Ninja AFKers

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by TLP Addict, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. TLP Addict Augur

    Anybody else tired of these parasites?

    More often than not DPS (because you can't get away with it as Tank, Healer, Puller etc) they all but beg to be let in your group, say hi and thanks for inviting etc, blow their wad in 5 mins then... "AFK 1 min medding".


    It's almost like these people feel they are entitled to have other people level their toons for them while they watch TV, do the dishes, go to the shops for smokes etc etc.

    How long do you guys wait before kicking these clowns?

    Do you give them another chance and let them back in the group again? or just kick em to the curb for good?
  2. Rotlust Augur

    Usually I find wizards doing this. Especially on my wizard strangely enough. I met this wizard named Frosty who would sit for literally 5 + minutes full of mana and the rest of the group didn't seem to have an issue with it
  3. Cman New Member

    Damn you wizards, seriously afk WAAAY to much and don't say .

    I can at least track mages, necros, shamans by their pets... but Wizards I now make a point to keep on an eye on them and make it obvious to the group - in a polite way - that they're ninja afking.

    The rough part is actually doing something about it, if they're willing to use you to level their toon while being afk, they're also likely willing to train you... and you have little to no recourse against that.
  4. Phantom Ghost Augur

    If its unannounced and noticeable.. 3 to 5 minutes of nothing, they are gone.

    A quick grabbing a drink or something not announced is not an issue, but it occurs way too often... its been this way, it is something I noticed on phinny.... they feel they contribute to the full group xp bonus.
  5. crag79 Augur

    The balance was difficult for me to learn as a wizard. In the past I have played a shaman and a berserker. I needed to be active to contribute. As a wizard I can't go full bore with my mana in case of a bad pull or an emergency evac. Also, depending on the group makeup, by the end of classic I was barely able to get one nuke in on most trash mobs in due to everyone else doing damage.
  6. malaki Augur

    Anyone with a mana bar should never be full mana, that's wasteful in an xp group. That being said as long as you're always regenerating mana you should have a reserve in case of a race on a named or a bad pull or whatever so you can go full burn or have a burst of heals or whatever.
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  7. crag79 Augur

    Well yeah, like I said I made sure I had enough for the evac or to burn, but I would sit there a lot and still do just trying to get some mana back. Int is really easy to cap no matter what expansion your in. It's the FT and mana regen that is the issue.
  8. Godwin Journeyman

    It is the mindset of most people playing the TLPs. They go for nostalgia, but quickly remember how tedious the grind is. In result, you get under committed players who take advantage of others by doing like this. It was super prevalent back on Vulak/Fippy when I was playing and I saw it again on Phiny. I'd kick them at the first sign of being afk. A great indicator is how long they take asking for an invite again.
  9. Cicelee Augur

    Do TLP servers have the OOC regen that Live servers do?
  10. Pikallo Augur

    The best is being an enchanter on raids. One monitor for netflix, one monitor for responding to buff requests. Once Luclin hits you can safely afk 90% of the time.
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  11. Reht Augur

  12. Urshulgi Augur

    My box wizard is often spending more mana burning mobs down than caster mains are in the groups I'm in.
  13. Talladore Journeyman

    I've noticed a lot of Druids ninja afking. There is one in particular that didn't speak English well that I was grouped with on my Warrior back in Lower Guk and the guy would literally burn all of his mana nuking, then ninja afk and come back 5-10 minutes later to repeat the process.

    Once I'm aware of their inactivity I simply let them know that ninja afking will not be tolerated, and if they fail to heed the warning then they get kicked. If you have to go afk, just let the group know, but don't expect to be able to just burn all your mana on three mobs every ten minutes and think that you are contributing well enough to earn your place in the group.

    I play Warrior main and Enchanter alt, so I always have to be focused giving 110% as it were, and I expect the same in return. If they can't handle that then they shouldn't be playing Everquest, at least in public groups.
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  14. Thorondor Augur

    I brought this behavior forward during the first two weeks of the server's launch, and was berated for being an elitist, hyper-efficient . Figures that 3 weeks later the rest of you would catch on to trend.
  15. Rhodz Augur

    Oh you think the rest of them just now noticed AFKers?

    And how right they were based on this.
    Not like they ran them into a place they were unfamiliar with and began engaging before everyone arrived is it?

    No although watching people's mana bars is everyone's job. So not much sympathy here, kick em to the curb and be done, do your job.
  16. Thorondor Augur

    Except that the issues are related. When you're more interested in AFKing while others do the work for you, this makes it exponentially harder to follow simple instructions, such as moving to your group's camp without pulling a fukktard move.
  17. Rhodz Augur

    Yeah it's a problem, thus kick em. They either learn or don't.
    Sorry man not to beat a dead horse but your move was just as hinky. It is only an assumption on your part they were not paying attention but your move was made very clear and stated openly.
  18. Amoeba Augur

    I ninja AFK for potty (my room is next to the bathroom) sometimes. Usually say something when getting a drink. But never leave to be PLed lol.

    I have noticed other DPS people, mages included, doing this all too often.
  19. TPSTEEPS Journeyman

    who is this nobody lmao

    people didnt catch up, they just went back to their original thoughts which was thought of long before you did.

    again who are you?

    stupid response inc...(hopefully no response, but probably a stupid one is tho)~
  20. oldkracow Augur

    Just kick em and replace them. Simple really.

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