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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Ginix, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Brazy Journeyman

    The red guild is still going strong!
  2. Dailor Augur

    Time flagged, and gearing up for the beautiful Gates of Discord. If you are a high play time, exceptional individual that is about that best life, get your RED tag today.

    Current Needs (level 65/100+ AA)
    Bard - Medium
    Beastlord - Closed
    Cleric - Medium
    Druid - High
    Enchanter - Medium
    Magician - High
    Monk - Closed
    Necromancer - High
    Paladin - Medium
    Ranger - Low
    Rogue - Medium
    Shadow Knight - Medium
    Shaman – Low
    Warrior - Closed
    Wizard - High

  3. Brazy Journeyman

    Still looking for a few more raiders to join us in Plane of Time! Especially experienced players that enjoy boxing on raids!! xD
  4. Ginix Elder

    <Red Guides> has been busy clearing Plane of Time twice a week as we gear for GoD progression!

    Last night we did all of p4 through Quarm with 14 mains + boxes!

    We're still looking for more skilled players who enjoy boxing and don't mind being the red exiles of the server! No guild out there can do what we do with as few mains as we have.
  5. Ginix Elder

    The Red Psychos are now in Tacvi!!

    We cleared all of GoD content so far with less then any other guild on the server.

    If you're tired of being another pawn in a 50+ zerg guild that only logs in to accrue DKP and you actually want a challenge look no further and hit up one of our officers.
  6. Pikallo Augur

    Not trying to troll... how's the PvP part going? Seems as though from an outside perspective you are just an isolated PvE guild at this point. Still cool that you guys are accomplishing PvE stuff with the low numbers though!
  7. Ginix Elder

    We had loads of people interested especially at server launch. Lots of trash talking as you'd imagine, but the handful of people who did flag red got murked and are already back to being blue.

    Sadly, the biggest killer of peoples interest was how flagging for PvP would basically isolate them from the entire blue community with no easy way to go back, aside from opening a ticket to a GM.

    Silly how a modern MMO can't adapt and allow people to easily toggle PvP on and off like other successful MMOs (World of Warcraft).
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  8. Dailor Augur

    We've got room for another main bard and/or rogue looking for something a little spicy on TLP.

    Here is a RARE vid of <Red Guides> leaving CoA with our new toys. We are securing bags, you could too.

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