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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Sirene_Fippy, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Gundolin Augur

    Ok so primary focus is just on the Main Tank and maybe alternate? Should be the one taking most of the heals so it makes sense. Maybe I'm over thinking by wanting to see most of the Add Knights have it up.
  2. Brohg Augur

    They should have, but theirs goes full duration so it's not a big deal to maintain by comparison.
  3. Clarisa Augur

    I think our GINA expert Pano tried to come up with a trigger for Divine Alliance when we first got it but it spammed the heck out of us so we did not end up using it. :/

    In general, we just have Shamans casting Alliance on whoever needs it (both MT and OTs). I have a social macro which sends the message "<Player Name> needs Shaman Alliance!" to the priest channel if I see someone in need of it. Besides giving the targets the Alliance with the largest range (though not by much), Shamans doing it prevents a Cleric from being locked out from triggering the Alliance if they were to cast it on the targets themselves. That might not be a big deal for an MT because every Cleric ends up healing him, but in the case of an OT/knight you might only have 1-2 Clerics healing him throughout the event so you do not want one of those to be prevented from triggering the Alliance. If only Shamans are casting it, then they are locked out from triggering the Alliance but I assume that most of them are busy healing their own groups and buffing instead of providing consistent single-target MT/OT support heals (though they do that -- just not as frequently as a Cleric would for the majority of events).

    That being said, if the Shamans are very busy or aren't casting Alliance, a Cleric will usually cast the Alliance instead on whoever needs it and it is usually the same one (the one who has/makes room to memorize the spell). Alliance upkeep shouldn't be too bad for Shamans/Clerics considering how long the duration is (4 min) and how many procs it takes for it to fade otherwise. It definitely should take at least a good 20 seconds (at least, could be longer) to drop if every single priest in the raid is focus healing the MT and should last the full duration, as Brohg mentioned, on everyone else.

    As far as knowing when it is down, the buff icon itself is very unique, so it is not too difficult to see when it is down, assuming you are using default UI icons. The green raised hand for Shaman Alliance sticks out like a sore thumb if you spend any time looking at tank buffs so I generally notice its absence right away if I am healing the target. The blue hand Cleric icon is the same way. It's a lot easier to see than the UL HP buff, which looks like at least 2 other things.

    Having the tanks call out when they need it works as well but ours generally don't like shouting out "I need x buff!" except maybe for DI but we are usually very fast on reapplying that without them needing to do so. I doubt I will ever hear one of ours say "I need Alliance!" or "I need Divine Guardian!" (and that one would actually be helpful to announce because it has no visible buff icon) so for those and other buffs, we have to become skilled at "buff scanning" to see what is down (or in the case of Guardian use a GINA trigger). Some might find "buff scanning" daunting or a waste of time but it really isn't too hard after a while to filter out all the "junk" buffs tanks put on themselves to find the 1-8 things I as a Cleric need to maintain or watch out for. As far as wasting time goes, I don't find it slows me down much, either, as I am able to click through heals (don't use multibinds) and maintain at least 1-5 temporary healing/buff effects while still being able to scan through buffs and reapply them or announce to the priest channel when they are down. GINA helps a lot with many of them, as does having a UI that displays the information (buff icons and cooldown colors) close to where the health bars are, but effort plays a big role as well. Hopefully the other Clerics on your team are as zealous about buff upkeep as you are :)
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  4. Brohg Augur

    Thankfully, that one IS susceptible to tracking by GINA.

    Tantalizing! What does EQ look like when you're the one playing it?
  5. Clarisa Augur

    This is the UI (slightly modified version of Sparxx) that I use. It's a bit crowded and might seem very messy to most but it works for me:


    It provides me with a full view of all the buffs under the current target's health bar so I can tell pretty quickly that Wuddane (SK) here has an active Ancient Alliance (the green hand icon in the second row) and does not have UL up.

    The two vertical hotbars to the left of the party window are where I cast everything (Remedies to the left, Renewals/Interventions to the right) except for Promised (which is cast directly from the bar) and Divine Peace and Splash (which are cast from the keyboard) so my attention is generally focused on the upper left side of the screen with less critical/less frequently used abilities pushed further down the UI. As abilities are used up and are on cooldown, their icons on the spell bar and hot bar turn green so I can easily see when they are down. I have visual and audio GINA triggers for many of these so I do not often have to rely on the cooldown color to know when they are up, which is useful for abilities like FCR and DG that I announce to the priest spam channel when cast. For heals, however, I often do need the cooldown colors. That's because I often change up the default heal order (SR -> GR -> FR -> SR -> GR -> MI -> SR -> GR -> VI) based on the situation. If I go through the larger heals first (FR -> MI -> VI) then the cooldown color gives me an idea of when they will be available again (usually a small sliver of green indicates that I can add the first large heal to the casting queue).

    I always try to plan several actions ahead so I am not sitting around staring at cooldowns but casting continuously. If I plan to single heal a target and provide them or another target with a bunch of support buffs while healing, the casting order may be (Ward -> Manisi Branch -> UL -> DG -> PR -> Burst -> SR -> FCR -> GR -> FR -> etc.) so I am using the time between spells effectively. Sometimes unexpected things happen and I have to change it up, but I always try to go back to the default heal order when things calm down or I don't need to toss support buffs around. Admittedly, many of these actions are superfluous given the ease of the content for us but, for me, healing like every event is a difficult event keeps me "in shape" and makes my performance very consistent on cast/heal parses.
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  6. Metanis Augur

    Thanks for awesome post Clarisa, I have reviewed your UI and made some changes to my heal bind because of it. I tend to focus my attention to the bottom left of my screen during battles.

  7. Pani Elder

    How do you get the hotbutton to count down in green? And does anyone have a hotbutton with a countdown for divine rez? Mine doesn't seem to work :(
  8. Pani Elder

    Know it is an OLD post but link doesn't work. Made trigger and window for the Heal Window as above, but that doesn't work either. Guess GINA has changed since this was done. :(
  9. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    Generated a new link:

    I just tested the trigger in game and it still works OK for me. Here's some more info on how I have it set up:

    Trigger (my heals):

    The "Cleric Heals" trigger category which "my heals" trigger is a member of:

    Overlay window (text overlay: Heal Window):

    To test it you can remove the ^ at the beginning of the search text: You have healed {s} for {N}
    And type in group chat "You have healed Soandso for 5000" or something like that.
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  10. Skvoid Elder

    Thanks for giving us that GINA package Sirene! Installed it for my cleric and will see how it goes on raid, I had a few triggers for things like DI DG etc but your package looks very comprehensive!
  11. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    Thanks, I hope you find some of them useful!

    I'd be interested if anyone else wants to share triggers here, too, I love going through stuff like that to see what kind of creative/useful things people have come up with.
  12. Clarisa Augur

    You can adjust the cooldown/count down color (or as the game refers to it -- the "Hotbutton Cooldown Overlay") by opening up the Options menu (Alt + O) then selecting Chat --> UI --> Hotbutton Cooldown Overlay and choosing a different color.
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  13. Kialya Lorekeeper

  14. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    New link to cleric triggers:

    Most of my triggers I haven't messed with in ages, I did get some new ones from the talented Raccoo, an inspect buffs trigger. (/inspectbuffs someone and it pops up with which cleric buff they are missing).
    Here is mine which does something similar:


    When someone dies, I see "Soandso has been slain by X!" It will go off for NPCs/pets with 1 word names but generally does a pretty good job. I also like to keep my raid window open, the yellow text for corpses helps me notice when people are dead.
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  15. Kialya Lorekeeper

    I am using the same death trigger but it does not SAY who died. I tried putting in {L} died, {s} died using text to speech, but nothing works.

  16. Kialya Lorekeeper

    BTW, thanks for updating your dropbox download. :)
  17. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    Ok I had misunderstood the question.

    Here is a different version of this trigger which captures the name of the person who died and says "Soandso died"


    Search text: ^(?<char>\w+)((?<!\s).)*has been slain by {s}!
    Display text: ${char} has been slain by {s}!
    Text to speech: ${char} died

    A little explanation -
    ^(?<char>\w+)((?<!\s).)*has been slain by {s}!
    <char> is the name of the capture group which is inside the parenthesis. I can print it again later using ${char}.
    This trigger searches for "has been slain by", then does a negative lookbehind for a space. If no space is found there is a match. So it will fire on things like "Quarm has been slain by Soandso!" which isn't perfect but does a pretty good job.
    You can also make the original one do text to speech on {L} to read the whole line. {s} and {L} are GINA shorthands for capture groups that make it a little more simple for us when making triggers. If interested, here is the GINA page explaining all the {} tags.
  18. Kialya Lorekeeper

    "You can also make the original one do text to speech on {L} to read the whole line."

    I tried putting the Text to Speech line but it did not work using the orig. Trigger

    Search text: ^((?<!\s).)*has been slain
    Display Text: {L} died
    Text to Speech: {L} died

    It will show the text "Kialya died" but it will not say Kialya died.

    I will play with your second one you posted. I went to the page you linked and it looks like Greek to me :)
    I would prefer if it fired only for a player and not a mob for less GINA voice clutter.
  19. Brohg Augur

    Quarm was brought up because it's one of the very few enemies with one-word names. NPCs triggering Sirene_Fippy's search text are very rare.
  20. Kialya Lorekeeper

    Yes, Brohg. The only time I get the odd trigger is during raids - there are a few boss mobs that trigger it.

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