Skills levelling slower on Phinny?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Massimo_Bertoxx, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Massimo_Bertoxx Augur

    Anybody else noticing mundane skills levelling up slower on Phinny at higher levels?

    Main is a monk, and the usual suspects are slow...Mend, FD, Bind be expected to an extent. I'm talking about stuff like Swimming, AT, etc. Don't remember them ever being this slow, even in actual classic. And they definitely weren't as slow on LJ last summer. Had about everything maxxed on two toons at this point, there.

    Speaking of the slow ones...I spent about 5 hours around skill 200 working on Bind Wound and only got about 10 skillups. Don't remember it being that slow on my rogue, live. At 50, playing near constantly since server up, I've gotten 4 Safe Fall skillups.....after getting none the day I got it and jumped off KFC for half an hour one day. First one was on a doorway of all things.

    Anyone else noticing this? I love what the slower exp has done for the server but skills....UGH. Really tweaks the OCD.
  2. Confessor Journeyman

    Everything is slow as molasses on Phinny, except for 84 day unlocks.
  3. Seraphim Augur

    I totally agree with this. My divination and evocation just dont want to increase past 200 -_-...
  4. Progress Augur

    I have been leveling up some rarely used spell skills and it does seem to be taking an unusually long time via casting on pet. I am around 180/205 of evocation and it takes 30-40 casts on pet using the low level spell to get one skill up. Medding also took about 1/4 of a level to max out for my level even though I was constantly using mana and medding.
  5. Hybrid Moments New Member

    I think the double exp last month kinda threw a bunch of people off when it comes to gaining skills vs appropriate time to level. This may have something to do with it?
  6. Massimo_Bertoxx Augur

    It definitely did with me...Was keeping about everything capped to level, every 5 levels or so, but double exp three weekends in a row threw that out the window.

    Even still, after getting most caught up to close to level its a lot slower than I ever remember previously, including actual classic. Skill caps were different then, though. Definitely slower than LJ.
  7. Hythos Journeyman

    Seemed fine to me, though I've focused on high stats before beginning on serious trade-skilling...
    But even back on Dec10th, it seemed fine (combat & casting increases included).
  8. Confessor Journeyman

    You guys do realize that Phinny is 68% slower than LJ/RF? Even with double xp, Phinny is still 35% slower than the other two TLP's.

    Nice try, but try again.

  9. Hybrid Moments New Member

    I'm speaking about skill gains, not experience gain in this regard.

    But nice attempt at trolling.

  10. Massimo_Bertoxx Augur

    What are you even talking about? We are discussing skillup rates, here, not exp.

    When you let skills lag, they don't increase as fast as they would in the level range that your current skill would be close to cap. Which is a normal part of EQ. The double exp weekends comes into this discussion because even if you had been keeping everything capped along the way, you were basically presented with a quandry, three times in short order, between "wasting" double exp time working skills and keeping the skills up. Myself, I went the go ahead and take advantage of the double exp route and I'm sure I'm not alone. Yet, in catching up, I'm noticing that even with the lagging skills slowness it's a lot slower than I've ever recalled at any other time. For the record, I started EQ in April 99, played solidly for about 8 years with notable breaks, all but the 2.0 TLPs, PvP servers, P99, have jumped back on live in recent years to check things out (and, yes, have worked lagged skills on higher level toons there for the achievements) name it.

    This isn't a complaint about experience. I like the exp rate on Phinny as I mentioned in the OP. We are discussing skillup rates. Keep it on-topic, please. It's a legitimate discussion and I'm interested in hearing what other people have noticed with this.
  11. PathToEternity Augur

    I maxed evocation last night and my only remaining casting skill to max is 250. I do not feel like I can tell any difference. I maxed most skills on RF and am doing the same here.

    On RF I parsed my Bind Wound as maxing out (iirc, I can check my logs tonight) at 3000 attempts (unless that was fishing? Same cooldown though, should be equivalent). When I max them here I'll parse and compare.
  12. vardune Augur

    Which sucks. The Unlocks should have been at least at a min, 130 days. Maybe 115 or so. I am just because i got started late on the server.
  13. Throndor Augur

    My defense skill is still capped on my chanter, along with divination specialization and divination, so i don't care ;)
  14. JustACleric New Member

    I have ~230 wis; tradeskills and languages are leveling awfully slowly. Went through 5 stacks of mats to get 1 skill point (from 199 to 200 in brewing).
  15. ZamaX Lorekeeper

    This is normal for tradeskills tbh. Tradeskilling early on was always bad, it only got better during live expansions because people were getting 500+ in stats making it signifigantly easier to level everything up, as well as tradeskill aa's.
  16. TowerDefense Augur

    It took roughly the same amount of time for my cleric on lockjaw with 220 wis to level up swimming as my necro on phinny with 220int. Under the phinny char finished 23 minutes earlier, according to logs.

    I think you're just imagining it.
  17. TarewMarrForever Augur

    Tradeskills are absolutely unaffected. I've done the same skills with same identical toons (same gear, same WIS, etc) on both RF an Phinny and it s taking pretty much the exact same amount of combines. For example, to get to Brewing 151 from 0 I was within 20 combines!!! That's pretty consistent.

    I didn't play a monk on RF to as high of a level as we are on Phinny, but it does indeed feel awfully slow, but I have nothing to compare to. As others have said, when logs are parsed by those that have them (I do not), that will tell us.

    I think the reason XP got brought into the mix is it s not unreasonable to imagine that the "factor" used in the XP formulas is also used in the Offensive / Defensive / Combat / Weapon skillup formulas (ie any skills used in the process of acquiring XP). Trade-skills would be immune to this, and would not use this factor, because trade-skills are not used in the acquisition of levels. These other skills are. Furthermore, these other skills are also capped by level.

    In fact, I submit that a proper game design would have these advancement rate factors tied (levels and level-capped skill-ups), otherwise you can't have proper Test servers with accelerated XP curves

    If I had designed these formulas, they absolutely *would* be using a common factor, and if they are, slowing the XP down on one server would mean slowing the rate of the skill-ups, which makes sense, given that you will have more skill-use opportunities to reach the same level on a slow XP server. Again, that is proper game design.

    It is certainly *conceivable* that what people are seeing and others are dismissing a "gut feeling" has a basis in reality and is affected by the slow XP, because the XP and skill-up formulas share a common factor.

    Do I know this to be the case? Nope. Just saying it make sense. Lots of sense.
  18. TarewMarrForever Augur

    My understanding was that the greater of int/wis had impact on tradeskils and spell-casting skills only. Please correct me if I'm wrong and they affect *all* skill-ups...

    I did not think they affected Swimming, and if they do not, then your observations are moot. ;-) Especially if Swimming uses STA in it's skill-up formula.

    I know back in the day conventional wisdom was STA drove Swimming, AGI drove Dodge, DEX drove Riposte, and so forth.

    But some years ago around 2008 I seem to recall SOE saying that only tradeskill skillup rates are affected by higher of int/wis.

    Does anybody know definitively?
  19. TowerDefense Augur

    I can tell you my casters with 200+ wis and int maxed swimming nearly 3x as fast as my monk warrior rogue and bard.

    I would say that's as close to definitive proof as you'll get for that matter.
  20. taliefer Augur

    havent had any problems with skillups, and thats using fire beetle eyes to bypass 10 to 15 levels on a couple chars.

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