Phinny 4.0.... really!!

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Silver-Crow, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Quill Augur

    Honestly... I like the idea. Two things though.

    1) If its Truebox, no deal. I won't waste my time setting up multiple computers and playing Daybreak's Reindeer Games.

    2) I would highly suggest you also take the opportunity to go Free Trade(FV loot) on the server. You claim its Cancer? Well... the server is already well past the expansions where that thing really mattered because currency-based raid loot isn't that far off, and everybody has a full set of starter gear better than the droppables that sold well. Either way, everything of note is instanced, so none of it is required to buy.

    Here is where you show it either kills a server, or maybe it helps it.

    Both of those things would then act as catnip and make the server less a late-stage Phinny-Clone, and more its own thing. Which, given its a surprise entrant into the TLP swepstakes, it should really be its own thing.

    Sadly, what is more likely is its an attempt to shore up Phinny's numbers... so if it falls by the wayside, it can be merged into Phinny with no issue. As such, we'll probably get a bs clone, at which point people wonder why you wouldn't just start on Phinny to begin with.
  2. krimmett Lorekeeper

    Hey, look on the bright side. This almost guarantees mangler sees gates and OoW with a healthy population.
  3. krimmett Lorekeeper

    This is their way of not opening a progression server for a few years. Nobody is going to play on that server. Mangler will stay populated for another 2 years after the launch of this.
  4. Silver-Crow Augur

    Don't be so sure about mangler for the next 2 years, this is a release of a TLP out of cycle. I'm sure there will be a new Mangler/Selos killer TLP in March/April next year
  5. krimmett Lorekeeper

    Not even a remote chance they launch another TLP 4-5 months after this HoT TLP. Phinny was launched 7 months after RF/LJ as the first truebox non voting TLP. Mangler/Selo was launched 1 year after cornaiv as the 20th anniversary TLP's. They wont break the 1 year benchmark unless its something groundbreaking, and even then its generally 1 year minimum. Expect to see at least OoW on mangler. Once people get to OoW they generally finish it out due to epic 2.0's.
  6. Machen Augur

    If you think this is the last server they will open in the next year, you are nuts.
  7. Quill Augur

    And what were the odds they would open a new TLP of *any type* in November?

    It certainly wasn't something I was expecting.

    I wouldn't count your chickens that you won't get another Classic TLP next March. I think its more likely that someone at Daybreak realized that servers were cheap and they might move to a two a year cycle(classic TLP in spring/special rules TLP in fall), than they suddenly scratched a Classic TLP from next March.
  8. Magic Augur

    Please NO!
    Keep Free Trade for fresh AoC / TLP, who will play on this new server anyway? With FV or without. But if them add FV to this, them probably never will do it on new TLP anytime soon :(
  9. Quill Augur

    I hate to break it to you.. but Absor has straight up said he basically believes FV-rules are Cancer for servers and that 'you wouldn't want that'. So if you think there is some pot of gold out there where someday they give you a Classic FV TLP without proving it out first, just lol. You might as well try tilting some windmills.

    And this is to say I've always been a fan of a FV TLP. But i'll takes it where I can gets it, and a later-stage server to prove it out is actually far more ideal than trying to do that stuff starting in Classic, where the loot is very limited in comparison.

    Now factor in that there are some concrete EQ reasons why going FV-loot would be ideal.

    You're trying to jumpstart a server with HoT. Granted, you're gifted mediocre 85 level group gear, but as with any jumpstart, you're always behind the 8-ball in some way. In this case, you don't have raid gear for tanks... CoP3's need to be farmed(they don't give you that.. right?), and in particular you're missing epics(both 1.0 AND 2.0 in this case) on key classes (Cleric / Shaman / Bard) for rezz and ADPS….oh... and you get a maximum of 12 raid instances in the 3 month cycle(assuming a week timer stays).

    Anything that can and does push gear around the raid as fast as you can to help get out from behind the 8 is helpful.

    This is especially true given that VoA is next up, and That Expansion *is* Cancer. If the server is to have any chance of not dying then and there, gear has to at least get around fast. This isn't Phinny, where people are coming in maxxed out and VoA T3 and T4 are highly unpleasant with it, much less without it.
  10. jeskola Augur

    There is really no way to determine this. I put together a handy chart to show months between server releases, one for progression only and one for all servers, and it is all over the place.


  11. Aegir Augur

    Any particular reason you left out Agnarr in those charts?
  12. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Doesn't fit the narrative.

    Big Gaming doesn't want you to know they're watering down your soup.
  13. Spayce Augur

    Whenever Coirnav dies out to the point I can no longer raid, I will be on this new server enjoying my nearly max level toon.

    I think it's a great idea, even though I'm sure the execution will be poor.
  14. jeskola Augur

    Ahh man, I had a feeling I forgot one!

    Here you go


    Progression only
  15. tofu stir fry Augur

    Agnarr is that red headed step cousin everyone forgets about.
  16. sumnayin Journeyman

    I have never seen a 24+ box army on Coirnav, Mangler or Agnarr. Also, I found it easy to get rid of 6-man box armies by just training them repeatedly. This worked especially well on the ones at Seb King or OOT Cyclops farming. I find that Truebox serves its purpose quite well.
  17. sumnayin Journeyman

    I don't see the issue. Maybe they want to attract people whom want to play on a fresh server with content relatively close to live and they already have Heroic Characters. If they did any other level they would have to create new templates. Granted they could start at a later expansion but from what I am reading most people will be raiding earlier content to gear up for HoT so why start further than that. I personally am not interested as I am not interested in anything beyond LDoN and will probably just enjoy P99 Green.
  18. Hinastorm86 Augur

    So what you're saying is, we think we do, but we don't =))))))))))))))))))))
  19. krimmett Lorekeeper

    I dont think it's all over the place at all. It shows you that the only time they are willing to dip under 12 months worth of time to add a new progression server, it has been with radical new ideas. Phinny was the first truebox server. HOT will be the first heroic server. After phinny another server didnt launch for over 2 years. After cornaiv another server didnt launch for 1 year, and it was a special 20 year anniversary. The cutoff seems to be 12-24 months for a new progression server that does not change or add any new rule sets, and longer than that in the case of following up a special ruleset server. I would safely say that mangler will be safe from the poaching a new classic TLP causes for 12-24 months post HOT release. That puts the server past GoD and OoW.
  20. Aegir Augur

    Only Time will Tell.

    As long people keep flock to Classic start TLP servers, they won't refrain from releasing that type of server every year in one way or the other.

    If there's something else we learned from the past TLP's, then it's that they don't give any thought - or care about preserving a community on the latest released TLP servers... That's entirely the responsibility of the server's community itself.

    If there's more money to be made from releasing a new TLP with 1k new players while killing off a few guilds that has progressed far on Ragefire/Lockjaw, Phinny, Agnarr, Coirnav or Mangler - They will do it.

    We all care for our each own TLP server, but let's be realistic here.

    We can all come back here next summer, and see who's right and who's wrong.

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