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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Accendo, Sep 8, 2021.

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  1. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    "We want our rich players to enjoy the game more, than our poor players".

    I miss the times when everyone had an equal footing in games. :(
  2. CatsPaws I post to encourage others to post

    This seems like something new players will gobble up. They want to spend money to get to greatness in the game and this would appeal to their "easy mode" style of game play where they only have to spend little effort, they like having things given to them just cause.

    Not losing a level seems pretty lame - if your that close to losing a level then it would only take a few Overseer quests to regain it. And usually a rez - even from my merc - I regain my level.

    Discount on loyalty purchases? Hmm since they can't keep the weekly awards working correctly this is not a big deal. Or is it to make up for the tokens we did not get? I buy bags of doubloons to pay my housing rent. They cost 11 tokens. So now 10? I am going wild with that extra token. It might mean more if your a F2P player and only earning 30 tokens a week,,,,but wait you have to be all access to use this so that blows that one out of the water. The stuff on loyalty merchants is not that expensive to need a discount.

    Overall it seems whoever came up with this was not listening to what players have asked for and offered to pay extra for over the years. Its just contradictory when there are so many posts from players offering to pay for this or that or ways for them to make more money and they come up with neither this or that but WHAT????
  3. Metanis Bad Company

    I applaud the effort to monetize the game. Seriously, I'd add a dozen more perks and create an ala carte type purchase menu on the character select screen.

    However, I'm concerned about the additional customer support overhead. I mean you can't even check your gold time in game with the current infrastructure, how is it going to keep track of these multiple permutations? What happens when the lag causes your session status to go wonky and the client suddenly decides you don't qualify for your perks? How long before the hackers find out and publish the mechanisms to ensure their systems enjoy all the perks illegally?

    I'm not confident at all that this system can be maintained with performance and efficiency. And angry customers soon become ex-customers.
  4. Skrab East Cabilis #1 Realtor

    My concern is these changes seem pretty invasive and are likely to break this "spaghetti code." Deleveling on death is a pretty core mechanic and so is inventory slots.

    I think there's going to be a lot of bugs and performance issues.
  5. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    So... can we infer that mob loot tables are NOT fully determined at spawn and ARE in fact (re)calculated at time of Kill? i.e luck / "Perks"

    Like, I always knew pearlescent shards were on wurms from turning gamma setting to as dark as the slider allowed, mobs with them would glow - <but>

    With autoloot off, killing Hiraquis in Coirnav - if we loot them before the death animation stops and the corpse stops settling to the bottom, they have a 50%-ish chance to have zero loot. If all corpses are allowed to finish moving, roughly 90% have loot on them.

    I have found similar percentages on Highland Lion kills. If I carefully wait for each corpse, the quantity of items I loot per hour goes way up. If I loot still moving corpses, something like half of them wll have zero loot.
  6. ShortMan101 New Member

    screw this i already pay for 5 accounts memberships and expansions and already have to spend cash just for DB points to use in DB store we dont need to turn into every other game out there where u pay to progress further theres already enough compatition between others in game with out making it a pay to win game thats one thing everyone likes about eq and has for 20 years now DONT GO FIXING WHATS NOT BROKE
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  7. narksar Augur

    You guys want to make more money off this game? Hire me. I got ideas. What's an example of my ideas? Account to account transfers. Yes, I know there's a number of pressure points about it. Fix those, charge the right amount and people will pay. I guarantee it.
  8. Tyrusstorm New Member

    I have mellowed with age and I cannot get quite as agitated by such things anymore but I will say that this is a tad annoying. I pay more for EQ than I do for any other MMO I have played in the last 10 years and here we are with more fees.

    I fully appreciate that they are optional but as many have suggested I think adding these to the current subscription and offering them a la carte to others may actually encourage folks to sub who were sitting on the fence but adding them just as new stand alone fees is more of a turn off.

    In any case I am back for a while and my wife and I are enjoying the game. I will say that new content will do more to keep us playing as opposed to new fee options that have no traction with us. It seems obvious that this is aimed at a specific demographic but that is a risk to be sure. Appeal to the masses and you will get more support or $$ than by catering to the smaller group.

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  9. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I would call it 32 extra slots since the perk also adds an additional inventory slot. Also not sure how creating more alts on an account lets you sell more in the bazaar at the same time.

    Plenty of people are not maxed and making it easier might encourage some to finish working on them

    Plenty of people die a lot while raiding, especially at the beginning of an expansion when learning the raids.

    Just because you get a lot of experience from progression doesn't mean that you don't need it from other sources to finish your AA or keep xp in your level as you die from raiding.

    Players can have a lot of expenses especially when it comes to making visible armor and tradeskill armor. Those costs can add up quickly and every little gain can help offset it.

    I take it you have tradeskill armor in every slot along with max luck for items with luck? Sure extra raid coins won't add a lot in the long run but they can help you get items sooner.

    Most of those suggestions sound like a one time purchase and this seems to be aiming for a more stable revenue flow.
  10. aludain New Member

    You have become better at Wallet Quest (153) !
  11. Scila Augur

    I'm past my knee-jerk reaction and read both the threads on this. Going with my initial thought of nope. So many of the reasons have been stated in both threads; however, paying extra when there are obvious fixes that need to happen doesn't make sense. As has been stated elsewhere sketti code problems with some of these "perks" I see as a problem. While it does exist in beta to not lose xp, what happens when it goes to live? How do you differentiate between those that have it and those that don't in the code? Too many unanswered ?? for my trust right now to split on a live server between those that bought it and those that don't rather than on an separate server where everyone is equal. If this is a way to fix some of the problems with an extra cash influx, I don't see that as a way to help. Just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  12. Alnitak Augur

    Here is the perk I'd buy on all my accounts: When getting reward of group coins in a group mission get 5% (1-2-4-8 or some other) of those as raid coins from the same expansion.

    Not everyone raids and yet raid gear has outsized benefits in group content.

    I doubt that the balance of the game will be shifted if I have to farm some group mission 100 times to buy 1 raid item per character. But it would be a major quality of play improvement for me.
  13. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Interesting idea, I kinda like it.
  14. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    How the DPG marketing team expected these perks to be received - "Whale" hunting expectations:


    Forum reaction - "Whale" hunting reality.

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  15. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    I have no problem with them generating revenue from the game but I don't see any of these "perks" being beneficial other than the extra inventory slot.

    They should have made these 25 or 50% bonuses, 24 slot traders bags and 2 extra inventory slots. Had they done so then I would have added the perks to several of my accounts.
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  16. Ythera Elder

    A suggestion: add more expensive guild perk options. You pay for these and tie them to a guild you’re in and they give benefits to everyone in that guild. Maybe an option to drop the banner with half as many people, or a toggle to turn on or off bonus faction, as well as bonus xp for the guild and other more mundane bonuses.
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  17. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Here's my take on this.

    Nickle & Dime the players and they will get very annoyed and they might decide to spend their money elsewhere or nowhere, if not right away if the trend continues eventually, whichever person came up with this idea should have been told to sit back down and shut up the moment they finished voicing this pitch or even better to leave the room & not come back.

    We've seen the "players of EQ are a bunch of absolute suckers, we should milk them more" prices already with the past expansion garbage items passed off as premium purchases and now you try this.

    If this was Epstein or Ham's idea or even if they put their wholehearted support behind it they should take a long hard look at EQ and ask if they want to be the guys who not only laid off more EverQuest Employees than anyone else in the history of the game faster then anyone else in the history of the game but then went on to lay off all the players too.

    We've seen the numbers, don't forget, we know that EQ is the most profitable game in Daybreak's portfolio, it has been for years it supported pretty much every other studio title from development through to becoming profitable enough to stand on their own two feet and we know that it was US who financed that.

    We also know that the company could afford a lot more devs and coders and STILL make a lot of profit from EQ even without this latest stunt.

    But most of all we are all very tired of paying money into EQ that the company spends on everything BUT EQ, because we have seen that happen for more than 20 years and while EQ players are incredibly loyal they are not idiots.

    If you want to put the subscription up, do that, but then you better be using the extra money to invest back into the game, stop with the vulture capitalism and start with the game stewardship, look after the community and it will look after the game, look after the game and you look after the players, invest in the game and you invest in making the community more robust and secure the game's future.

    The sub means all the players are on a level playing field, the Free to Play Players get "a free trial" and messing around with the sub model with this perk idea is ill-advised.

    By all means increase the sub price some and add on perks for "All access" to make it better value to compensate for the price increase, but purposefully, willfully, deliberately creating a way to divide people into haves & have nots like this just leaves a mighty sour taste in my mouth.

    in summary:

  18. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    SEE? See what you've done?

    /shakes fist at the ethereal "EQ"

    I'm logging back in to like a SKUZ post nammit.

    and @ Whomever is deciding things like this- there are FAR more player friendly, useful and cooperative things you could legitimately offer for sale without crossing Pay to Win lines.

    Wanna make bank? add a GROUP XP pot type AA unlock per character for 2500 DBC

    500 DBC with a sub IS a PERK

    Increasing sub fee isn't a PERK, it's selling a level of access others will not have, which is, by definition a pay to win mechanic. It gives a benefit, for money.

    Add ALL of the loot cards from Legends of Norrath, a defunct game with EQ claimables, to the market place and rotate the player studio items seasonally, predictably.


    Then sell me those LoN placeables baby!

    Make EQ Purchases Fun Again!

    Whilst I am decorating the family's 5th palatial guild hall and I go to the marketplace, why can't I just pick what I want to decorate with? Either sell them or don't. this rotation BS is denying you sales. Rotating is a mechanic to kinda make people revisit the marketplace, but so is <shock> selling things they want to buy, WHEN they want to buy it. Randomly rotating perpetually denies players this opportunity.

    OH, and- Wargaming claims an amount they make per player, but they outright lie by what nation they do the reportage in vs what nation(s) they take money in from and also, they stealth steal ingame gold by changing a setting for resupplies. Wargaming also sold "Crew Vouchers" (Like xp pots for crew experience to develop crew skills) right up until the day they removed all crews from the game and replaced them with a totally new crew system, thereby stealing all the money people spent over years collecting crew vouchers, but didn't expend them yet.

    It's shady business like that that made me stop representing them and uninstall all their products. both Blizzard and Wargaming.

    Dear EQ, don't be that guy.

    /Obiwan voice These are not the metrics you're looking for.
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  19. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Every time this company spews out some ridiculous, new cash grab, the Daybreak apologists are always ready with "I don't mind paying X dollars because I'm supporting the game."

    Really? This is what you want to support??? You really want to support a bunch of greedy suits sitting around thinking up ways to wring even more cash out of the players, giving them nothing in return? This is the kind of return on investment people want to keep paying for? There's no game development here...none of those perks address any issues in this game...nothing about those perks fix things that are broke. I sure as hell don't want to support THIS kind of game development...and I darn sure don't want the money I pay for my three accounts to go towards executives figuring out new ways to get more money out of the players without actually doing anything to improve the game.

    They want to run this crap out there and see how many suckers they can con into buying it? Fine. But when they start selling the next round of "perks" (and they will if enough people fall for these), which will be even worse, that'll be it for me. I'll be done with this game. The people that own and run it don't care about it...why should I?
  20. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Sounds like a way to kill the xp pot market as they sell for 500(10% for 4 hours)/1400(25% for 4 hours)/4500(50% for 4 hours). I don't see them ever selling anything that would take away that much value from their market place sales.

    Sure you don't like it but they have already been selling power for a long time.
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