Must have raid items in kunark (wiz)

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by spoopy, May 30, 2019.

  1. spoopy New Member

    Anyone help me out here? I'm looking at Mana robe, is it the critical piece for later xpacs or do they become cheap to buy?
  2. Bobbybick Augur

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  3. malaki Augur

    Assuming this is for Mangler and there's no focus effects. Mana robe is useful later sure. Literally nothing else matters very much since you'll probably need like 5 BiS upgrades to cast 1 additional nuke. Also awesome in Kunark is that a number of the important fights are all Lure fights so enjoy that.
  4. Thygrym Journeyman

    You’re a taxi, get used to it. 2nd worst class in the game ahead of only Rogues (but even they can dps on all mobs) until Velious or PoP. Get your lures for those rare fights that need them.
  5. spoopy New Member

    This is so dumb lol. My box wizard tops parses on anything that can land rains. Most people that play them suck and don't use rains or kill themselves. Sure in sky they are a taxi but people are really lazy if they can't top parses on CT, inny, vox and naggy as a wizard. Which you know, are like the majority of raid nights in classic?
  6. Fizon Elder

    For bad wizards maybe. Wizards are toping parses all over the place with necros and mages nipping at thier heels
  7. Atabishii Elder

    Mana robe is the only must have wizard item in Kunark. Mana robe is not THAT great for you in kunark but that's not the point.
    The ideal is to collect Mana Robe in kunark, and then try to get the first Staff of silent star your guild gets + the wiz robe off velketor once velious launches. Mana robe + staff + velk clickie robe combo, with adding in your sword pet (make ench/shamans buff your sword pet on raids) you will top almost every velious parse with ease if you are using everything efficiently.
  8. malaki Augur

    Yeah, no focus effects in Velious hurts, but mostly using rains mitigates that, at least compared to non raining casters. Velious is definitely a high point for Wizards and casters in general though.
  9. Darchon_Xegony Augur

  10. Atabishii Elder

    No focus effects will definitely hurt wizards some but I'm thinking that the dmg gap wizards had with focus effects is enough to allow them to still top the parse without. Regardless, the 3 items I mentioned which you should be able to get fairly easily, will matter even more now with no focus effects.

    The sad part is that velious is such a great raid expansion for necro's and it's going to be pretty bad without focus effects. No focus's hurt necros more than anyone, especially with how long the velious fights are.
  11. Malokhan Elder

    Mana Robe is only really viable once you have mounts. Some servers I've used it, others I've skipped it. Not vital. So snag one for now, to be used more often later if you like. If you don't get one don't sweat it.
    Same with any click nuke robes, if you are not on a mount don't bother using it as you sitting to get mana back is usually better.
    Proc melee weapons, nice when you don't need to med or you are on a mount (notice a trend?) but adds a variance to your threat building so need to keep track of the procs if you happen to pull threat often.
    There really isn't a "Must Have" item in Kunark for wizards other than epic imo. Just build your mana pool.
  12. malaki Augur

    On some longer fights you may not want to sit due to aggro reasons and mana robe has a place there. But it definitely becomes much more of a thing in Luclin due to mounts for sure. Also you don't med on a mount if you're autoattacking so that makes no difference for proc weapons.
  13. Atabishii Elder

    This person here didn't top parses as a wizard.
  14. Atabishii Elder

    I actually stopped using my mana robe after luclin comes out. I only used it in velious.
  15. Blastoff Lorekeeper

    Luclin is the best expansion by far for the mana robe since you get sit regen + robe click on your mount. I afk'd for a half hour in a 5 hour VT clear and still won the combined trash/boss clear because of the robe. The robe is definitely the difference between two equally played wizards and even during Kunark/Velious it is way more ft than sitting(40 vs 23). If you can catch heals that's great otherwise its healing distillates and extra concussions. A wizard with a mana robe pretty much always beats a wizard without, but a wizard without will still beat all the other classes when they can rain till pop.

    Also, MR is what you want to start focusing on for dps as a wizard during Kunark/Velious. Lots of bosses casting fear/magic based nukes you can ignore with high MR. Getting extra med/nuke time while the other dps are feared is a monster dps increase.
  16. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Mana robe is the ultimate status symbol in Kunark and immediately puts you in the high net worth class.

    I would look for that and then keep going for an aon and soti.
  17. Atabishii Elder

    Why waste time spamming mana robe in a luclin raid when if you are a top parsing wizard you should be getting put in a double mind wrack grp to have infinite mana?
  18. Blastoff Lorekeeper

    Our guild had one or two necros who mind wracked me the first week of the xpac. Once it was on farm they said f it and I only saw it cast for aggressive splits, typically on clerics. Also, there's no way its infinite mana. I had a 200k parse on AoW thanks to his crazy mana regen and my dagger of thought, 100k ahead of the next wizard. And I still managed to spend all my mana with 20+ tot procs at about 400 mana gain a pop.
  19. Thygrym Journeyman

    On Naggy or Vox maybe. Not on most of the mini bosses (Pegasus mini, Spiroc mini, bee queen, efreetis all immune or extremely resistant to wizard nukes) and Eye of Veeshan in Sky nor the golems in Fear. And on CT and Inny it's iffy at best if you're going to get more than a few spells to land. On Classic raids - wizards are cheerleaders on the bosses for the most part. Any mage or Necro that can't beat a wizard on DPS in these TLPs in Classic should quit. Mage nukes can do as much as Rend or Ice Comet basically plus they have pets that can dps on every mob in the game (including all those spell immune mobs listed here). Necro dots land on almost everything plus they have pets or they can charm an undead mob and really crank up the dps.

    Wizards are down at the bottom in classic when it comes to being DPS unless you're just farming crap from Guk or Sol B or Giants etc. and even then Mages and Necros smoke wizards due to pets and Lich/lifetaps (for necros). Wizards are also the most boring class in the game to play ..sit around until assist is called, attempt to nuke then twiddle your thumbs until you can sit without drawing agro so you can med for 10 mins again (or in xp groups stand, nuke, sit, wait for next pull, stand, nuke, sit repeat).
  20. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Threads a great example of why self assessments are generally worthless.

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