I saw TS was required I dropped it. I've no doubt many others will do it and enjoy the process but I'm not one of those people.

    Pub Crawl.

    As of this posting we are still collectively stuck on this one. Nobody has any idea was the first dwarf (After Basse) wants to drink and there are absolutely no clues provided. I'd have nothing to complain about if there was some kind of hint but as it stands we got people just feeding this guy by running down the brewing triv list from EQ traders. (THIS IS NOT FUN AT ALL) and whats sad about it..is this looks like it could be a really fun quest.

    Chardok quest.

    Heard some issues here and there but have'nt done this one yet so I got nothing.
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  18. WhtRabbit Journeyman

    Update on Pub Crawl.

    So far seems like your supposed to buy drinks from the bartender next to Tsann. Since Brasse gives you an illusion clicky so the bartender will sell too you.

    However, Bartender sales nothing Tsann wants and I've gotten reports that some races even under the illusion are still too hated to be sold too. Troll Sk couldn't buy from him :(
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  19. Rainbowdash Augur

    Yeah I finally got around to trying Pub Crawl too and I got stuck as well. Tried every alcohol i can buy anywhere and most of the ones i can craft, no luck. No hints as to what he'll take, and ones that were previously confirmed are being rejected so it seems to be randomized each time.

    May wanna look into adding some kind of hint for what he'll take :p
  20. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Why would we want to use total assigned instead of total the character has? or was this supposed to mean total assigned instead of total spent?

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