Terror of Luclin

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  1. Bigstomp Augur

    Moloing things are perfectly viable. If it's a little rough, an ask for some help in /ooc, /gu or /general or a tell or two to a friend is often enough to help you through the hard part in my experience.
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  2. Bigstomp Augur

    I think a perfectly sane adjustment (until/if they bump heroic levels) would be to allow a 120 to group with an 85 in a normal zone. Basically, drop the 30 level difference thing. 85X1.5 = big numbers.

    Or just make it 35 levels max for an expansion until they have time to figure out how to work it out in the future.
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  3. HeatherPurrs Augur

    At my level and on my server... There is no one not boxing the SK +5, well except me apparently.
    Friends quit and gave away their accounts or they have alts to level and gear to get and there's absolutely none that will risk having a loot they need contested, so no one groups. It's just box groups run by one person getting shinnies to post to guild chat.

    When the new expansion drops it'll just get worse not better.

    How long EQ can go on like this with bot groups taking ALL the content because, earning plat and items for krono is the cycle the botter is trapped in, he can't afford to box multiple toons unless he monopolizes content.

    The devs did this on purpose btw... Backroom deals and all.
  4. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    If the dev team were to impliment a "Side-kick" mechanic to boost lower level players up to say 5 levels below cap then they wouldn't even need to keep rolling out heroic characters because they would have a superior system.
    All depends on whether they want to let players bridge the divide that way and lose out on the heroic character upgrade purchases - though arguably the two could happily co-exist.
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  5. NemesisOfSeth New Member

    Petition sent me here. Petition had no information on this subject

    I always find it hard to understand why product details are never available for expansion purchases. The way expansions have been advertised in the past and now has been horrid. We always ask the same question every year. Would save everyone time if this information was posted. To end the years of guessing games and disenchantment when you guess wrong.

    The never-ending same question every year is:
    Can you please tell me how many of each of these items a player gets and are they claimable on more than 1 character on more than 1 server?

    I did not list all the items as DB listed some information on the order screen showing limitation.

    If this is 999 so I can keep creating new charters as I already have 80. Then I am SOLD on this DONE DEAL! If not then meh... I might by the cheapy for 30 bucks might not.

    Contract of the Stonegrabber
    Umbral Plains mushroom
    Umbral Plains Scying Bowl
    Shadow Wepons Ornament
    Terror Of Luclin Painting
    Zeiniak Saddle
    Metamorph Wand lightcrawler
    Owlbear Saddle
    Metamorph Wand Rockhopper
    Visage Of the Akheva

    One of the biggest drawbacks I have seen constantly done is paying for these expansions and then seeing that they are not 999 in quantity and they are limited to 1 character on 1 server. I have over 80 characters on 8 accounts been playing since 1999. On many different servers.

    Players create new characters all the time and it is frustrating not to be able to share items between said charters on multiple servers. This is the main subject that has limited my purchase of content:
    Lack of information

    Mass disappointment after buying and finding out it is limited. A long time ago I was buying the new expansions until you limited digital content so much that I just stopped buying expansion altogether and waited for the free version of said content. Revamping the deal by offering old content like the $40 H.O.T. deal was nice! As for the rest that you have marketed since then for S.C. only has been pretty crap for buying old content. There is a clear difference from PAYING CASH and USING Station Cash which leaves you with extra station cash. Cash SHOULD ALWAYS BE AN OPTION. D.B.C. is not = to CASH.

    Separate question
    What's the beta reward it was announced last year which made me buy the cheapest version of the expansion. Fairly content with said purchase in years since getting burned. Tempted to do beta again but so far have not seen it. The items listed last year was veg & information was so annoying to sift through. I just chose to opt-out and just go with the cheap expansion with no bells and whistles.

    How long is beta testing for? Ballpark please if you have no answer as of yet?

    Thank you for your time.

    Last note:
    It would also annoy people less if you gave them a ballpark of how many beta tokens are needed to gain beta rewards. Case in point for example: if you gave out beta reward at 10 tokens. Great!, now your concerns would be people willing play beta to get the bugs out past 10 tokens. The answer is simple off free experience potions to characters who reach 100 tokens and so forth. I spent a crazy amount of hours and an insane amount of bug reports on multiple accounts reporting the same bugs on each account multiple times to get beta tokens. After weeks not hours, but weeks I ended up with like 50 or so tokens. It would have been more productive to have a stress free experience only reporting new bugs on 1 account while happily exploring the new content after locking in beta reward. NOPE it was a piss poor horrible beta experience, which made me avoid the new expansion after it went live as it annoyed me to even go near it.

    I know my words are negative and I could be more positive. Hell I should be. Unfortunately when I have to go through a petition then type these mess up just to figure out what comes with the game in however many quantities.? That's just B.S. & frustrating.
  6. Peter_The_great Lorekeeper

    I feel that you should kept the level 115 cap.. its already tough to get a group and get the ''ore'' to unlock the nice armor and gear.. I will not spent another dollar on this game do to the toughness of the missions that demands a high geared group..

    Hope all will enjoy this one! Take care all!
  7. NemesisOfSeth New Member

    I may have answered my own question... maybe as I am guessing. If someone can confirm that would be great! This should be on the order page. My answers are in these {Brackets}
    Collector's Edition (Standard Edition plus):
    • Contract of the Stonegrabber (for every character) {999}
    • Umbral Plains Mushroom (for every character) {999}
    • Goblet of Adventure III x 2 {2}
    • Terror of Luclin Painting {1}
    • Bloodbound Satchel {1}
    • Zelniak Saddle {1}
    • Metamorph Wand – Lightcrawler {1}
    • Teleport Item Key Ring Slots (5 Slot Packs) x 9 {This one is unclear} {Teleport Item Key Ring – every character on your account will get a 10-slot Key Ring to store teleportation items! You can add slots with marketplace items as you need them.} {So auto granted to all charters on account maybe?}
    Premium Edition (Collector's Edition plus):
    • Umbral Plains Scrying Bowl (for every character) {999}
    • Bloodbound Satchel {1}
    • Ten Perfected Augmentation Distillers x 2 {2 = 20}
    • Shared Goblet of Adventure III x 2 {2}
    • Owlbear Saddle {1}
    • Metamorph Wand – Rockhopper {1}
    • Visage of the Akheva {1}
    Friends & Family Edition (Premium Edition plus):
    • Bloodbound Satchel {1}
    • Shared Goblet of Adventure III x 2 {2}
    • Tradable: Terror of Luclin {1}
    • Tradable: Heroic Character {1}
    • Tradable: Zelniak Saddle {1}
    • Tradable: Owlbear Saddle {1}
    • Tradable: Teleport Item Key Ring Slots (5 Slot Packs) x 9 {9}
    • Overseer Pack x 30 {30}
    • Halfling Heritage Crate x 5 {5}
    Some items and rewards are subject to terms and conditions so be sure to check our pre-order page for details. {Pre-order page is garbage}
    Shadow Weapons' ornaments Pre-order only {Unknown quantity}
    Welp, that is peaty crap on: visage of the akheva, metamorph, owlbear, satchel, zelniak are all = to just1. Looks like the preorder beta reward is the lame ornaments... If these where 999 sold done deal let buy it on each account. Sadly It is not, so I would have to chose 8 charters one from each account out on 80 charters to get them limited item on only 1 server per account.
    Eh Undecide this makes me not want to buy anything. Going to let the disenchantment set in and then think about it.
  8. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I hope you stay & consider:

    1. Finding a more active guild
    2. Finding a more active server

    Groups are much harder to find when you are loyalty locked to a guild that is close to dead
    Groups are much harder to find on some servers than others

    Of course you could be a player whose hours of play sit outside prime time in which case maybe look for others who also play your hours & between yourselves pick a server to congregate upon.

    Most grouping issues are solved by reaching out.
  9. Peter_The_great Lorekeeper

    Nah, I've tried that.. 3 years of playing this game and boxing with a team of 6.. its just to demanding.

    Kronos is getting more and more uncommon and game is getting more and more PTW.

    ATM im in the Veritas Mortem Guild in VoX US.

    Feels like its time to give up.
  10. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    A quick way to determine how many of each item you get

    Claimable once per character: The three items listed here are 999

    Claimable once per account: The items listed here are 1 unless otherwise noted. Examples are the xp pot is x2 and the teleport key ring is x9.
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  11. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    So you were boxing rather than finding other players?

    Boxing is for old content for most players tbh, for doing current era stuff you really should be looking for other players, this is much better than boxing.
    I three/four box often but for current stuff I always try to get proper groups rather than box at least to level & do progression with.
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  12. Peter_The_great Lorekeeper

    Ofc I play the game with others real players, sadly they don't do that kind of high dps my bots do. I prefer my box-team, even in progression and missions as long there is no triggers.

    I tried it all, the game is to depended on the elite gear.
  13. Qelil Augur

    Sometimes when you're feeling like you've just reached the end of your rope and all is suckage it's burnout setting in. Some people seem more resistant to this than others. I have felt this multiple times over the years and taken breaks ultimately when I did to pursue other interests.

    It's amazing how much time you have for other pursuits when you take a break from EQ.

    What I have also found over the years (ymmv) is that after some period of time, long or short, I always wind up feeling nostalgic for EQ and missing the wonderful world of Norrath and the people in it. EverQuest has a way of drawing me back like a moth to a flame every time after I have had a chance to get out of the daily grind of it.

    So maybe you just need a little break either outside the game or even in it doing something totally different, like start some alt on a different server or something for fun. Level somebody doing the Hero's Journey if you never have maybe.

    I made a necro on the Firiona Vie server the other day and it was exciting to me to enter the tutorial and find 20 other players running around on baby alts! I thought those days were long over. It was great. Maybe that's just me but I really love the old low level game too.

    I'm thinking maybe I will do Hero's Journey with this necro since I never have. No krono, no easy plat, just see how i do as a solo necro and how far I get, who I meet, what guild I might become a part of, who knows? Maybe I will love it and transfer some of my favorite toons there. Maybe I won't but it will at least be fun finding out and very different than what I have done previously.

    EverQuest has a huge amount of content to explore and enjoy. There is so much more to this game than just the last 5 levels. Is the end game great and fun? Sure it is! I am just saying I guess that there is also potentially much more to life in Norrath than six boxing one's way to glory in solitude is all.

    The best times I ever had in Norrath were with other people early on in a family guild and later on in one and then another raiding guild. I like venturing out on my own too, a lot actually. I love that EverQuest offers me so many ways to find a good time.

    Sorry, I am rambling but I feel for anyone who reaches burn out. It sucks. Take a little break. Every time I ever did that it all feels fresh and new to me coming back and cures that. So, just a suggestion to consider if you can't see a way to stay for now although I think there might be some if you say decided to walk away from the box crew for a bit.
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  14. Peter_The_great Lorekeeper

    Sure does feel like I need to take a more permanent paus from the game.

    Might return if devs make that... in the mission there will always be 2 or for each player who is in the group, not more not less.. take it or leave it.. right now with just 1 or and 8h lockout is just dumb if you group with 5 others.. that also want the ores..
  15. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I'm going to fully disagree with that.

    I do not think you need every player in a group, or every box, in the very best gear, it can be done in less for sure.
    I 3 boxed all of the ToV non group missions with a crappy tank Merc, with a real tank it would have been a cake walk, CoV I have not tried to box yet I think that needs a real tank as a merc will just implode.
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  16. Peter_The_great Lorekeeper

    Nope you can't do missions in ToV with a tank merc or melee merc.. only merc that actually has some benefits is a maxed healer merc with vigilant gear.. Yes, I tried em all.. in ToV and CoV, merces has 0 chance in the missions.

    Real toons with good high tier gear is the only way to be able to play this game.


    I would love to see you take down .. for example, Velk's Seeking the sorcerer, with a tanker merc, or Zlandi.. you can't but I would love to see you succeed =)
  17. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    I will tell my friend he must be doing something wrong after we went through all the ToV missions and did some names with his merc tank and a couple merc healers.
  18. Bigstomp Augur

    While boxes are common, people aren't playing now because it's the end of an expansion and are likely on beta or relaxing/tired of the content.

    I've seen a few times a group say 'Hey, we can take you if you're LFG, but if this one specific item drops, it's spoken for'. I think that's fair.

    You are also very welcome to form your own group with your own rules. This is a multiplayer game.

    I raid with 3 different raid teams. Different loot rules for all 3.

    So if you think the group isn't giving you a fair chance to get your item, form another group.
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  19. Manafasto Lorekeeper

    The Krono/Tokens are really doing more damage to a game than good. With everyone multiboxing now it has even became more unsocial except for when people want to sale goods. As someone who has a ton of catching up to do on a live server over a TLP, the live servers just seem out of reach to me to catch back up. I really do not care which server I resub for but I am thinking about just doing FV again. I miss the long night dungeon crawls and meeting people with similar interest. On a serious note why buy an expansion as a new or returning player other then the bags.
  20. Keella Journeyman

    Depends on the guild & server, Krono doesn't make people more or less sociable.