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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Sirene_Fippy, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Numzan Augur

    A bit? where is the game HAHHAHA
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  2. kizant Augur

    If it were anyone but Clarisaa I'd be surprised that they could play like that.
  3. Brohg Augur

    lot of clerics end up with crowded-feeling screens like that because when you're playing whackamole you want all the moles in the middle
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  4. Kialya Lorekeeper

    This is an old pic of my UI. Times have changed, but my UI hasn't. I keep it because as you can see, the health bar colors change the lower in health someone is.

  5. Drogba Augur

    it's worth setting up triggers for fort/deflect & some defensive discs, (like last stand, warrior dicho) for two reasons, one is that you have more of an understanding of what is going on with the tanks on the battlefield, and two, you know that if someone has fort/deflected for instance, not to pop a heal burn yet, and that you have some time while your tank is invulnerable to focus more on utility casts.
  6. Gronns Lorekeeper

    Thanks for this info.
  7. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Is it possible to setup individual buff timers, specifically like if you want to keep di or avatar on 2 or 3 people?
  8. Brohg Augur

    You'll want a separate overlay for them, so that they can be made pretty small & not overwhelm your regular timer overlay. And they'll only work if you're in "spell emote" range, which isn't crazy short, but is far enough that you can sometimes buff folks that are OOR. With those caveats? Sure, like this:

    That 23:30 time is on Live with full AA at 110 & raid extension focus. Sounds like you're on a TLP maybe, so you'll have to see how long the DIs for you & your team last.

    Pro tip: /hotb GINAplz [tell (yourself) {GINA:stop}
    If there's a raid wipe OR a raid win, you won't want to listen to every timer end :p
  9. Jondalar Augur

    You can also create a trigger for it wearing off and have it tell you who it was.
  10. Winnowyl Augur

    I give up. I'm looking to create a trigger that tells me who healed me, how much they healed me for, and what spell they used. My current trigger (usually) fires, but gives me the beginning of the line as well; ie - "You are healed by life-giving energy. Soganna has healed you for 97917 hit points by Furial Renewal Rk. II."

    All I want displayed is Soganna - 97917 - Furial Renewal (with or without the RK on it. I don't care)

    How on earth do I get it to cut off the first part, but still actually fire and give me the info that I want?

    Also, sorry to rez the thread, but figured you guys would know if anyone did.
  11. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    This should handle it:
    (.*\. ){S1} healed you for {S2} hit points by {S3}\.
    Then for the display text, you'd just do "{S1} - {S2} - {S3}"
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  12. Winnowyl Augur

    Thank you! Gonna give it a try!
  13. Pano Augur

    This is gonna get spammy real fast. You are gonna see all the 0 heal of splashes from shaman, clerics and paladins. If you don't want to turn off 0 heal in options because of parses, might want to use the N variable in Gina to filter out smaller heals.
  14. Winnowyl Augur

    I have the 0's turned off already - tho this trigger is spotty too. Guess I'll have to live with spotty or none at all. =\ I mostly want it for my mercs (I use a healer, my druid partner goes dps mode, and we use a second healer merc.) Wanted to try to figure out which one is slacking the hardest. I have it sorted into a section of GINA that I don't run all the time, so I *can* turn it off for raids.
  15. Pano Augur

    Does it flag the heal values with overheal? It should display like 123 (4567).
  16. Winnowyl Augur

    It does not, no. When it hits, it's displaying Soganna - ### - ClericSpell. Which is pretty much what I want it to do... but it only shows up about 1/3 of the time. =\
  17. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    Here is what I was able to come up with:

    Trigger: other heals me
    Search Text:
    ^((.*)(\.|\!)\s?\s)?(?<healer>.+) healed you\s(over time\s)?for (?<actual>[1-9][0-9]*)( \((\d+)\))? hit point(s)? by (?<spell>.+)\.

    Display Text: ${healer} ${actual} ${spell}

    Shows healer, spell name, actual heal amt (> 0) for heal over times and single target heals on you.

    Explanation of regex:
    ^((.*)(\.|\!)\s?\s)?(?<healer>.+) healed you\s(over time\s)?for (?<actual>[1-9][0-9]*)( \((\d+)\))? hit point(s)? by (?<spell>.+)\.
    • ^((.*)(\.|\!)\s?\s)? = optionally matches the spell emote that appears in front of direct heals. Can end with . ! and can have two spaces at the end, because EQ
    • (?<healer>.+) = matches words after the spell emote until "healed"
    • \s(over time\s)? = optionally matches "healed you over time" or "healed you "
    • (?<actual>[1-9][0-9]*) = matches a number starting with 1-9 followed by 0 or more digits
    • ( \((\d+)\))? = optionally matches [ (number)]
    • point(s)? = matches point or points
    • (?<spell>.+)\. = matches words after "points " until a . is reached
    This might have bad performance. It may be better to have one for regular heals and one for HoTs (not sure).
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  18. Winnowyl Augur

    If I need to make a separate one for over time, I have one that works - what would I need to remove from this one to make it only read direct heals? I mean, I don't mind if it's heavy on performance; I'm only using it when I'm using 2 mercs.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out! Works great! Thank you!!
  19. Theka Elder

    I like this there are some great regex pros in her. I also have a question! I have been trying to make a trigger for my shaman dot spells but there is an identical emote for a necro dot that sets off my trigger. Is there a way to multi line look up to show me start casting or whats the best way to do that is possible?
    I tried to do it something like this but doesnt work
    [\&You begin casting Nectar of Torment {S2}\n]{s}'s veins turn a vile shade of green.

  20. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    I guess the best place to start is to ask "What are you trying to achieve with the trigger?"

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