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  1. Coas Lorekeeper

    Pay to win here we come.
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  2. wolfcaller New Member

    OK MY Thoughts on Perks.
    1) with such HORRID Customer Service its a rip-off to get us to pay for anything more.
    2) Will this be something we can buy annualy as well or just monthly?
    3) what about a discount offered for those of us who "box" multiple accounts?
    4) NO REALLY get some Customer Service you can CALL or contact other then the petitions which do not go anywhere.

    ~Larul Wolfcaller
    115 Shamaness
    The SIlent Minority
    The Rathe (Karana)
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  3. Geroblue Augur

    Doesn't look like I missed very much.
  4. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Maybe you have misunderstood.

    Perks - As they stand right now I am 100% opposed to them.

    A sub increase - which in fairness EQ has only done a few times, I am in favour of with some fairly hefty caveats, because I am okay with a sub increase if that money paves the way to an overhaul of the existing game.

    When I say invest in the game I mean increase the number of devs & coders further still to enable the team to have the resources to make some massive improvements to the game and to create far better expansion content each year. This is with a 64 bit client, overhauled UI, up to date graphics engine, new player models and maybe even overhauled old models - so that they can be reskinned with high resolution textures and be given a whole bunch of extra cosmetic options too.

    Rollling the "perks" into the sub & increasing the sub price a little I could be okay with but I want some timelines of serious improvements in exchange.

    Yes the game is a business, so making money is what it needs to do, but how it does that can be done better than this perk BS in its current incarnation..
  5. revran1 Journeyman

    Why don't they sell us fellowship slots i would buy more make that a perk
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  6. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    I'd bet a 30 minute group LotD would make more $ than any loss in xp pot sales as xp pots are 4 hour / persist and are desired for long groups / grind groups. I'd be willing to bet it would also find EQ with more groups and more new / returning players. 35,000 AAs is intimidating. 115 levels is intimidating to people away from keys for years.

    As it is, EQ is selling another piece of it's soul for a token offer of 5%, cos, well, the same logic.

    For the record I was quite vocal about them slowing xp, then selling xp pots and am glad those devs left, mostly to WoW, which I don't play anymore becaue they'

    and my point being, there's ways to do these things and NOT break that pay to win threshold, or at least make it so ANY level "ALL ACESS" (which was sold as, get this, "ALL ACESS" which is now apparently going to be "SOME ACCESS, YOU CAN BUY MORE THOUGH!)
  7. Skrab East Cabilis #1 Realtor

    If they raise sub prices, they're going shed members like water off a duck's back. There's a reason why MMO subs are all around $15 USD/month.

    Perks would've been better used to encourage longer subscription purchases 6 months or 12 months. It captures lost revenue from the single month and 3 month subscribers by enticing them with added value.

    They can make more money off subscriptions. They're just not clever enough.
  8. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    Ok here I go. Liked what you said, but this triggers me every time. Why don't more people get this like you?! They are basically modding this game now. They don't even have control of the fundamentals.

    I have been saying for years Curated Game. And people just freak out, no no no!

    I don't want to sunset it. I don't want to change it, and the overarching philosophy (of the actual players of the game, face it, raiders).

    I want them to spend real time and real money on thinking about Stability, Performance, and Resilience so that Everquest can be PLAYED well into the future. There are rumblings in some other places, of full on mod-able ports in the outside community. That would be one way Daybreak could do it. Change nothing including models. Maybe texture packs.

    But again NO NO, we want more expansions upon more expansions on top of 22 year old code. Not even one year could be skipped for fixes.

    And then when the business vultures see a trend, why would they re-invest in the goose that keeps laying golden eggs while you feed it left over crumbs? Same old crumbs will show same old profit, falling off slowly but still something left. Cash grabs go in their pocket, not to the goose.

    I also called this slow trajectory decline almost two years ago. They have 5-6years left, to be a meaningful semblance of what Everquest was. You might be able to play past then, but will you want to?
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  9. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I still don't understand why you think they would make a one time purchase that would replace something that people are making repeat purchases of, especially when those are priced higher than what you are suggesting.
  10. Alnitak Augur

    Are you opposing Perks in general, or are you opposing Pay-To-Win mechanics?
    In some sense anything and everything buyable with DBC is a Perk, because F2P players have to buy DBC with $$, while All-Access accounts can accumulate DBC monthly by paying subscription with $$ (directly or indirectly via Kronos). And buy Potions of Adventure is not much different than buying new +exp Perk in many senses.

    And P2W is in full swing at present time. On BB server people offer ToV raid chests for 30 Krono (actual transaction I am aware of). Now, that is a direct in-game buy to win, not through DPG though.
    Should such transactions be prohibited ? (As of now those are legal deals) Or should DPG streamline and monetize such deals to maximize the revenue ?

    There is a disctinct separations of EQ players based on their playstyle and attitudes. Let me call those TLP community and Live communities. I think those new perks are targeted at TLP, because those are largely meaningless for Live. Nevertheless, such "perks" trend may spill into Live srvers and that is a danger, which worries me. Although I consider current round of Perks as a weird niche product, DPG may become more aggresive and intrusive with new waves of Perks. I know great many people on live servers who will quit playing if EQ becomes P2W environment.
  11. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Valid point, however what will lose players faster?

    A $2 increase to EverQuest sub for everyone with some kind of timetable for seeing that invested into the game or the realisation that EQ + Perks and no commitment to invest in EQ is gonna look like this?

    Final Fantasy XIV.................$14.99 *2.8M
    Old School Runescape.........$10.99 *2.7M
    World of Warcraft..................$14.99 *2.2M
    Runescape 3........................$10.99 *728K
    The Elder Scrolls Online.......$14.99 *546K
    Star Wars The Old Republic.$14.99 *278K
    EVE Online...........................$14.95 *247K
    EverQuest.............................$14.99 *82K
    EverQuest + "Perks".............$19.98
    Lord of the Rings Online.......$14.99 *42K
    Final Fantasy XI....................$12.95 *32K
    EverQuest II..........................$14.99 *29K
    Ultima Online........................$12.99 *16K

    *Mix of estimates and official figures.for active players.

    The best way for EQ to make more money is to have more players, and to do that they need to overhaul the game (in my opinion).
  12. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Comparing the Perks as sub bolt-ons with Krono is a bad comparison, they are actually very different things.

    Krono is just how Daybreak makes money on the RMT market that would exist without Krono and line the pockets of third parties instead of Daybreak - as it did prior to Krono in the days of Yantis ( & Later IGE and a bunch of other parasitic entities.

    Perks are an abomination with the desire to milk EverQuest's cash-cow players at an increased level, and make Ji Ham look good as the new CEO when the Golden Goose of EverQuest lays another Golden Egg for him and makes him look good to other people with money to invest in a profitable game management business.

    "You should invest in EG7 because look how good Ji Ham is at fleecing those EverQuest idiots"
    "Our plan is simple, make new games using the money from the EverQuest idiots and then the new games will eventually have their own idiots too!"
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  13. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    I don't think any such thing, nor do you think I do, you just want to frame it that way.

    All toons have LotD already. no major impact on sales of 4 hour duration, persist through death pots.

    a 30 minute GROUP version of LotD wouldn't kill of those same sales, but would make for more groups, make a casual player in modest gear more desireable to invite. I already addressed this exact same thing in the other thread where you made the same comment. I also added, the point being, there are SO many more creative, useful player friendly ways they COULD increase revenue without a sliding scale subscription rate for pay to win mechanics.

    In my opinion, they could do way better with what they have and not invite exploit mechanics, such as spoofing the no lost level.

    It's also disingenuous to call it a 5% multiplier, it's additive, not mutiplicitave. it may stack, it doesn't MULTIPLY by 5%.

    ALL ACESS meant all access. This wioll just make all access the new F2P threshold for tryhard guildage.
  14. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I get where you are coming from, you've outlined this desire before.

    Personally I think there are 3 paths the game can take.

    1. Least likely - Your suggestion, it basically takes the game from being a successful business model into an archived historical piece of code that gets barely maintained with an entirely new funding structure nobody has yet tried, I feel this would only appeal to a small minority of players anyway. The TLP could keep being launched but the live servers would be dead as a dodo in a couple of years at most - this move would END EverQuest as a Live game.

    2. Most Likely - Carry on with the general gist, small expansions, little to no further investment into the game as it slowly gains players from the TLP cycle, only "needed" technical improvements such as moving to 64 bit with no full overhaul of the UI, no new player character models and no new graphics engine beyond being able to operate with DX 12 instruction sets for the existing visuals and collision/pathing systems.

    3. Unknown* - Increase the sub, give a timetable of planned improvements to justify that increase. 64 bit client, UI overhaul, and then eventually a better graphics engine & new player models. Eventually the other games will increase their subs and by then EverQuest will be in a far more competitive state for the same price as the competition.

    *since they probably won't do this now Jason Epstein & Ji Ham have the reins
    (if they ever, in fact, didn't)
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  15. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Didn't misunderstand...I'm with you. :D

    My point is that the rallying cry rationalization from people whenever they introduce a cash grab has always been that people didn't mind paying for something overpriced/stupid because that money went to support the game. Fair enough.

    Well, now it appears that our money is NOT going towards hiring more devs/resources in order to fix what's broken and make the game better. It SEEMS to be going towards a bunch of accountants figuring out new ways to take our money without making improvements to the game. Our money does not appear to be going where we all hoped it would be going.

    I too would favor a slight sub increase if it meant rolling all these perks into our normal subscribtion, keeping the (more or less) level playing field and actually fixing things that are broke and making real improvements on the game. They seem to just be putting band-aids on things now, not actually correcting problems.
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  16. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    I'm also NOT saying stop expansions or anything else.

    Just put new expansions on top of a stable code base, with an environment that allows much more flexibility for them.

    I wasn't imagining moddable servers as a business model (I digressed there into the completely separate modding E m u community there).
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  17. Silverstone Journeyman

    You want to make tons more money?
    Everquest is unique. Make classes unique again. Create a class uniqueness expansion. No class gets another classes ability. Give them new abilities/spells and actually balance the classes for the roles they were made for.
    Right now all you need are Shamans, Shadowknights, Rangers and Necromancers.

    Do this one Expansion and you will have people coming back to the game in droves and tons of money coming back.

    People are tired of the cookie cutter expansions. Add 10 percent to everything as the class balance becomes worse.
  18. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I think I misunderstood you then.

    EQ does indeed have some spaghetti code, probably enough to feed a small country (of digital hamsters), but a lot has been ripped out and rewritten over the years, the gnarly stuff is things like the bit registers for some of the really core game systems that are probably not even worth touching anyway because they don't need to be touched and touching them has too high a risk of breaking a lot of interconnected things based on them.

    Certainly I think Every EQ player would love greater stability, far less lag on raids and pathing that doesn't annoy the hell out of developers and players alike.

    (It really cannot be fun as a developer team to make a lovely zone, populate it with awesome looking mobs & fun quests only for the pathing to make all that great work look stupid, frustrating and annoying to players and for it to feel like it was made by a person who is 20 IQ points short of being an actual ham sandwich or an absolute sadist - no matter how hard they try to make the pathing work properly).
  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And if my memory is correct LoTD was added to the game before they started selling xp potions in the store. Besides that doesn't change the question of why would they add a purchased ability that would reduce the desire to purchase other items from the store?
  20. davnegsep Journeyman

    Welcome to the unerfing by perk kind of thing. They going to start nerfing classes and players must pay if they want the unerfing. So it will be ,for example, if you want a necro class to do more damage with their dot, players must pay for a perk . so, in the long run , players will end paying hundreds of dollars just to play a 22 years old or so game. Alternate Abilities are now for sell!!
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