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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Death2Gnomes, Aug 15, 2019.

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  1. Death2Gnomes New Member

    I hate this camp as much as the next guy, and spending 20 hours on this one spawn is a pure crap design is frustrating enough when you have to sleep, but camp stealing here is the lowest you can go for a box/alt and it shows what a bottom feeder ******* you are.
  2. DeseanJackson Augur

    Kill Bro Z/Q for the robe, seems like most do these days.
  3. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Those long epic spawns really are the worst aspect of eq. Cleric epic even on selo resulted in numerous people doing 10+ hour sessions at single camps. I'm sure people quit over these as being "dps raced" on a throwback nostalgia server is pretty much the epitome of a bad gaming experience.
  4. Death2Gnomes New Member

    which i dont get, these higher level players (boxes and bots) would have an easier time doing that since they all have epics already and large guilds to help them. But No, instead they camp steal from lower level players just so they can get epic items to Multiquest/sell.
  5. Death2Gnomes New Member

    "dps raced" has no place on TLP servers and the GM that decided that should have raster shoved up his kiester.
  6. JimboBobJimBobJimbo New Member

    No GM decided it. It became DBG policy because they didn't hire enough GMs to enforce anything useful. So, it's easier to call it a FFA.
  7. JimboBobJimBobJimbo New Member

    To be fair, Death2Gnomes comes across as utterly insufferable in game, so his definition of camp stealing may be "I was AFK for an hour taking an imaginary poop when someone killed multiple PHs and then I was mad I couldn't get the camp back."
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  8. TLP Addict Augur

    I would have said entitled and naive but yeah insufferable works too, constantly whinging about stuff in general chat and refusing to accept that mobs are now FFA.

    But muh EULA he cries.....

    Camps are not enforced regardless of what may or may not be still in the defunct play nice policy or EULA or whatever he is claiming gives him the right to claim a camp.

    As Jimbo said they cut out GMs to save money and increase profits and stopped enforcing many of the old rules. About the only thing they take action on now is training.
  9. Death2Gnomes New Member

    Your ignorance of the facts is amazing. As with all kids, they make up any excuse to justify having to get their way.
  10. Death2Gnomes New Member

    yea and thats a shame too. Being a GM used to be a respectful job, like when they had volunteer Guides.

    For whatever excuse players make to hurt other players and justify it just because DBG doesnt enforce their own policies and rules, probably means their real life stinks and dont have to respect other players as they would in real life, its only a game so get over it is the lamest excuse I ever heard and DBG gets hurt in the end because paying players end up gaming elsewhere less toxic.

    Jimbo there is a fine example of the toxicity, attack someone else for their bad actions, awesome eh?
  11. oldkracow Augur

    Private /picks would solve a ton of issues from Classic - POP eras.
  12. SomeRandomGuy New Member

    LIke you, making excuses? I was the monk who came to the Raster camp and saw the PH wasn't killed (and it wasn't about to hit despawn). I killed it. I killed the next one, and then waited for the despawn/respawn. You came back after an hour+ whining and complaining I didn't send you a tell asking if the camp was taken. You said at first you were taking a dump. When I noted how unbelievable an hour dump is you said you were getting ready and taking a dump. So, it sounds like a lot of excuses to explain why you were AFK.

    The reality is, if you're sitting there trying to claim the camp (or think you have some right to be asked even when AFK with a PH up), you're the jerk. That's multiple potential Raster spawns that aren't happening because of you. You probably don't even know how to do the camp correctly to maximize spawn chances.

    I've never had to take a camp or KS and I still got my Raster drop after 4-5 days of off and on camping. Multiple people, including level 60s with epic and robe, came by. They all left when I told them I was camping -- often I didn't have to say anything. I guess you're going to make another excuse, but maybe some introspection would be warranted since it's probable your attitude makes people want to screw you over. Now, sure, there's jerks out there and innocent people, but it's strange how often jerks tend to attract jerks.
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  13. Accipiter Augur

    Sounds like OP has been outed.
  14. Death2Gnomes New Member

    Sigh. I told you the first time, it was not my camp at that time. Your selective reading seems to be a bad habit with you, even in the discussion we had in general chat with your alt (or main) you embellished the discussion to make me the bad guy here, so its not surprising you missed that I had also said I took a shower and made breakfast. Or the fact that I did not claim the camp because there was someone else there first. So feel free to continue to twist and ignore the facts to fit your story.

    Its true you did not say anything, in tell, /ooc, or /say asking about the camp, you just came and took it. I spoke my peace (i guess you dont like being called out ) and left because I could not compete with an epic monk in the "dps race". Again, you are another fine example of whats wrong with this game, pretending you are not in the wrong.
  15. Death2Gnomes New Member

    It could but it wouldnt solve the disrespect for other players camping, and complacency from DBG and GMs not enforcing rules and policies.
  16. SomeRandomGuy New Member

    You initially said just taking a dump, then you added getting ready for the day (shower, whatever). So, let's not pretend there wasn't an amendment.

    But your arguments continue to prove just you don't get it. Going AFK for an hour and missing PHs mean there was nothing to take from you. You did not have a camp. You were AFK at a common camp location. That does not confer camp ownership and never has, not even back in the day. So, you said on one hand it was not your camp, but then say I took the camp and you couldn't compete. It can't be both.

    Again, if it wasn't your camp, why were you so upset at me being there?

    Secondly, you keep getting confused. I did not have an epic (and still don't). I don't have a robe, either. In fact, hilariously, you called out me for having trash gear, despite having multiple planar pieces, including the Rakuska Cloak. So, what is it? Am I so powerful or full of trash gear?

    Lastly, when you came back from AFK, you immediately started aggressive ****-talking. You called me a botter and kill stealer, even though I had done nothing of the sort. You create an aggressive reaction by starting aggressively. I'm sure that's the way it's gone with other people.

    I'd be glad to put up some logs here and let people judge for themselves. I'm quite sure my claims would appear the most accurate. I think you were projecting all your experiences at the camp on to me. That you get basic facts confused (like me having an epic when I don't) makes that abundantly clear.
  17. Death2Gnomes New Member

    So I'm supposed to give you a detail description of what I was doing for that whole time that started with taking a dump? Would you like to know how many tissues were used to wipe my butt too? Please continue to make excuses here.

    Sigh. So now Im aggressive? LOL after you didnt respond to me for 5+ minutes? typically bots dont respond which escalated the conversation. so must mean .... oh were you afk at that time too? hmmm, make sure you post the whole log with time stamps from when you entered the zone. mmk?

    Its true I did not inspect before saying you have s*** gear, you got me on that.

    The fact remains you came to the camp without inquiring at all and seeing 2 other players there and claiming the camp yours, if you had any respect for others you would have left AFTER asking about the camp, but you didnt ask. Thats the real point here, between you and I, I was afk and asking beforehand would have justified you having the camp. I left because I could not compete with your DPS and so you couldnt make up further stories that I tried to KS you.

    If it makes you sleep better at night, I'll secede here and say you are in the right about everything, it pointless you continue with you.

    Note: the OP post was due to an epic mage / monk box, the moderator remove their names.
  18. JimboBobJimBobJimbo New Member

    I put a timer on the PH kills so I knew when to pay attention to the screen (vs my phone or the TV or my other laptop). I was always ready to attack when the mob popped -- there was no more than a second between spawn and engagement. A completely different situation than being AFK when the PH is up and is not due for a despawn.

    You called me a camp stealer as one of the first things you said to me and now you have stated there was no camp to steal. It's things like this you just can't make up.I think you initially did feel the camp was stolen and you wanted to show outrage and only after it was clear that I had been there an hour before you came back did you switch to your main complaint being that I didn't ask.

    But, I get that your particular trouble you're presenting now is that I didn't ask. Again, I explained that if you're not doing Raster in a timely manner, you're wasting a ton of spawns (kill at 9am, kill at 4-5pm, let it despawn at 7am if not Raster). So, I killed because it made sense for the camp, in order for the last respawn in the cycle to occur before 7am). If you had come back right then, I would have left or picked over. But it was over an hour. So, yeah, doesn't matter why you were AFK for over an hour, just that you were.
  19. dreamweaver The Traveler

    I think you've both expressed your differing viewpoints adequately.

    The names were removed because naming/shaming other players are against the forum guidelines which can be found here. If anyone has any questions feel free to send me a PM.

    Thank you for your time.

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