Next Expansion Feature Ideas:

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  1. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    lol :rolleyes:
  2. Mazame Augur

    I disagree. aggro can be managed. Every class was given a fade ability. Caster also have silent casting. Tanks have taunts. Your Char window show your aggro level. it go from Green to Yellow to Red. If you are just mashing key then maybe you have aggro issues but if your focused you can control it.

    As a caster before you burn hit silent casting and then burn. if your just DPSing and you get up to 80%+ on aggro then fade. If you get up there again then hold off casting as the tank builds aggro. If your getting aggro on every mob then maybe talk with your tank because they should not be giving it up that easy.
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  3. Mazame Augur

    I like Collections

    Spell ranks could go away (making spells harder to get wont do anything but hurt the causal player.) They could make spells crafted and so like the TS gear you have to farm drop and then craft the spell.
    As for Raid spell they could go away as there not much difference between them and the group rank spells. so I think going to one rank would make sense if they are looking to reduce work load.

    With few mission / raids and people clearing the content I agree the multi tiers of gears are a waste of time. most of the lower tiers rots and is never used.
    I would say make one tier of group / raid I would then say add an Aug slot for a TS crafted aug that would go into the gear to improve it. Every one go after the BIS gear and so often it comes down to TS vs Drop gear and so the time spent making the two sets is time wasted when working with a small team. By making a Combine drop gear with a TS made enhancement you would only have to make one set of gear and a lot more gear would get used vs going to rot.

    Every class only replaces a handful of type 7 as it is. I would disagree with reducing the number of augs.

    As for Hard mode they sound like a good idea until you look back on them in the past. no one does them. I would rather they add extra events over doing a hard mode.

    As for the Chase items all they are is a cash cow. people that have box teams that are mass farming are the once that get the chase items then turn around and sell them. I would rather see them removed more then anything. If you want to give out chase items (old raid gear) how about adding a reward for completing /achievements that rewards the bast Exp raid coin. That way no time needs to be spent making a chase loot set of gear. The amount of loot is then based on a toon completing the /ach.

    Example CoV Hunter for each zone could give 50 ToV raid coin with the new stander of 6 zones this would mean if you completed hunter you have enough to by a raid ore.

    You could do the same for collections and the progressions quest and one for doing the cheese.

    so if you complete everything on a toon you would end up 4 pieces of the last exp raid gear. This is not game breaking but would encourage group game players to work towards thing by rewarding them for their effort. Mass farming doesn't push people to go do the content and if your unlucky the few times you do see chase loot it not always the slot or item you would want. So by offering the coin vs the random chance people could use the coin to buy what they want.
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  4. eqzekisdead Augur

    Berserker axe summon to 1,000 PLEASE.
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  5. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Bards still need a root, evac, and res.
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  6. Angahran Augur

    SKs get necro summon and rez (and add chance to create a rez stone to taps at very low %).
    Why can necro summon a corpse across zones but ours is limited to being in the same zone ?
  7. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    This is mainly for traders of course bigger trader bags but what i almost want more is never to see you are out of food or hungry message! To bad they dont have food and drink slots just an idea and please get away with force feeding as thats only for the cheap.

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  8. Smite The Wicked New Member

    Everquest is my first love since velious. With that said WoW has some really nice features. I would like to see a wow auction house setup as well as a dungeon Que that puts the classes in and lets you know when everyone's in the Que and transports you there, from lvl 20 to max level. Possibly even a PvP battlegrounds Que as well that's the same as the dungeon one. i know they want us to group or do progression, but with everyone 6 boxing its not easy, even with a guild.

    So each area should have solo progression quests that gives exp and some coin and possibly some gear. But then i guess that would make us too close to WoW.......

    And yes i know, problem with the dungeon Que is that you can level to max only doing dungeons, and that's all people would do. But possibly some variant of these items i mentioned?
  9. Tegila Augur

    U ...we can summon across zones it just has like an 8 min reuse. I do it all the time. Buy rezclicks from loyalty or pop a Merc.
  10. Angahran Augur

    Is that the AA ? I don't think I've ever had a successful summon (of someone else's corpse) from a different zone.

    I have rez tokens and a merc, those have nothing to do with summoning corpses.
  11. Darkerknight Lorekeeper

    Additional Ranks of Death's Effigy for Shadowknights that reduce the reuse time by 30 seconds.

    With the pace of EQ at this point in time, 2 mins is painfully long.
  12. Darkerknight Lorekeeper

    To clarify, 30 seconds total, not per rank. So like 3 ranks that lower it by 10 seconds each, or 5 ranks that lower it by 6 seconds each, something like that. Could be 100 AA per rank for all I care.
  13. strikemaster Journeyman

    Create the ability to send guild invites to characters offline
  14. tamar New Member

    how about revamping and making the casino relevent again
    revamp of ldon would be cool too also new rares, rares are what the game is about no new rares in cov boring
  15. kookoo Augur

    AA to reduce the memorise time to swap spell sets.

    with all the debuff , rebuff , dps, we have now , swapping spell set is kinda slow , with all the ae's and emotes we have in raids now.
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  16. Egat Should have stayed in Halas

    I'd like Nimbus items to get a tab on the keychain.
  17. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    I see this one a lot and I don't hate the idea, I just think it benefits a lot less players than say, a Port Item click tab would. I have a total of 12 Nimbuses on my main. I have just about every LoN Nimbus in my /claim and they can rot there.

    Ask yourself this: If a "big back pack" for your Nimbuses needed to load for all players every time they zone, is the tab really worth it? Our zone times are pretty slow at peak times as is. I myself have 250 Hero's Forge slots, 75 familiar slots, 70 illusion slots, 70 mount slots. All that data doesn't just magically appear for a player to gain access to it. It takes memory and I can't imagine what people working on this old game have to deal with every time a key ring was added or a feature like Dragon's Hoard was added.

    As a raider, I have great contempt for Nimbuses. All those extra particles in the pile of 54 people is a nuisance. A feature THAT MUST accompany a Nimbus key ring is an option to turn off all Nimbuses. If such setting, which I believe many would ask for if such a key ring were added would be requested, is it really a necessary feature? Is it really?
  18. blurpppa New Member

    How about lag free raiding and zone loading that doesn't take a week? Then we can talk about stacking even more features on top of everything else.
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  19. Falgrin New Member

    You can't even run group missions without server lag affecting mission mechanics.
    So why bother putting in new features in if the server lag makes them all irrelevant.
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  20. Evye Augur

    Would multiple guild banners help?
    Why not have like 5 of them?
    Maybe drop the number to drop one to like 7?