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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Diani, Sep 8, 2015.

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  1. Conjurous_AB Elder

    yep, marketplace and loyalty stuff back on today and the lag came with it
  2. Adroxia Elder

    20.16 UK time. Huge lag continuing, tells beyond 30s lag. Chat channels not reporting as down but are non-responsive.

    Group chat slow, raid chat slow if getting through at all.

    Problems recurred tonight. No server boot yet. Symptoms as per previous 7-8 weeks!
  3. Sheev Lorekeeper

    Yesterday was such an improvement. Still laggy at times but no crashes.

    Shame it seems to be starting all over again. Sat in POW just waiting for it to crash.

    Gated alt to GL from GH and crashed.

    Come on DB - don't you want us to buy TBM? Don't you want us to reactivate our accounts?
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  4. Regallion New Member

    I had cancelled my account due to the problems with this server, but encouraged by the positive comments over the past few days decided to log on and maybe re-sub. Only to see AB marked as Down in the server select list :(
  5. Siny Augur

    Agree, market place is causing the lag. Remove it until u know how to fix it !
  6. JolineSZ Augur

    Marketplace and token and days left back and lag also 21:15 major chat lag but no disconnect in PoK. Guildchannel works, moving and acting also, disbanding raid and /tells and other hcannels over 2 minutes lag.
  7. cadres Augur

    Hmph. Got logged in - char select. Pick char - black screen with 'the server is not responding' pops up after 4 minutes or so.
    All is not well :(
  8. BoingyBoing Journeyman

    Hour after market place and loyalty token stuff was restored lag has started again, up to 50s tell lag currently.
  9. Adroxia Elder

    About a 2-3 minute response time to a /who all friends command.
  10. delfchen Lorekeeper

    well 21:20 german time ... yep marketplace is back .. same as lags and the beautiful black screen "you have been disconnected"
  11. JolineSZ Augur

    Really looks as if this is related. exactly 1 hours after marketplace and all the stuff was back the lag starts again.
  12. Brogett Augur

    AB is now reported as DOWN. (UK 20:21)
  13. Thancra Augur

    Poof. And the scam for euro players from Daybreak keeps going... soon 1 month and half.
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  14. cadres Augur

    Yup AB down it says at server select - altho some toons are still playing so, hmm, all very much not well
  15. Sonal New Member

    chat lag gone now 8:28 uk time
    server report as down in server select ... for real
  16. JolineSZ Augur

    Guys check the connection between AB, the account erver and the cat channel server, this issue is there for sure.
  17. Adroxia Elder

    Yes 20.28 UK, chat lag has disappeared.
  18. JolineSZ Augur

    Marketplace does not work anymore again and lag is gone.. this really is something that needs to be checked. Charchannels also back and AB not down again. Tokens and everything gone again.. oh my
  19. tanith Elder

    getting in after the 'server down' thing is problematic.
    Log in to be told I have a character in..... etc
    Click 'remove from world'.....
    Rinse/repeat x 3
    And counting.

    And at the risk of sounding like the proverbial stuck record, it would be really really good to hear from The Powers That Be about WTF is happening with our server :(
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  20. Triksta New Member

    Chat chan's were working for me for about 1 min, then at 20:30 GMT the chat chan's either stopped working or lagging again. Guild chat has zero lag.

    Side question, the All Access days left missing and that I have lost all Loyalty points *was almost max* and the Loyalty Velocity is 0.. its all linked to this one big bug?

    Edit: btw I have not be disconnected at all yet, been on for hours.. weird
  21. Dalsina Lorekeeper

    Lag is back.....
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