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  1. Soulbanshee New Member

    I added some features and I wanted to clarify my instructions, so created a new thread to do so.

    Thanks to ZAM and EQTC for recipe searches, and thanks to the community for submitting the recipe output files especially thanks to Infinite Elysium guildmates for helping me on a lot of my recent updates. Please consider donating to EQTC as I link to the recipes on that site.

    Please do not rehost, redistribute, relink, modify and only for personal usage. Script, materials, inputs, or generates files may not be used in any method soliciting or generating any compensation.

    What does my script do?
    • Reads output file name and contents (no different than popular tools that read log files)
    • Matches learned recipes versus a master list of known recipes that count for 300+
    • Master list accounts for recipes that share a common name, and identify the unique material for each of those combines
    • Saves an Excel or CSV file for each output file found with URLs to EQTC recipes
    • Saves a text file with recipes I do not have accounted for yet for easy submission to add to my master lists in future updates
    • Easy automation alleviates mistypes, accidentally skipping learned recipes, and forgetting to mark off recipes
    What doesn't my script do?
    • Does not access EverQuest account or character information
    • Does not access anything in memory
    • Does not send anything to an outside source or access anything from an outside source
    • Does not retain anything about your system other than saving the selected directory paths in the settings file that allow the script to run without prompting each time
    Requires PowerShell v5, Windows 7/8/8.1 will need to install an update.
    Note: It was pointed out to me that default settings is to not allow unsigned scripts to run. In order for my script to work, either system execution policy must be changed or the RUNME file included will bypass the restrictions.
    Download and extract this zip file into a directory on your computer, overwriting existing files:
    1. In EverQuest, type /outputfile recipes <tradeskillname> for each TS and character you want to parse. You will have to do this command each time you learn new recipes if you want to update the spreadsheets with the script.
    2. Either leave the output in your EverQuest directory or move them to a new location if you would prefer. The files are named <Character>-<Tradeskill>-Recipes.txt and are located in the base EverQuest installation directory.
    3. Double-click to execute the RUNME.cmd file. This will start PowerShell in a mode that will allow the script to run because it is not signed. (If you set system unrestricted, you can right click and select "Run with PowerShell" instead)
    4. A folder chooser will pop up. On this first one, choose where the output files are located, so either the EQ directory or where you moved them.
    5. The folder chooser will pop up a second time. On this second one, choose where you want the spreadsheets saved to.
    6. Your selections will be saved to a settings.ini file and remembered when you run the script again. If you want to change the options at a later time, delete the whole line with the directory from the file.
    7. By default on first run, Excel files will be created if Excel is detected, else CSV files are created. If you want to change to CSV files afterwards, edit settings.ini and change SaveFormat=Csv. CSV files will only contain not learned recipes, Excel file will contain all but filter out learned recipes.
    8. By default on first run, existing spreadsheets will be moved to a "Backup" folder in your Save Directory when the script is run again. If you would rather have the existing files overwritten, edit settings.ini and change Overwrite=True.
    9. The script will run for a few minutes. Once the window closes, you will have <Character>-<Tradeskill> files in your Save Directory.
    10. If you have any learned recipes that are not in my master list files, a RecipeSubmit.txt file will be created. Please email the whole file as an attachment to me at so that I may include it in a future update.
    • "Needs Verification" under learned means the recipe either needs to be confirmed as invalid, or I do no as of yet have the EverQuest Recipe ID. You should manually search for the recipe in the container for now to make sure you know it or not. The master files will get updated as I get more information.
    • For Excel files, learned recipes are filtered out by default, you can use the filtering at the top to add them back in if you wish.
    • Suggestions and feedback are welcome.
    Q. Nothing ran, no PowerShell window popped up.
    A. You need to have PowerShell v5 (see top link).
    Q. The script ran but there are no Excel files.
    A. The script will exit if there was an issue locating Excel library or creating Excel workbooks.
    Q. I have Excel installed, or set format to CSV and there are still no files.
    A. A few things could be wrong:
    You did not /outputfile recipes yet.
    The master files and the parse script are not in the same directory.
    The master files or output files are not named correctly.
    Your output files are not in the selected Output File Directory from setup.
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  2. Bobsmith Augur

    Great work Soulbanshee. /wave
  3. Soulbanshee New Member

    Hi Bob, thanks. A little pet project for myself, looking to keep adding features over time.
  4. Zaviere Augur

    I just want to say, I was very skeptical about this concept for reasons I can't really explain, but I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try.

    Bravo, my friend! This is absolutely brilliant, and may actually be the key to finding my drive to max this damn Prize aug.
  5. Bigstomp Augur

  6. Soulbanshee New Member

    I have updated the zip file in the same link as above. Unzip and replace existing files to refresh.

    I now enforce that Excel 2010 or later is installed for the Excel functionality. If it does not pass this check, it falls back to creating CSV files.

    I have also moved the feedback from writing to the window into a popup message. This will allow you to read the message before the window closes.

    The following master files have had additional recipe IDs added since the 11th.
    • Baking
    • Blacksmithing
    • Fletching
    • Jewelry Making (maybe)
    • Pottery
    • Tailoring
    • Tinkering
    The following trade skills are believe to be 100% except for needing the recipe ID on the raid kits. These may be deficient in the case where I mistakenly excluded a recipe that is actually valid. I am still working on double-validating these lists.
    • Baking
    • Blacksmithing
    • Brewing
    • Fishing
    • Fletching
    • Tinkering
  7. Soulbanshee New Member

    Thanks for the support.

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