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  1. Nessirfiti Augur

    I've made it very clear, that I enjoy Powerleveling my own, and my guildmembers characters.

    I understand your frustration with being trained, it sucks when it does happen, but is it really common enough to need this? Especially when most zones past luclin~ have a soft leashing system, that seems to be based on player distance from mob. I know for a fact that something was changed not overly long ago in PoP zones. (Actually thinking back on it, it might have been some time around 2017-2018)

    I enjoy being able to help other people, with either out of group DPS or out of group heals. I don't care what they do on oakwynd, but I don't trust that the devs won't dump encounter locking onto other servers.

    This "Cure" is worse than the disease. And "Well it's not what I'd have done it, but I'll go to bat for it anyway " is an absolutely awful way to get an actual reasonable change implemented.
    If you order a steak, but they bring you a pile of ground beef at a restaurant, do you just shrug, and eat it, because they're both beef? Or do you send it back? This isn't what anyone ordered.
  2. Thatoneguy666 Elder

    The solution is to NOT try and fit this clunky mechanic into a game it doesn't belong. It is very much a square peg, round hole scenario.

    If they ran this joke of an idea by the dubiously existing community resource council and didn't get completely btfo, then this council serves zero purpose and it should be dissolved.

    Daybreak over the past two years has shown zero interest in listening to the TLP community. No communication whatsoever and just piles of things no one really wants. Vaniki ghost town. Yelinak generally meh and played basically by the same group of recyclers who will play anything with a level cap of 50.

    And then you have Oakwynd. Legacy exp and FTE. No one asked for them and no one wants them. At best they'll be tolerated by hopeful casuals who want to believe the Devs have some secret plan to eliminate all their woes and surely FTE is the answer.

    First of all they have no such plan. They're just "experimenting"
    Secondly these perceived woes are a big part of what makes early EQ fun.
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  3. Arothor New Member

    Haven't played in many years and the Mischief rules sounded nice, oh well I will check back in a few more years :). Keep grinding friends!
  4. Zrender Augur

    Yeah, it's probably a wash as far as total challenge between eliminating accidental trains and eliminating OOG bodyguard cheesing. Maybe they could implement some random named spawns that show up randomly on occasion if there are enough people in the zone and have some indicator that tells everyone it's not encounter locked so everyone knows they can attack it. If it's not stopped it starts aggroing everything along it's path. Think lockjaw on steroids and with social aggro. Could cause a totally new kind of zonewide cooperation. Maybe anyone involved in that kill gets an xp buff for a while or some other desired buff. May seem unlikely but it's perfectly reasonable to expect them to add something like that to replace anything lost from FTE.
  5. Velisaris_MS Augur

    They're not going to open a second server without FTE, because they're not going to run the risk of having a server WITHOUT their little ego project be more popular than their "experiement" server. The money people won't like that.

    However, what they may do is open a second server with FTE and something else added that's popular, like free trade or random loot. That way, it'll fudge the numbers in their favor. They can claim "look how popular FTE is among the players!", when in fact it's not FTE that's popular, but the other thing they added.
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  6. Zrender Augur

    I've PL'd plenty also. Have a 6 box team for AE PL on a couple of the TLPs and druid alts on every TLP I've played. But, I can live with just thorns and buffs until I can group the toons. I want to see RMT afk PLers eliminated, they are a scourge on the game. As for FTE not being how I would have done it but still being ok with it, well, that's kinda how it works, eh? It's not what I would have done but I'm willing to give it a shot. If this is as close as we're going to get to eliminating RMT afk AE PLing and intentional training then I'm here to make some suggestions to help to make sure it's done in the best possible way. Whether the suggestions matter or not remains to be seen. There are people responding with requests for things like more instancing, open tagging, aggroed mobs not targeting other players, etc, etc as well. Maybe they will see something they like and choose to go with one of those options or maybe this is it. Perhaps they should make it like they've made other things, where it reverts back to the old way after a given expansion. Maybe it's FTE until DoN or something and then reverts. By then most content is instanced anyway.

    Edit: It would be hugely beneficial to suggestions if they would tell us what they're trying to accomplish.
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  7. Dalyrina Elder

    You are right on this, but they probably have no intentions of coming forward with their actual intentions.

    With regards to ae pl being killed, I see that probably just ushering in a a bigger market for custom leveled accounts. RMT'ers and lazy people will always find new paths to be scourge and lazy, respectively.
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  8. Critt Augur

    Nothing will kill RMT because as long as there is a market there will be people providing... Really without I doubt EQ would even still be doing half as well as it is.
  9. uberkingkong Augur

    This TLP, is not really a TLP its more a test server if you ask me. The ruleset is just testing to see if its good for Live server.

    They already got rid of gear left on corpse, now its getting rid of trains. Pretty much getting rid of everything a classic EQ, nostalgic EQ was about. To set themselves up so they can tout maybe next year, a true EQ classic TLP, gear on corpse is back, trains are back. Endless TLP cycle.

    Honestly, I haven't been impressed with EQ lately.
    New expansion, no new armor designs, they make the icon look fancy but actual armor look on the character, same design from long time ago. They have hero's forge, you expect every new armor design to be from hero's forge? Even if it is coming from a new expansion? Seriously? Every other MMORPG new expansion usually comes with armor designs that are new, you don't need an extra paywall.

    Haven't been impressed lately, Live server new expansions, nothing new but zones, no new armor designs thats for sure. No new races. Too much living in the past. TLPs they are just to be test subjects now? 64 bit taking time and the results of it? From player perspective? UI designs and the results of it from player perspective?

    I'd rather they spend there time on something else,
    besides months on 64 bit, UI upgrade, TLP lab experiment. It's been over a year since 64 bit upgrade, I don't see anything, feel any different, and yet spent months on that? You realize other MMORPGs there a ton more armor designs, and you don't have to pay a hero's forge fee? They are part of the expansion, the expansions costs include new armor design. TLP couldn't decide what to do and last minute forcing test experiment? Terrible experiment, this is not something I want them wasting time on. What data shows this is a good time waster?
    Show up happen for this lab experiment?
    I don't see a lot of support for Oakwynd buddy.
    How come PvP has to fight tooth and nail and this kind of TLP idea no data necessary just begin the lab experiement? No community thread was fighting for this. Just out of the blue and not well received because way off the mark.
    They set rules but no rules for their own ideas? No data driven, just what? How did this TLP come about? Thats the question.
    How did this Oakwynd TLP come fruition??

    These people decide this ruleset, this lab experiment on TLP server?
    How many are TLP'ers, are NOT serious raiders (2 or more times a week is serious), do PvP (any MMO, not just EQ, EQ PvP is in bad shape), how many play other MMOs (they in the know with other MMO trends), what is the diversity of that group (as in 20% raiders 20% casuals, 20% PvP. or is it 90% serious raiders pretty much only play EQ too, not in the trends with other MMOs, etc.)? Obviously this TLP is not well received so if this TLP was driven by that, may need to re-evaluate hard because you are way off the mark.

    EQ is a no community feedback no community driven game. It can pretend, but from actual results, I haven't been seeing the results. Results show otherwise.
    I'm ready for EQ3 honestly.
  10. Roleplay Here Journeyman

    Hmm, may be on to something. Hope that it perma-locks corpses all the way to decay for the people in the agro player's group/raid at the time of the npc dying. That would be sweet! I hate loot rights spam over public channels. Too many people botting and boxing armies to RMT kronos. No trade items were not designed to be auctioned off for loot rights.
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  11. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    That is unlikely to ever happen as being able to loot items after a corpse unlocked is important later on when instanced raiding becomes the norm and guilds have people sitting out of raids.
  12. Roleplay Here Journeyman

    You could remove the 15 min timer completely from the game. It's kinda dumb.
  13. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    What do you mean by that? The 15 minute timer gives a group/raid time to deal with loot without worrying about others stealing it but also allows for it to be looted by someone outside of the group/raid if needed or it is going to rot after the timer is up.
  14. Roleplay Here Journeyman

    Rare items are meant to be just that. Rare.
  15. 6BoxerOnCoirnav Lorekeeper

    Id really be interested in playing the new server with FTE if they added some kind of bonus match making. Something like CS:GO but with everquest classes and spells. Some sort of mission where you have to go into Crushbone and rescue the dwarven slaver hostages in a certain amount of time. All first person and with automatic weapons. I mean. Swords. Or I'd settle for something much easier to implement like free trade. That would be stellar.
  16. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    That doesn't explain anything and the 15 minute timer doesn't impact items being rare or not.
  17. Roleplay Here Journeyman

    The 15 min timer is obsolete, remove it so that corpses never unlock for people who were not originally in the kill group/raid. It does, when you split a raid 10 ways, and kill something and have someone waiting outside the instance to see which one drops said item.
  18. Roleplay Here Journeyman

    Looting for raids is a little crazy. They should have a new flag on items from raid flagged npcs, a temporary item flag that makes said item tradable by people in the raid at the time of the npc's death. Which would expire in four hours. So a loot master could collect the items. Or if something was incorrectly looted it could be redistributed to someone that was tagged for 4 hours.
  19. Dalyrina Elder

    Curious to get your take on how this will function as you seem to shoot down every concession suggested.
  20. Komodon Augur

    You like helping your friend/s, and want to do more then just joining/dropping the group to give buffs? Here's a wild and completely out of left field 2023 idea. Why not roll a new toon and journey out in to the world to PLAY the actual game as intended WITH them? Heck, maybe try to expand that socializing effort to find others wanting to PLAY the game and do similar. Get those same account perks as a bonus to boot!

    Your supporting logic here keeps jumping all over the place man. Yesterday you want to argue that 6+ entire expansions of gameplay is a short period of time, and not something to be overly considerate of. Here's idea #2. Why not apply that same exact viewpoint logic on the concern you have over the 20 minutes your buddy is going to spend at level 15 in a group without outside heals/dps, or the couple of days to a week tops it takes to gradually level up to higher levels.

    If you don't like the effect this is going to have on PL'ing that's perfectly fine and understandable. But I mean c'mon lol. If anything seems disease ridden here, it's the constant hyperbolic surface takes you keep presenting that the game world and it's core gameplay is going to somehow implode in upon itself minus the unintended design perk of out of group support. The game always has and always will function on perfectly fine without it's presence.
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