Raid Loot Lockouts, Expedition lockouts.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Lisard, Jan 21, 2020.

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  1. Lisard Augur

    Can we get confirmation from a Developer if its okay to:

    A. Complete a Raid Event, Receive Loot + Expedition lockouts on said event. then be added to another Completed Expedition of the same event and receive more Loot from the same event, even though they are 2 separate expeditions.

    asking for a friend.
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  2. Lianeb Augur

    Can we also get the reverse answered?

    Is it ok to be added a expedition that is completed to loot an item and not receive the lockout. Then take said toon to the same raid and participate in that raid to get a lockout and more loot.

    And can a toon that cleared a raid zone but not complete the event, but receive a “loot lockout”, be added to a raid expedition that is in progress after a loot lockout is gained.

    Not asking for a friend.
    I want to know
  3. German Elder

    And is it ok to task add people to a mission after you do it so they get the acheivements, exp and loot?

    Ada, VP Talendor mission, All TBL missions, Fight Fire evolves, all ToV Heros. Lets not forget them type 19 groups..
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  4. Smokezz Augur

    Loot lockouts aren't for the chest loot. They're for the type 18/19 drops.

    - Raid leader doesn't have loot lockout, someone in raid does have loot lockout because they went and farmed augs - Raid must be handed to someone with loot lockout. Augs will NOT drop in the new instance due to the loot lockout.

    They've never been about the loot in the chest. That lockout is raid win lockout, completely different. It caused confusion when loot lockouts were first added. People were concerned that a loot lockout meant they couldn't complete the raid at all...
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  5. Lianeb Augur

    A person WITH a loot lockout can be added to a raid instance that DOES drop loot after ONE mob has been killed and the expedition that was gotten without a lockout receives the lockout.

    How do you think most of EQ farmed type long as your personal lockouts match the expedition lockouts you CAN be added
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  6. Smokezz Augur

    Yeah, that's a bug. Still has absolutely nothing to do with chest loot.

    PS: And no, most of EQ didn't farm type 19s by exploiting this PARTICULAR lockout bug. It didn't take that long to get them doing the 3 T1 instances once a week.
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  7. Pano Augur

    From Ngreth

    So, according to Ngreth's words, this would not be ok.

    Also, we stopped raiding Plane of Fire very early in TBL, that's where we got our type 19 without messing with loot lockouts. I assume we aren't the only ones that did this.
  8. German Elder

    The last sentence in his quote is key though.
    Once they get to the point of having the reward, they are free to do with the reward what they want.
  9. Jimbob/Silvarfox Elder

    The last line is the key here. once they get to the point of having the reward, they are free to do with the reward what they want.
  10. Funky Augur

    i would assume you stopped doing PoFire due to the time it took to get in, kill guardian, then reparm. would have pushed RoI running later than you wanted as you push to have a 1 raid night per week. especially once GMM came out. the time wasn't worth the reward

    absolutely nothing to do with "loot lockout" from trash clears for augs
  11. Pano Augur

    If it was for the time it took, other events would've been axed before fire. It's not that long of an event unless you pause between the guardian and the final part of the event, but really, who would take a break after something as easy as the guardian fight.

    PoFire was stopped on Jan 31st 2019, before our T3 win. It has nothing to do with time as GMM wasn't a thing yet and we were clearing everything in 2.5h, so it wasn't a time issue either.

    Thank you for your insight into how our guild works though, much appreciated.
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  12. Funky Augur

    not saying how your guild works.. just stating that was a probable reason (plus a buddy of mine in RoI stated that was 1 reason)
  13. Drogba Augur

    Presumably if <naughty guild> had enough alts and time, they'd have their entire guilds mains decked out in ToV t1 raid gear in the first week of raids launching.

    Not an exploit?

    You can feign ignorance on the topic all you want. I guess it's all you can really do after having been caught with your hand in the cookie jar.
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  14. Robnie Augur

    Can we not screw alt loot when the devs find a way to prevent this from happening?

    This is why we can't have nice things.
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  15. enclee Augur

    You people just need to embrace to the free trade lifestyle of FV. It’s so freeing and the guild has much more control over item distribution.
  16. Eyezing Journeyman

    So, rabbit trail, I remember mearatas being knocked off from ROI rotation for awhile because you ran out of time as well (was stated when someone brought up why ROI didn't beat it multiple weeks in a row or something like that). Doesn't really matter to me, happens and you guys have a tight schedule.

    Looking forward to what the devs decide to do with the whole subject. I'm perfectly happy with an alt raid force that kept the loot from that raid. Raiding on the alts was a lot of fun and if recommend it to everyone. Brings a new perspective and challenge to the game.
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  17. Ashian Augur

    PLEASE don’t make any changes to the ability to task add folks after the event was won. I have enough of a problem managing asking folks to sit out as is given they don’t get currency. Making them ineligible for loot that drops would create a whole new layer of guild management difficulty.
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  18. Sheex Augur

    This thread is gonna be good. Can feel it in the feels.
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  19. Bahdah Augur

    We have never stopped Mearatas because of time, was based off after the win not many logged in
  20. Bahdah Augur

    Did the alts loot tho???
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