Ranger dps (Agnarr) question

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  1. Magic Augur

    Hi all!
    Have a question how to calculate ranger dps compare melee/bow..
    Most rangers tell me till Luclin me will be melee, but me not understand why..
    So if me have epic its 14/24 primary and 13/21 secondary - how me can understand dps? It will be around 27/22 or so as me use both weapon? Looks strange :)
    Also with a bow:
    1) Windsaber is 13/22 , with 3 dmg arrow its 16/22? But me will do double damage on staying target, so its 32/22?
    2) Double Recurved Velium Bow is 30/37, 33/37 with arrow, with double damage its 66/37 ? :)
    Plus with bow we have better haste (as fleeting quiver add some overhaste as me understand), also can crit (no melee crit till AA)..
    So why everyone say we must go melee till Luclin?
    Please correct my numbers if me wrong :)
  2. Zipe The Healer

    Luclin you get Archery AA that boost the damage even more. Also you get Endless quiver AA so you can use better arrows for more dps.
    Did you just calculate melee ratio by just summing and doing a median of your primary or secondary? hehe think that this don't work like that!

    My best advise is to just load Gamparse and test yourself. If you are lazy ennought to not do that, just take other fellow rangers advise, probly they are using parse and testing!

    There are lots of things taken into consideration on the Ranger DPS, and that things change a lot during expansions... like fight mobility and mechanics (There are fights in TOV that it's obvious that rangers must use bows, etc.), the addition of nukes, dots... or better bis melee weapons than bows...
  3. Nolrog Augur

    Once Luclin comes out, you get Archery Mastery (increases damage by 30, 60, 100%) and Endless Quiver, which means you never consume your arrows (so you can buy one of the best arrows you can find and use it forever.)
  4. Magic Augur

    Me understand Luclin AAs, me just cant understand why pre-Luclin me must go melee if bow damage is better? :)
  5. Darchias Augur

    Mostly it's expensive, but also because of the way Mitigation of the Mighty works. The more raw hits you can land, the better, so having two fast weapons is better than plucking away with a bow.
  6. Eldrian Augur

    You are not taking into consideration the damage bonus on melee weapons. That will greatly impact your melee dps until the bonus from archery AA makes your bow damage the greater option.
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  7. Relinquish New Member

    The main difference between melee and bows is bonus damage. If you look at your melee weapons, you'll see damage, delay, and bonus damage. What that does is every time you swing, you do the weapon damage then add the bonus damage to that swing. Bows do not have bonus damage. That's why if you pluck away with a bow you'll see VERY different and uneven numbers where in melee you'll see much more consistent damage. That never really changes, either. Even with AM3 your damage range with bows will be incredibly wide, sometimes you'll hit for 12, sometimes you'll hit for 2k. You also don't get double/triple attack with bows so while the damage/delay is generally better than (1H)weapons (especially moving forward) you have to factor in that you only pew once, while you'll generally hit 2/3 times with a similar (or generally better) dmg/dly 2H.
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  8. Numiko Augur

    Another thing to consider is with melee weapons you get Double Attack, Triple attack, Duel Wield and even Kick to help with the DPS, Archery is always a single attack per round.
  9. qweasy Augur

    Bow and arrow damages aren't added, they're averaged. A 20 damage bow with a 2 damage arrow = and 11 damage weapon.

    Also even in Luclin with all bow AAs melee is still better besides maybe during Trueshot, depending on your gear. Rangers only go full bow early in PoP then go back to melee once Time geared.
  10. Darchias Augur

    There's no way that's true.
  11. qweasy Augur

    And yet it is...¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  12. Gio1999 Elder

    Anyone else wondering why the guy is talking like "me think this, me play ranger" ?
  13. Numiko Augur

    I did not realize Trolls could be rangers....
  14. Darchias Augur

    It's a joke, he was under the impression that the previous two posters were treating him like he was stupid and was 'humoring' them. If you'll notice he wasn't doing it in the original post.
  15. welly321 Elder

    Um yes he was?
  16. Raltar Augur

    It is entirely possible his first language is not english.
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  17. Gio1999 Elder

    No, it's not a joke.... you didn't read his first post. Amazing that you applied a whole backstory and reasoning to something that wasn't there. I want to insult you, but I don't have an insult to describe this off hand.
  18. Darchias Augur

    Mmm... my bad. I must have been correcting his grammar as I read it and ignored it the first time. Might I recommend 'blind?'
  19. Fluid Augur

    We can only hope this will be the last time I will post about Rangers using bows. ;) This is so so situational. It depends on 1) If you are tanking or off tanking of course. 2) What kind of melee weapon vs what kind of bow you have. 3) What type of armor are you wearing.

    Something like a Blackened Alloy Longsword
    Will out damage something like a Trueshot by ~20% using a tailored quiver and magician summoned arrows.
    This is because a Ranger has other perks with melee like 'Kick and a damage shield. The down side of melee is with average armor a Ranger will get their lunch eaten by a yellow con. With a bow, just root and shoot. It takes 20% longer for the kill but at least you aren't killed in the process. Down time for meditation is lower and the bonus for tough kills makes up for lower kill rate.

    If you change anything in the equation, it will change the utility of bow vs. melee weapon. Twink the heck out of the Ranger armor and weapon wise, sure it will be better to melee. Likewise twink them with a Fleeting Quiver and nicer bow and the bow becomes attractive again. You also have to take into account the MOB you are fighting. Root and shoot doesn't really work against casters since they are happy to blast you from distance. Even that isn't a lock because I have come to hate any MOB that can Harm Touch. Rangers should use archery from character creation rather then wait for Endless Quiver.<sic> I haven't tested it with a tank with a damage shield occupying the MOB but I would suspect the damage shield would result in the numbers being at least 5% closer.
  20. Machentoo Augur

    I think we are all agreed on that.