Server Downtime: Weds, Dec 9 @ 6:30 AM PST

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Roshen Brand Manager

  2. Riou Augur

    It is for the December patch
  3. mackal Augur

    There is necessary client code changes, so they have to take down the server to upgrade all of them for the new client, plus content fixes for TBM.
  4. Weverley Augur

    Why don't you wait for the notes before assuming this is only for the new TLP.Didn't a red name mention some fix to the broken mirror last week and said it would come on next patch.
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  5. Abazzagorath Augur

    Wednesday of first full week of the month. Patch day.
  6. Silv Augur

    wru patch notes!
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  7. Sindaiann Augur

  8. Ruven_BB Augur

    Ok where is the patch notes for this patch?
  9. Mintalie Augur

    Some good fixes in this patch. Thanks.
  10. Milfurd Augur

    - Adjusted the default gamma behavior of the game in windowed mode. By default, opening the game will no longer adjust the brightness of your desktop as it should no longer be necessary to increase the gamma slider in order to achieve reasonable in-game visibility. The option to revert to legacy functionality has been included in the advanced display options window with the button 'Enable Windowed Gamma'.

    I fell off my chair. I'm shocked that after what 15 years you finally fixed the gamma desktop issue. bravo
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  11. nekokirei New Member

    Shut the front door! I always thought it was just a fluke with my GPUs, not the game and thought I was the only one with the issue.
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  12. DarkdocRN New Member

    This isn't all about you :p The rest of us are looking forward to the fixes....
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  13. Your_Ad_Here Augur

    Can anyone tell me why there's a different time up now in red for maint?

    Status: 12/9/2015 6:30 PST - The game is currently down for scheduled patching.
  14. svann Augur

    Thats what you get for parroting what you believe to be the popular sentiment.
  15. Crow2663 New Member

    Servers say up on the web, but locked on log in screen. Makes no sense.
  16. KC13 Augur

    The servers are up physically, but software locked to install the patch. Patience is a virtue.
  17. Richard1982 New Member

    how long till servers are unlocked
  18. Hatchetman71 New Member

    Have to wait untill All Access account users have had a chance to log in and kill all rare named that spawn upon server reset. Once this is done the servers will be unlocked...
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  19. Richard1982 New Member

    pmsl wish that was true but i would be on doing that
  20. Imariel New Member

    It appears someone at DBG forgot to turn the true box technology off on the test server... any chance this could get fixed soon? I understand it's the test server, made for testing things, but we're not able to currently play on multiple accounts that we've spent money on.

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