Test Update 02/05/2020 - New Bugs Only

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. xxGriff Augur

    Stopped in to see if any movement or indication the pet class snafu was being given any attention. alas, nope. Seems Test is only of import when/if a hotfix is needed to placate TLP. then and only then. /sigh
  2. Mr. Froo Developer

    Investigating this damage issue.

    We're internally talking about patching Test before the update but I don't have specifics on when that'll happen.
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  3. klanderso Developer

    I'll be aiming to update Test at some point today (assuming our internal checks all come out positive) to resolve the buffs landing on pet issues.
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  4. Prathun Developer

    We have no reason to believe that respawns or encounter tables aren't working.
    The average time between a rare, while their PHs are consistently cleared, is ~72 minutes. Since this is an average and the chance to spawn is a random roll, the interval may be much smaller or larger.
  5. Luinne B`Haen Journeyman

    200k fall damage is a fun little random thing you guys added. Chaos is great, so sustaining 200k damage while inside a building with no other floors, and no mobs which cause any kind of pop-up effect... nice touch. Got rid of hell levels, so docking exp this way is a way to make up for it, i guess... or something. Healer merc spam casting on my pet in the guild lobby is an annoyingly fun little bonus as well. make it the icebone skele and you get that incessant giggle every 5 seconds.
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  6. TheDeacon New Member

    After the patch to change spawn rates of mobs here is what I'm experiencing. Name pops 2 to 3 times back to back then it's a 5 to 6 hr camp before it pops again. Most of the names I have been camping lately I believe have a very limited number of place holders. Windchill,a returned dracoliche,Mahaha,Loremaster Metiheib the Lost,Bloodma, Orfur, Priest of Zek,Lost Squire of Narandi, and the main pop daddy himself Margidor
  7. klanderso Developer

    This should be fixed now.
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  8. TheDeacon New Member

    I never break things, ever.

    Sure :)
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  9. Natal Augur

    Some of those have more PH than you think.

    Sometimes nameds will respawn in succession, which would be about 5X faster than normal. But, if they can spawn 5x faster sometimes, other times they can spawn 5X slower. That gives you your 5 hour camp time. On average it is 72 minutes. It is all just part of rng.
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  10. Mazame Augur

    I camped "a forgotten raid leader" over the last 3 weeks I cleared all 6 forgotten enforcers and a few other mobs while waiting for respawns. I camped for 4-5 hours on 9 different days and on one Saturday spent 10 hours at the camp.

    for a 72 min avg I would say he is broken be cause he never spawned in 50 hours of camping ..
  11. Mr. Froo Developer

    I've been unable to reproduce the damage spike issue. Please if you see this happen, PM me your character name, the zone it occurred in, what time it roughly happened around, and what you were doing at the time. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!
  12. kroag New Member

    i also agree i camped in Kael for 12 hours and didn't see a single named i agree the original spawn rate was high but now seems really low
  13. Rypo New Member

    The situation remains the same. Randomly my berserker--and merc takes 200k falling damage. I have tried levitation, still happens. It is possible that mounted prevents it (could not fully test since I cant frenzy on a mount) since my paladin tried the same zone/mobs for the same amount of time and did not splat.
  14. Luinne B`Haen Journeyman

    replicated as of 5 minutes ago... bobbing corpse was active, but this has also happened without any form of levi magic.


    you now have the data you need. you can see the bug report i submitted. cross reference it with the information on this screen shot. check the game logs on your end. pow! treasure trove of information greater than all the rare mobs in game combined.
  15. Natal Augur

    Well, I have completed all of tier 1 hunters, and none of them took excessively long to spawn. Maybe you are just unlucky but I suspect that you are exaggerating or killing the wrong mobs.
  16. Rypo New Member

    Char name: Buine
    5:17pm pst
    kill random mob, instant 200k falling damage kills merc and myself
    Only toon in zone so should be easy to pull the zone log.
  17. Rypo New Member

    2x Again:
    Character: Buine
    11:53am pst and 10:30ish am pst
    This time I was once booted straight up/into orbit (loc was provided on bug report was 300ish elevation or so) and was able to throne out.
    2nd time was a straight loading to E-Freeport like I had fallen off the edge of the zone
    But hey, no deaths so its a bonus? Spent ~30ish minutes with another character in zone with no issue. Both times occured to Buine within 1-2 mob pulls.
  18. Samire New Member

    I've taken random 200K fallen damage at least a dozen times today and another 10+ times the previous two days. I've been hunting in Scorched Woods (EoK) at the Fort near Chardok entrance, the giant keep upstairs camping the named carpenter giant (which never spawned over two days) and then moved to the named Fly (which also hasn't spawned after killing 50+ placeholders). On every occasion except one the bug has hit my SK tank. Some time I survive the 200k damage, but my merc healer dies instantly and if I don't spot it right away and life tap and disc, then I die right afterwards. The longest I have gone without dying to the bug is about 90 mins, the shortest is dying to the first mob pulled after logging in. Every now and again I actually fall under the world and either get stuck, or pop back in a random place in the zone.

    I am playing 3 chars with 3 mercs. SK with healer merc, Bard with rogue merc and Shaman with rogue merc. It always affects my Sk and healer merc. We are in a fellowship, but it has also happened when the campfire had expired as well. I have tried not tuanting, not using discs and anything I can think of, but sometimes it happens completely out of the blue when all I have done was pull a mob.

    This is getting really tiresome and I don't feel like logging in with this continually happening.
  19. Luinne B`Haen Journeyman

    This is DBGs only way of crippling the awesomeness that is the SK.
  20. cphill Journeyman

    Just took 200k falling damage while being summoned by a mob in the HA for Into The Temple (b). Twice in a row. The game is rapidly becoming unplayable with this "bug". See the above posts, you have data to research this. It is widespread.

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