Serious Question: How do people level to 50 in ONE Week?!

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by telados, Jun 5, 2020.

  1. telados New Member

    Honestly is this possible? Does anyone know how it is actually done?

    I find it hard to believe that even playing 12 hours a day for 7 days in a row (around 90 hours) can get you to 50...thats a level in under 2 hours non-stop with practically NO GEAR.

    Anyone who knows people or who themselves have done it able to shed some light here?
  2. Protagonist Augur

    I'm absolutely staggered by the idea of taking 90 hours of playtime to get to 50 on a modern TLP. Are you spending 70+ of those hours soloing?
  3. telados New Member

    are you saying that by just grouping normally someone should be able to hit lvl 50 in under 70 hours?
  4. Imdead Augur

    Imagine never having to look for groups and being so far ahead of most people that you're able to pull unlimited mobs. In those conditions the lower lvl's take 30-45 minutes and you can average roughly an hour a lvl all the way to 45. That's how it's done.
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  5. brickz Journeyman

    Make group, pull yellows/reds, kill them. It's not hard. When you combine all the knowledge people have and cash shop potions it should become pretty understandable.
  6. Protagonist Augur

    Unless the groups are just failing spectacularly constantly or some kind of ultra-derp group comp, even 70 hours of playtime to get to 50 on a modern TLP would be grindingly slow.
  7. KnightofTruth Journeyman

  8. Mestops12 Lorekeeper

    I'm at 2 days, 9 hours and am 48. That includes at least 3-4 hours spent in Commonlands.
  9. Gonz New Member

    12 hours a day? Those are rookie numbers. You gotta pump those numbers up.
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  10. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The absolute biggest factor is not skill, it's not leveling path, and it's not min maxing classes...

    The ultimate secret is leveling with friends or a static, they dont have to be friends, but being able to log in and have a group and immediately get to work trumps everything.

    Boxing took off in eq because idle time in lfg or bad groups is INSANELY high in eq.
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  11. Clonkers Lorekeeper

    What Hooden said, have a group of friends you play with, have a comp that isn't 5 rogues and a paladin and you'll manage it easy.
  12. Tucoh Augur

    No secrets. Just high-level play, focused leveling strategies, ideal group composition and determination.

    You know that one time you got into an unbelievably strong group where nobody was slacking off, you had super powerful players and you had the entire area to yourself and got a huge amount of exp? Imagine that, but better, and for a few days straight.
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  13. kjempff Elder

    With the knowledge you can be 10 times as efficient.
    Not wasting time (like buying only essential spells and shopping only once or twice), min-maxing, picking a powerful class, static group all the way and kill reds, knowing the most efficient level areas&path, xp potions, be lucky with login queu and not crash (because staying ahead of others means you don't have to compete for mobs, which means 2-3-4 times faster levelling), skill (not f'ing up, optimizing, knowing your class), have enchanters in your group because charm is still broken as so every enchanter have the dps of a full group, and last having done it many times before and enjoyed the race (yes it can be fun).

    One week ? no no much faster, 4 days or 2 if you don't sleep.
    I never rush all the way to 50 (because I really can't care about anything in classic), but a few times I have rushed to low 40ies on progression servers, and my record is 39 in 18 hours (login luck so we could stay ahead of others + premade group). 39ish where I go solo to kill hill giants for 3 days until the bots show up, but that will make me enough krono to never pay a sub even if I box.
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  14. Thrawnseg Elder

    We did it in 3 days with having a static group, knew our leveling path, logged on early to beat the queue and stayed ahead of 85% of the crowd so we had good spots. Constantly running XP pots were also required.
  15. jeskola Augur

    There have always been people who enjoy the rush to level, and the concept of Speedruns in video games is hot right now. Don't let seeing the 50s around get you down.

    There are several different ways to play this game. Some people find it more enjoyable to split their game time killing, and hanging around town looking at vendors, getting spells, questing and TSing or in the EC tunnel. It's up to you what speed you go at.
  16. Pawtato Augur

    It always takes me awhile. There's so much early-mid level content that has so much flavor to it. Some of these early level dungeons are just so cool.
  17. Crazzie Lorekeeper

    I turned 50 in exactly a week. Minus 2 days of random crashes by my static group, whom i never met before till last week. Btw i am turning 50 years old this year, so if i can still do it i am sure anyone can.
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  18. TheChosenOne Augur

    They do it by having a static group that includes at least 1 enchanter, and they have 12+ hours a day to commit to playing the game

    Good for them, but don't try to compare yourself to those people... if you have a job, family, etc then you cannot disappear for a week straight into a virtual world and avoid other responsibilities in your life to race to 50

    People suggesting this is "easy" to do and you just need to group and "git gud" is laughable. This is accomplished by people with an abundance of free time and a lack of real world responsibilities, with a static group of people in a similar situation

    I personally don't understand it, i mean yay.. you hit level 50 in a week, now wtf are you going to do for the next 11 weeks of Classic?
  19. Quells New Member

    Your inability to carve out a few days for yourself is your own problem. I have a family. I manage a team of over 40 people in my job. I was able to grind it out on Aradune in 4 days, while taking breaks for meals and household chores. It honestly wasn't even that difficult, and I never played past 6PM.
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  20. TheChosenOne Augur

    Seems you left out the part where you had a pre-made static group... and id imagine the hours you had to put in in order to grind out 50 levels in 4 days was pretty substantial

    Id also be interested how you take care of an infant, while maintaining a marriage and be able to pull that off.. maybe if your kids are teenagers or something, where they dont require constant supervision

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