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  1. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    That might make you feel better, but it will mean Daybreak makes a LOT less money...and EQ and other games will just go away because you did not like the economics for the gamekeepers....

    But this particular thread is not about YOUR CRUSADE it was specifically about making a single server that is krono locked.
  2. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And it will kill a significant part of the market for players who only trade for krono for alt accounts or to trade for other things down the road with no intention of ever using the krono themselves. It would be one thing if that is how they got designed from the start but as that isn't how many people are using them it would destroy that part of the market.
  3. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    What I don't get is the irrational Krono-hate,, as if it is the root-cause of all evils. RMT has been around since 1999. There was news coverage in mainstream media when SoE worked with E-bay to ban account / item sales online (

    There are those who buy Krono from DPG, and then there are those who buy from 3rd party sites.
    Yes I know, the krono being sold in 3rd party sites originated from DPG. BUT what could have been "additional sales of Krono" is lost for DPG due to the 3rd party sites (where recycled Krono is sold for $$$, instead of new kronos from DPG).

    What I DO GET is DPG coming down on 3rd party sites which sell Krono for $8 to $10 instead of the DPG price of $15. If DPG cracks down on those sites, then people who BUY KRONO with $$$ will buy from DPG directly. This definitely is more revenue for DPG, as the segment of playerbase which buys Krono from those sites would need to now buy from DPG.

    Do note this is independent of Krono traded in-game with Platinum or Items. They just need to track Krono trades, and investigate ones where a reasonable item or platinum was not exchanged in return.
  4. Epicus Journeyman

    No reason they can't have a server that doesn't allow krono. They'll make subscription money from the people like me who don't play specifically because of krono, and everyone else can kick rocks on all of the other servers. Ahh, that's the problem though, isn't it? Afraid that there won't be enough people left to prey on.

    Without krono RMT would have to host their own sites and payment gateways, server specific inventory, accept the added risk of chargebacks, and buyers would also have to accept the risk of non-deliverables. This game isn't popular enough for any of that and the excuse that krono serves as a weapon against RMT is a load of shite.
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  5. KRYGZ Lorekeeper

    100% agreed most people who are advocating that Krono is a weapon against RMT, are the ones RMTing themselves.
  6. Celatusp99 Augur

    There 100% would be 3rd party websites with gear for sale for infact there is right now where you can bypass krono or buy krono for less than db sells them for. I would not suggest using them as you will likely get banned for rmt but krono does mitigate RMT.
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  7. Kahna Augur

    Oooo the good 'ol everyone who doesn't play the game the way I do is an evil RMTer argument. Love this one. Demonize those who are different, works every time.
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  8. Epicus Journeyman

    Isn't that what people do every time someone suggests a krono free server?
  9. Kahna Augur

    I have never accused anyone of being an RMTer. Except Mabbu. Mabbu is an RMTer.
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  10. Epicus Journeyman

    1. stolen credit cards are used to purchase krono and then offloaded via discounted sales of said krono. That is a 100% profit.
    2. The gear sales that are currently available are made easier through using krono to manage multiple bot accounts instead of having to actually pay for them. Krono doesn't prevent RMT, it enhances it.

    Again, you wouldn't be impacted one way or the other, because you'll clearly play on a krono server. So why would you be bothered by a krono free server?
  11. Celatusp99 Augur

    I would not
  12. Candystore Augur

    A server without krono is asking Daybreak to put gameplay over greed. That's just not going to happen.

  13. AzzlannOG Elder

    I don't understand the premise. Why do people dislike Krono? It's something that you dont ever have to interact with if you don't want to. Krono doesn't create or destroy items or plat in game. Is it just other people using Krono to get gear they didnt earn or levels?
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  14. Epicus Journeyman

    For starters, it destroys the economy and puts an actual dollar value on in game currency and items. It feeds bot accounts that have a direct impact on players and the economy. It's also the literal definition of pay to win, when someone joins a new TLP server with 100 kronos. This sort of stuff has no place in games, only products masquerading as games but designed soley for the purpose of farming players.
  15. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    For the eleven thousandth time - RMT existed since EQ released (and before EQ actually - UO had it too!). So there ALWAYS was a dollar value to every item / PP in game, just that in the old days, we were too busy being newbs in awe of the world, and puttering around. I knew on nameless a druid who farmed the WR bags in permafrost dungeon (yes even in 1999 noone went there heh) and sold them on ebay, for example.

    Krono just ensures DPG gets atleast the initial dollars (first-time krono purchase, they completely miss out on all the re-sales after that on 3rd party sites/discord) , instead of 3rd party sites - and rightly so, as EQ is their game after all.

    Check my previous post - which may be visible on Monday probably - for a link where in 2001 (long before Krono) e-baying was addressed.

  16. Psalmz Elder

    RMT sales of items, plat, and characters existed long before krono. How do kronos destroy the economy? Yes, at a server start a few RMT sellers try pricing their items in krono and a few players pay that high price. I think it's foolish but it doesn't affect me. Very quickly more item supply drives most prices down to plat and things move on.
    Krono sales just shifted some of the income from RMT sales back to the game company. This has helped the game continue.
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  17. Soriano Augur

    That is a lie...people are not using stolen credit cards...Daybreak does not give up the krono until the charges are covered new purchases wait up to 48 hours....People selling krono from 3rd party sites are buying them from players in game with plat and selling on a 3rd party site to turn them into CASH.

    Krono made it so the players were not forced to go to a third party site to trade.

    Krono do not destroy the economy plat dupe exploits do. krono has zero effect on the server economy.
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  18. Epicus Journeyman

    Gaming the System: Money Laundering Through Online Games | Royal United Services Institute (

    Is the Online Gaming Industry an AML Nightmare? (

    Cybersecurity Challenges in the Gaming Industry - A Comprehensive Overview | OriginStamp

    Understanding the Threats to Online Video Games: Gray Markets (

    Money laundering through video games have been going on for a long time. The fact that you think I'm lying about it is concerning. You really do believe that krono exists just so players don't have to use third party sites, because Daybreak is looking after you....
  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    It would require a different subscription from the rest of the game which will put a big limit on it for people that want to play on other servers not wanting to pay double for the game. Not to mention it will still have a lot of the same RMT problems that existing servers have as it isn't krono that causes people to RMT.
  20. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And all of it happened in Everquest long before they added krono to the game and would still happen on a server that didn't have krono.
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