Terror of Luclin

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    Pre-orders and beta testing for our newest expansion are here!

    The shadows cast by the light of Luclin have been whispering of intrigues. The Akheva are on the move, striving to reassert their power and rebuild their moon-wide empire. Amidst the turmoil of their actions, rumors abound. Mayong Mistmoore has been seen on Luclin. The only known truth is that the master vampire has since disappeared into the shadows and even his devoted followers and sycophants have begun to worry.

    Clearly something is stirring on the moon of Luclin. What secrets or magical power was the Lord of Mistmoore seeking? Is he trying to usurp another god? Do you have the strength to peer behind the shades and track down the vampire lord to prevent whatever evil he is plotting?

    Conquer New Raids
    With visions of Luclin herself walking the halls of Ka Vethan, The High Priestess, Aten Ha Ra, has secured her power and exerts her will over all the Akheva. She has restored Ka Vethan and has already reclaimed the surrounding areas. The Akheva intend to extend that influence throughout the moon, to reclaim what rightfully belongs to Luclin and her servants. Aten Ha Ra's power is impossible to deny, but can you deny her conquest?

    Aten Ha Ra is not the only enemy preventing Norrath's heroes from discovering the future of the planes and preventing the Mistress of Shadows from achieving whatever secret goal she seeks. Old enemies ranging from Doomshade to Zelnithak roam Luclin seeking to devour or destroy anyone in their path.

    Ancient beings from the planes wait in darkness and shadow, and only the strongest heroes can defeat them!
    Experience New Adventures
    Not all Akhevans agree with Aten Ha Ra. Join the resistance to stop the spread of the Akheva. Do tasks from the simple to the complex, working alone or with friends. Research the oddity of the shadows. Stop sacrifices of the weak. Explore the depths of Luclin's prison. Become the force that will banish the shadows!

    Grow in Strength
    Level your hero up to the new limit of 120. Learn new spells, combat abilities, and AAs, and then prove your worth to receive new unique items.
    • Level cap increase
    • Spells and AAs
    • New items
    • New Tradeskills recipes
    Explore New Zones
    Begin your adventure in Maiden's Eye in your quest to thwart the plans of Mayong Mistmoore. Journey through new zones and kill new monsters.
    • Basilica of Adumbration
      • Even the shadows need a place to confine those who stray too far.
    • Ka Vethan
      • No longer ruins, Ka Vethan is a fortress and temple to Luclin’s might.
    • Maiden's Eye
      • The Akhevan have spread their influence into Maiden’s Eye, constructing a new outpost to gather their armies and warn Ka Vethan.
    • Shadow Valley
      • This dreaded path from Ka Vethan to the Basilica of Adumbration is worsened by the weight of the shadows.
    • Umbral Plains
      • The Akheva have reclaimed the Umbral Plains and cleared out everything that offends them, improving and adding where they feel the need.
    • Vex Thal
      • Nothing much has changed here over the last several years, other than their strength of purpose.
    Umbral Plains
    EverQuest: Terror of Luclin Content and Features

    • 7 Expansion Zones – Search the shadows of Luclin to thwart the plans of Mayong Mistmoore.
    • New Raids, Quests, and Missions.
    • New Spells, Combat Abilities, and AAs.
    • New Collections.
    • Level increase to 120.
    • Teleport Item Key Ring – every character on your account will get a 10-slot Key Ring to store teleportation items! You can add slots with marketplace items as you need them.
    EverQuest: Terror of Luclin is available for $34.99 USD. The Collector's, Premium, and Family & Friends Editions, which include several in-game bonus items, is available for $69.99, $139.99, and $249.99 USD respectively.

    For all editions, pre-order now and get the Shadow Weapon Ornament and access to the beta server!

    Collector's Edition (Standard Edition plus):
    • Contract of the Stonegrabber (for every character)
    • Umbral Plains Mushroom (for every character)
    • Goblet of Adventure III x 2
    • Terror of Luclin Painting
    • Bloodbound Satchel
    • Zelniak Saddle
    • Metamorph Wand – Lightcrawler
    • Teleport Item Key Ring Slots (5 Slot Packs) x 9
    Premium Edition (Collector's Edition plus):
    • Umbral Plains Scrying Bowl (for every character)
    • Bloodbound Satchel
    • Ten Perfected Augmentation Distillers x 2
    • Shared Goblet of Adventure III x 2
    • Owlbear Saddle
    • Metamorph Wand – Rockhopper
    • Visage of the Akheva
    Friends & Family Edition (Premium Edition plus):
    • Bloodbound Satchel
    • Shared Goblet of Adventure III x 2
    • Tradable: Terror of Luclin
    • Tradable: Heroic Character
    • Tradable: Zelniak Saddle
    • Tradable: Owlbear Saddle
    • Tradable: Teleport Item Key Ring Slots (5 Slot Packs) x 9
    • Overseer Pack x 30
    • Halfling Heritage Crate x 5
    Some items and rewards are subject to terms and conditions so be sure to check our pre-order page for details.
    Basilica of Adumbration
    Maiden's Eye
    Shadow Valley
    Ka Vethan
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  4. Alkyvret Nature's Fervid Wrath Enthusiast

    Do we have any timeframe? Other than from past experience.
  5. Winnowyl Suffering is optional.

    I would like to know about this last line right here. Is this a poorly worded version of 'new tradeskill recipes' or is it a new tradeskill?
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  6. Bandeko New Member

    How many accounts does the Friends & Family package upgrade? I apologize if I'm blind and just can see it.
  7. Accendo Community Manager

    Good catch. It's recipes and I've updated the post and article. Thanks!
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  8. Slasher Augur

    Will TOV become f2p when TOL launches or after ? Lately f2p has been kept within 5 levels of the cap.
  9. Elskidor Augur

    With the level increase has there been any talk about launching a new heroic character? The level 85s have been silly for awhile now, but at 120 there's no way to even group with a fresh 85 heroic.

    The rest of the expansion is about what most expected. Not that exciting but at least there won't be snow.
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    Any better details on Umbral Plains Scrying Bowl and Umbral Plains Mushroom? Are they housing and personal portal devices? Some sort of buffing item? Or something else?
  11. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    "Solo" Content?

    Nah, I don't believe it.
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  12. Winnowyl Suffering is optional.

    Bowl is the guild hall port click. The mushroom is the personal port click.
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  13. Kakgumu New Member

    I really like the sound of this expansion!!
  14. strongbus Augur

    so if we going back to luclin dose that mean vah shir's get to be treated as kings and queens? as its our home turf?
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  17. Category New Member

    If I were to preorder this expac for a new account today, would I be able to do CoV content or would the previous expacs go live on release?
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  18. Greenmantle New Member

    Qeury , hos is the new keyring going to handle selecable TP clikys like the Lamp & the slide?
  19. Greymantle Augur

    How does the new keyring handle the selectable TP cliky's like the lamp and the slide?
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  20. Manaspunge New Member

    download link for Beta?