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  1. Shagroth Journeyman

    Hello there,

    <Deconstructing Gods> is forming for the upcoming Rizlona TLP. Instead of giving an overall statement of the direction of the guild; I figure answering FAQs will get our vision out a bit more.

    What type of guild? - Progressive Raiding, first and foremost. Friends and Family absolutely welcome and can participate in raids provided there is room and eventually requirements are met further down the expansion line.

    Raiding schedule? At this time, we are leaning towards 3 days per week, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. 8:30pm-11:30pm EST. There will also be offnight raids if enough are interested and an OW target is available to us. We do not envision ourselves as constantly dps racing for too much content and will use AoCs to the fullest extent.

    How is loot being awarded? - OpenDKP will be our system. Boxed Bards and Clerics will be permitted to bid alongside Mains, but at a steeper cost. Certain items will be designated to specific classes (Blade of War to Warriors in PoP era as an example) and will be announced far before that item would drop. Consistency and transparency is something we will take very seriously.

    How soon to do expect to begin raiding? - If the server begins in Classic, we fully expect to be mini raiding the Planes within a week, but we will begin official DKP raids after 2 weeks of launch. There will be a small dkp bonus for hitting certain lvl criteria to get us started. All members will receive the bonus once they hit the target lvl. This all depends on which expansion the server is opened up to, as full rules haven't been explained just yet.

    How large of a guild do you plan? - We intend to never exceed 72 Mains at any point in our existence. Being this will be a non truebox server, we will fully utilize capable boxed toons, but the plan is to have Mains filling official raid spots. We do not want a bench of Mains hoping to raid, but sitting on the sidelines because we have no room. Boxed toons will be phased out as we grow, but will always fill any openings. Our recruitment officer will focus on
    what we need and try to fill our needs as necessary.
    Raid splits will only happen if keys/flags for progression are limited and we want to speed up our process for progression. There may also be splits if the target is an overkill and we have no doubts splitting will spread us too thin or slow us down too much. We plan to raid as efficiently as possible.

    Closing Statement: As much as we will be progression oriented and plan to experience all the game has to offer, we do not want to lose the connection a guild has when accomplishing new achievements by having 1200 individual members who do not know each other and view the guild as just a pool of people to randomly xp with and get loot with at raids. We fully expect to be amongst the higher tier of guilds, but we will be on the lower end of hardcore as far batphones and parses go.

    Thank you all for reading. I do invite anyone interested to join our discord to chat and see if you fit in with what we're putting out there.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/ZjW6APM
    Website: www.deconstructinggods.com
  2. Shagroth Journeyman

    Discord link updated... Please feel free to drop in and chat. I'm only available through text while at work
  3. Shagroth Journeyman

    Updated as days and times are not yet set in stone. We will be raiding either 3 or 4 days, depending on the hours we decide on. Come say hello in discord!
  4. Shagroth Journeyman

    Bump! Some early rules are now posted in discord and new people are joining daily. If interested, please come check us out!
  5. Vicus Augur

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  6. Shagroth Journeyman

    Thank you for that Vicus, we will definitely join up.
  7. Shagroth Journeyman

    So a very few details were announced yesterday that Rizlona will not be a PvP Server, nor will it be FV ruleset on items (still no trade items), I know that was a sticking point for some. Anyways, Rizlona is looking more and more like a clone of Mangler but with non trueboxing allowed.

    We are preforming a raiding guild on the server for when it launches. We have some experienced and devoted members already and even though we won't be batphoning or raiding 6 days a week; we fully expect to be in the upper tier of raiding guilds on the server.

    We are looking for all classes as Mains yet and are already getting to know one another in our discord chat. Mostly text for now unless voice is needed for something. I welcome all interested to please join us and get involved so we can be ready to launch.

    Message me with any questions or feel free to just join up!

  8. Shagroth Journeyman

  9. Vicus Augur

    Shagroth seems like good people and has a good head on his shoulders. Thanks for putting in the work prior to xpac launch.
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  10. Shagroth Journeyman

    Bump to the top! We're still obviously looking for more folks who are planning to roll on Rizlona and are ready to hit the ground running. All classes are still needed, but we are about full on SK, Necro, and Warriors. Please join our discord if interested as we keep busy chatting with each other until the server releases.

  11. Shagroth Journeyman

    Bump as our initial post has been very updated. Thank you as always for taking the time to read.
  12. Basak Augur

    Nothing wrong with getting people into a guild prior to launch, it is good stuff!
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  13. Shagroth Journeyman

    Thank you Basak! It has been nice to chat daily with everyone getting ready for the server launches. I feel having somewhat of a guild chemistry prior to officially forming will only help us once we do get going.
  14. Shagroth Journeyman

    Bump! Despite the PoP-Lock server rules (hopefully that's changed), we're still full steam ahead for Rizlona. If interested, please join our discord, link listed above
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    Unlimited boxes and they are allowing seq??? What????
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    Bump yo
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    Bump! PoP Lock has obviously been removed, so if that draws back interest for Rizlona Server, please feel free to join our discord and see if its a fit. We have a solid foundation already in place and are looking to grow prior to launch. Thank you for your time, as always.
  18. Eetra Journeyman

    Bada Bump
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    I second this sentiment.
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