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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Ginix, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Ginix Elder

    Looking for more psychos that are willing to show their EQ dominance by flagging up red at launch. We will be out here and ready for that PvP action. We have room for a few more individuals that would be interested in PvP, and welcome any adversary that wants to get stomped to hail your local Priest of Discord.

    We plan on hosting PvP events with prizes for our winners, and if you are feeling froggy, but a little too scared to jump... we will be touring the arenas across Norrath in case any PvE types want to die. If you've ever wanted to see what EQ PvP was all about, now is your chance to do it on an official TLP server.

    First timers are ENCOURAGED! Feel free to hit us up for help whether you want to ride with us, or against us.

    Raids: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday starting at 9 EST

  2. Ginix Elder

    We've been going hard and are still looking for more players interested in PvP and all the challenges that come with flagging red!

    Don't be scared to spice up your EQ journey this time around from that same ole TLP grind you may have done many times before.

    We have many players from level 5-30's so it's not too late.
  3. Mcnastyx New Member

    sign me up boss
  4. Dailor Augur

    Your guild is having an existential crisis and on the verge of imploding and you are UPSET. Come take out those frustrations on us.

    Be different.

  5. Efwan2092 New Member

    Guild is booming, took down a few raid targets on the moon a couple nights ago and more to come this week as more members get 60 + AAs. Levelling groups between 20-60 are still going down daily during all time zones. Send a tell to any red guides member online for more details
  6. Vexn Elder

    30ish members atm and room for a few more!

    Come have some spicy new fun in EQ or gank us! Either works xD

  7. Ginix Elder

    We're still out here and going strong. Red life can be a bit isolating you might think, but honestly it's made us stronger and more involved in helping each other out.

    Come join the red family and not just be another number.
  8. AJNoctis New Member

    Come be apart of something that's never been done before~

    A TLP PVP guild that raids and has spots available in groups no matter what time you're on.

    #RLM #RedLivesMatter
  9. Ginix Elder

    Official raid nights are starting Monday (4/8) at 9 EST.

    Raid nights are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday starting at 9 EST.
  10. Dailor Augur

    The Red boys are still on the hunt for allies and enemies. Feel free to hail your local Priest of Discord and get started today.

    Now with testimonials,

    No doubt this fine individual is wishing us good fortune in our current, and future endeavors.
  11. Fabulous New Member

  12. nostalgia Journeyman

    hey theres a red guild on mangler maybe try to recruit them?
  13. Vingle New Member

    Having a blast in Red Guides!
  14. Efwan Journeyman

    Red Guides still very active and eagerly waiting for PoP. Slapped Avatar of War around last night, get in now to start accumulating dkp or level before PoP launch. Multiple groups still going every night for keys/aa/PLs etc, /who all “red guides” and send someone a tell to get more info or be directed to an officer
  15. AJNoctis New Member

    Big Noctis Ranger here, we're still continuing to grow stronger every day.

    We're looking for some solid players to kick some in PoP and show these blue guilds what we're made of!

    We're looking for chain classes, caster dps, druids and of course we're always recruiting clerics!
  16. HokatoThaGawd New Member

    Everything is now closed except bard, pally, druid, and shaman! Come see what we're about today
  17. Gheed New Member

    We are still open minded about recruiting HIGH playtime VERY active players
  18. Ajjantis Elder

    Like train?
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  19. Dailor Augur

    As we are about to break into The Plane of Time, we have a quick class update for any high attendance players looking for a unique EQ TLP experience. Please see http://www.redguidesguild.com/ for rules and additional guild information.

    Current Needs
    Bard - High

    Beastlord - Closed
    Cleric - Medium
    Druid - High
    Enchanter - Low
    Magician - High
    Monk - Closed
    Necromancer - High
    Paladin - High
    Ranger - Low
    Rogue - Medium
    Shadow Knight - Low
    Shaman – High
    Warrior - Closed
    Wizard - Medium
  20. HokatoThaGawd New Member

    Now looking for one high playtime warrior! 65 and atleast 100 AAs

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