Fixed Internally Nothing in shared banks

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Palloma, May 21, 2020.

  1. Kuvasae New Member

    Confirmed, Kuvasae, Sinaa and Braydan has everything restored. Money was in bank and not parceled. Patience was king here. Hopefully everyone else gets to log into their stuff back in it’s entirety.
  2. Geadane New Member

    I have got some of my stuff back in overflow but think im still missing some stuff and plat. Would appreciate and help in retrievi8ng the items
  3. Reciprocity New Member

    Confirmed items and PP also returned to the shared bank.
  4. Elsewhere Elder

    Can confirm plat now showing in shared bank at 7:30am UK time, 28th May.
    Many thanks.
  5. Kroknik1 New Member

    I have received my platinum but my shared bank items are still missing. Nothing retrievable from /itemoverflow. Cumen FV Server.
  6. Tera New Member

    Received my shared bank items and plat. Thanks.
  7. cayendar New Member

    Platinum received, thank you. However, the remaining contents of the shared bank (numerous bags, 100+ items) remain missing. No itemoverflow or parcels.
  8. Schadenfreude Augur

    As others have stated plat restores have started (directly to your shared bank NOT in e-mail) and both my accounts have all their money back. Still waiting on the contents of Schadenfreude's bank to be sent to /itemoverflow but I'm guessing they will take another look at that once all the money is restored.
  9. Palloma New Member

    Plat returned to all three accounts, many many thanks.
    That is 2 out of 3 accounts sorted.
    The account with Alodie first, still has not had any items returned. There is nothing in /itemoverflow and no parcels.
  10. EEEE New Member

    Received my missing plat but still have NOT received any of my shared bank items in /itemoverflow. Please return my other shared bank items, I believe it should be 82 items including containers.

    Thank you.
  11. Earle New Member

    Earle is the first character on Firiona Vie, have received my missing platinum in my shared bank but have NOT received any of the items or bags in my shared bank yet. Nothing to claim in /itemoverflow or parcels.

    Please return them. Thanks.
  12. Bloodlord Balkoth New Member

    got my money back now i hope everything gets restored for everyone else soon
  13. Volka New Member

    All platinum returned! Thank you so much! Rejoice! Rejoice!
  14. vslap New Member

    Vslap missing 398 warlord symbols 35mil plat - and some random bags of crap i only care about the symbols and plat....

    Vslap - My petition Request #847579 -

    I checked item overflow I have nothing, no symbols or plat. Crappy idea to leave them in shared.

    I`m still missing 35mil plat and 398 warlord's symbols - I did all the trades earlier that day - My buddy doesn't have the symbols or plat, I don't have it - Nothing was parceled
  15. Moege Augur

    Second petition was closed with a reference to post in this thread.

    New petition #851271 shared bank is still missing.
  16. Palloma New Member

    Items now returned to third account, many thanks
  17. Schadenfreude Augur

    All items and bags (240) now returned. Thanks to the unsung Ops heroes working long hours behind the scenes.
  18. Eradica New Member

    Still missing shared bank items, Adesto of Firiona Vie
  19. Darduar New Member

    My plat appeared back in my shared bank, but still not one item that was in shared bank.
    Darduar- Firiona Vie
  20. Tauriehl Journeyman

    after the server merge all my shared bank items went missing for several days along with all of my plat which is still missing and before the re roll after the first patch for the server merge I went on most my alts gathered over 187 items sent through parcels and put in my character on FV Tamzenn's Guild Bank and after the re roll I lost all those items 187+ what was left in my parcels and still haven't received my plat either. I am wondering if this will ever be fixed or will we some how be compensated for what was lost. my wifes character after the re roll lost all equipped gear and her levels she had gotten so I know this wasn't intended but its an awful thing to have to experience after spending all my life with eq since I was 10 and now it feels like everythings gone in a blink over night.