Red Dragon Scales aug needs to be cursor loot

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Kelefane, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. Redrum_Redrum Augur

    The alternative should have been a second chest with a random 1-5 aug drop like poshadow raid with brell random aug drops.
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  2. Elricvonclief Augur

    While the event was a lot of fun, the implementation of the augs left a sour note in my mouth.

    We split raided it as a guild last night, then ran alts and the mains that didn't have lockouts last night.

    3 instances, 1 aug. That sir, is just a pathetic return (though it made the alts happy).
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  3. Kelefane Augur

    Its over. Sorry to everyone that didnt get an aug and sorry that you didnt enjoy this raid due to it (im sure some did enjoy it regardless, however, im also quite sure some didnt because of it)
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  4. Edrick Augur

    I was hoping Sony would pull a hilarious prank when the zones reverted and have a reward window appear that gave you the aug if you completed the Nagafen raid.
  5. Kamea Augur

    I hope they don't repeat the naggy-model for the next temporary raid aug.

    TOFS aug didn't cause me to have mixed feelings when it dropped, Naggy aug did. No one walked away from doing 10+ TOFS getting nothing, where as the majority of people walked away from 10+ naggy raids with nothing. TOFS raids didn't cause the same level of irrationality among players as naggy raid.
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  6. Jaylin Augur

    In my opinion what they should have done was used the voa evolving book system. First kill gives you an item, and each kill, you click it to gain more percentage of that item. When it was finished, it would either turn into the aug, or turn it in to an NPC for the aug.

    Lets say it took 5 kills. You will have people who complained that they didn't make all 5, now they get nothing. Well could have even made it an evolving system. Each win, the book turns into the next step of the tier. i doubt an npc could differentiate between 20 percent and 30 percent, so i imagine it would have to evolve into a separate item for turn in. You turn in the book to get a scaled version. 5 wins, you get the full aug, 4 wins you get 80 percent of the power. The numbers could be higher or lower. It could be 10 wins, so if you got them all you got the full aug, or only got 9, its not much of a difference, and the aug could be finished off next year. And put them all onto the same lore group so they cant be turned in on every step...

    Who knows if it would work, but better than the RNG to punch you in the face...
  7. Battleaxe Augur

    Usually (not always) there's a quest aug.
    Usually there are group content augs.
    Sometimes (usually) there are chase items.

    There are several HH items over the years I've not gotten despite going after them (Mayong's sword ornament for example). As fate would have it, I got a Red Dragon Scale. However I did not get the Attunable ACoF and wanted one badly.

    I'll live.
  8. grrrrrrrf Elder

    There was nothing wrong with the nagafen raid,quit comparing it to tots which is an anniversary raid and nagafen which is a hardcore heritage raid, they both have in their name completely different philosophy.

    HH raid are like the name suggest, like back in 99, and even then it was lot harsher back then with the server competition,could take a very very long time to even get one scale.

    In the end no one forces you to do this raid, if you dont like it or think it isn't worth it then don't do it,simple as that.
  9. Trajet D'Or Augur

    25 wins, some people got the aug, a lot of people didn't.

    Highly desirable item so made an effort to get as many as we reasonably could. Did we win the raid about half as often as RoI? Probably. But if you got about half as many wins as my mid-tier guild figure out your problems with leadership and/or effort before the next time an event like this goes live or simply accept getting few augs or future limited time rare items.
  10. Rogue Augur

    How is this gone already when they haven't even fixed the zone crashing bug?
  11. Insaneox Augur

    How many did your extra kills give you and tally the math on time for one single item and tell me who was smarter. This augment didn't warrant any extra time to it we did 1 extra odd raid day to get 2 runs a week but your 25 gave? Because rest of loot on the table was total crap and was very useless even in case of applicants. The DRU, Bard, Shammy, only items nice toys but most regular members didn't even want. Our time was used more wisely gearing up some new applicants via raids with more loot to gain.
  12. Nenton Augur

    Crashed on us once the last night we did it. Didn't the second attempt. Quality programming and execution.
  13. CaRnon Augur

    I am always happy when someone deguilds over loot.. people that will disband guild over a loot reward are not the type of folks I want in guild anyways...
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  14. boukk_sebilis Augur

    We ve ended 8/8, can't complain, only 1 cloak tho.
  15. Koneko Augur

    sorry to necro this but when did it get spell damage changed out for the clairvoyance it had?
  16. Mykaylla Augur

  17. Koneko Augur

    I saw that on lucy but the patch notes say nothing about it so I wanted to be sure it wasn't something that happened another time and was left out till someone looked at blank item they had on them to move to new gear
  18. CrazyLarth Augur

    would love to see coin added for this raid and both augs added to a merchant.
  19. Daarklight New Member

    Event is about to go live again for 2014.

    Respectfully suggest that this is now one-year-old content, and it's time to allow this rare aug reward flow down to the players at some increased rate over last year (many player ideas above about how to implement). Sony game developers request player input and there is quite a bit of it (22 pages in this thread alone). This is in no way a complaint, but a request from dedicated EQ player over many years.

    My guild plans to farm it twice weekly in any case ... so, whatever you decide here is fine and that will be the end of it.

    Many thanks to the EQ team for keeping our game alive and moving after all these years,


    (Daarklight, Five Rings, Luclin)
  20. CaptAmazing Augur

    They will not. Since this is a wanted aug it will be just another thing they can use as relevant content with out actually giving you new content.