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    When the bond is strong and the goals are the same, we rebuild it even better. Radiants from Brekt closed that chapter of our story, only to build it better on Rizlona.

    Who we are: We are not your typical 'rush to end game' guild. We are a casual, family style guild looking to progress at our own pace. Our goal is not to be the top guild on the server. But a guild built in the old 'family' style ideals and values. We were a very small progression style guild on Brekt. Although we were not purist in the sense we stayed in era. Our idea of progression was to have fun first and see the sights that we missed along the way. We have some ol school players who left and came back to experience the game as it grew. We also have some who were rather new and haven't seen the older content before. And some who never played before. But either way we banded together to help one another in whatever was needed.

    Our goals for this new chapter will be the same. A Casual guild who does raid 2, maybe 3 nights a week from 7pm to 9 pm eastern. Currently we are looking at Thurs and Sat evenings for our raid/gathering nights. We are boxer friendly, but do not require you to do so. Most of us only box 2 or 3 toons at a time so there is always room for single toon players to join in groups. We do have a Discord channel https://discord.gg/d7Vx9p8 . Feel free to stop on by and say hello, or once in game look up any of the Radiants members for more info. All classes and crews are welcome. Play what you enjoy and we will make it work.

    Happy adventuring and we will see you on Rizlona.
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  2. xmPradah Not a dude

    Anyone interested, please send tell to Pradah (Valiyah), Mikael, or Rarden.

    To stress, we have NO aspirations to be a top-tier guild, but rather one where strong bonds and friendship will be formed. We will have 2-3 gatherings (eventually "raids") per week, but we will be focusing on content and experiencing the game as was intended 20+ years ago. We will be doing in-era content, but not racing for it (more likely to be an expac behind).

    We are adults, with family, lives, careers, and varying bedtimes :) If this sounds like a crew you'd like to be a part of, please send one of us a tell!
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    Yay, glad to have you on Rizlona!
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  4. Cencamia Journeyman

    Shameless bump. Now that the server is up and running, so are we. If you are looking for a more laid back style, family guild. Feel free to look us up on Discord.
  5. xmPradah Not a dude

    A few things to point out, if you're considering <Radiants Awry> as a potential guild home for your character(s)...

    1) Regardless of what race/class you play, we are a guild intending to have some fun experiences and banter together. All are welcome.

    2) Some of us box, some do not. Please don't confuse 2-3 boxing with box armies (which none of us are). We are real, sociable, people playing the game for enjoyment. We welcome single character players!

    3) Little tolerance for a$$hats. We don't want rude people in the guild, or those who are looking for RMT opportunities on the server. We gather mats and share them with each other for TSing. We make armor and jewelry for each other. We exp, level, have fun, raid, and sometimes just do "nothing" together.

    4) We DO plan to raid when our numbers/levels permit. We fully intend to be in the Planes pre-Kunark and will be very active in Epics.

    5) We attain all of the above with small numbers. Some of us have been playing together for years, some for months, some we're just meeting. We will challenge ourselves, balance our groups/raids and learn where improvements are needed, and we make them. Sometimes we will fail, miserably - sometimes we will succeed - but we will almost ALWAYS have fun in the process!

    We will likely remain relatively small, in all honesty. We'd love the numbers, but it will not change the direction of our guild in that we are casual and not racing against any other guilds.

    Send a tell to anyone online to get connected with an officer.
  6. Subati New Member

    Discord for Radiants says expired but I am interested with my cleric, not a boxer, I may one day but for now no.

    Seek Adabisi online, this is my type of guild.
  7. Cencamia Journeyman

    Sorry about the link, it has been updated in the OP post. If you missed it https://discord.gg/d7Vx9p8 .

    Feel free to stop by our discord or say hello in game. Hope to see you on the server.
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    delete. Sorry forums were lagging and looks like I made the post a few times when it said it didn't make it.
  10. Dundra New Member

    I would like to join. I am completely new to Everquest, I made my first character 2 nights ago. I am looking to experience this classic MMO to the fullest. Mainly PvE content. I have leveled a shaman to level 4 and love how this game feels, but it is difficult and I need a community. I can make whatever character you like, though I do prefer a good healing or buff support role. I live in US East so the time zone of this guild is perfect for me. I do like what I have read and I hope you will give me a shot.
  11. Cencamia Journeyman

    Hello Dundra, and welcome to Everquest. If you enjoy playing a shaman then by all means play it. What matters to us is to have fun. Feel free to look us up in game or on our Discord. We'll be happy to bring you into the fold and get you going. Guild groups are always forming up.
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  13. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casualâ„¢

    What's the low level game looking like right now? I am sick and tired of the server issues with Aradune.
  14. Thewiz Always waiting to play a Berserker

    Rizlona is an insane amount of fun. Plenty of grouping for low levels still.
  15. Cencamia Journeyman

    I still see alot of people running around in the newbie area. Think alot of people are tired of server issues and giving Rizlona a try. But I see groups forming up in the low levels general chat.
  16. Cencamia Journeyman

    Just an update on how things are progressing. Have a couple groups going up in the planes, while our tradeskillers are starting to come onto their own and crafting gear for others in guild. Everyone is pulling together and gather mats, leveling up and enjoying ourselves.

    Radiants Awry is a Casual guild that does plan on raiding and progressing at our own pace. Our guild make up is anywhere from single character players to 2 or 3 box crews. So there is always room for others to join in and have fun guild groups going. We realize there is life outside of game. We are grown and have kids or grandkids, jobs and other things that tend to get in the way of gaming like we use to. But that won't stop us from enjoying what little time we have in game. Be it out dungeon crawling, to just sitting in town chatting in guild chat working on tradeskills. We are all pulling together, gathering gear and passing it around. Radiants Awry is more then just a guild tag, we are a community of like minded people. Helping eachother and learning together. Even though we are still spread out in levels, we all pull together.

    Rizlona, as a server, is a great community of players. All the guilds are working together peacefully and the dragons have been dropping. No wait to log in to play. So click and join the server, create a toon and have fun. Check it out for yourself.
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  18. skattabrainz Augur

    Discord link isn't working :/
    Druid and Mage (alt tab boxing) would love to join and level with some guildies and eventually raid.
  19. Cencamia Journeyman

    Sorry about that. Set it up to never expire but yet, here it did. I corrected with hopefully one that will work. Also here it is if you don't want to scroll back up. https://discord.gg/d7Vx9p8
  20. Cencamia Journeyman

    It's never too late to get on board and get going. We are having our first plane raid this Thurs. eve. Still plenty of time to get rolled up and get some levels. So if you feel like a casual stroll down EQ lane, come join us and see what we are all about.
  21. Cencamia Journeyman

    Well, we are off to the races. Had our first Hate raid Thurs and doing Fear tonight. Had alot of gear drops to the point it was rotting. So if you are still on the fence or think it's too late, come give us a look. Raids are Thurs and Sat 7-9 eastern.

    Taking a casual stroll through the expansions at our pace.