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    I just started playing again after being gone several years, and a lot has changed while I was gone. The biggest interest to me tho was when a friend told me tradeskills can now be raised to 350 by learning old recipes. I have been following a spreadsheet from "Adetia's Township Rebellion site" to try and max my blacksmithing, but it's not working. I already had it to the old old cap of 300, and have learned over 700 recipes from this list and have not gone up a single point. Am I doing something wrong or does it jump straight to 350 when they are all learned?
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    You need to also train each tradeskill's Mastery AA with new ranks that were added in the EOK expansion. Each of those new ranks of the Mastery AA lets you go 5 more points past the limit of 300 (for all but fishing) or 200 (for fishing), so 10 new ranks of Mastery AA per skill you want to increase via learning recipes.
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  3. Reynos06 New Member

    That would explain it, will start grinding again lol.
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    For TS over 300, to raise your skill, you need to learn (craft) unknown recipe. For each skill there is a list of recipe you can learn. You DO NOT need to craft them all. to track what you need or not, i offer you two way to do it.
    online :
    offline :
    Total number of recipes to get to 350 :
    Alchemy : 598 total, 564 required
    Baking : 723 total, 698 required
    Blacksmithing : 2073 total, 1939 required
    Brewing : 321 total, 302 required
    Fishing : 135 total, 123 required
    Fletching : 942 total, 876 required
    Jewelry Making : 1365 total, 1279 required
    Poisonmaking : 609 total, 554 required
    Pottery : 2098 total, 2015 required
    Research : 3926 total, 2573 required
    Tailoring : 2207 total, 2078 required
    Tinkering : 833 total, 793 required
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    Yes, Drewie's Tool is a god-sent! :)

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