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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Thrillho, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. 55monky New Member

    Any updates on burn rotations and mash keys now with new ToV content and abilities??

    ---directed for any top parsing monks
  2. Sarcogian Augur

    Dunno what raid game is like, group game is similar to when I left 4 years ago in terms of mash button minus the fk/tc auto change, and the fact you can use fire and ice synergy on mash. As for burn buttons I have nothing to confirm yet for rotations/disc combos. Give it another month I'll hit the parser pretty hard because important info. Anyone parse Ton Po/focused dforce on single Target burn yet? They may stack but have cancellation issues for me it appears. Also what's the deal with eagle poise? It appears that it may stack with other discs but the only time it really shines is when it stacks with everything. I can get a 400-500k parse during it's duration with zan fi, but I stack terrorpalm and spire its only a 40k DPS gain. Use tp/spire by itselfs it's like 325-425kdps during duration. So to ask my question, does anyone use eagle poise as an individual disc or do they still stack it?
  3. Lisard Augur

  4. Sokon Augur

    Yes I have some information that may be unknown to some monks as we mostly go by the rule of same discipline timers don't stack. But, if you haven't noticed, all of the(except for a few) timers on the -1(special/no timer) category stack.

    For example you can run drunken monkey, vigorous shuriken, doomwalkers precision strike and firewalkers precision strike all on your mash key. You can even apparition(blur) with the timer.

    It burns a ton of endurance running all of these, but, shockingly, they can all be run together despite being on the same timer.

    I'm sure quite a few of you haven't realized this, it's especially odd that 2 of the same disc of different teir of the precision strikes can both fire together in my opinion. Thrillho's op has these incorporated with the exception of firewalkers precision but it might not have been too apparent for some.
  5. Bederper Journeyman

    Are you sure on these -1 timers?
    I have never seem Firewalkers Precison Strike Effect and Doomwalkers Precision Strike Effect running in my buff window at the same time. I get a red message saying no bueno when I fire them both.
    Do people still use DMS? Tough to squeeze in during Zan Fi’s downtime.
  6. svann Augur

    So if I read that right, you're saying that when I hit heel first I should just use my short cooldown burns with it (dissident, IOT, Spire) but save the longer burns (ton po or focused destructive force, and eagle's poise) till heel runs out and I start speed focus? Or am I reading too much into it?
  7. Riou EQResource

    Ton Po's like 5 minute reuse, Dissident pairs best with Heel, Speedfocus and anytime you have HHE buffed on you (these effects boost its dps potential, it is a static +value any other time for the most part), that post was pre-Ton Po buffs too (that now it boosts crit rate or w/e offhand)
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  8. svann Augur

    What I was asking is should I use all my burns when we burn (as I have been doing) or as the OP seems to imply just use a few and save the others for when I start speed focus. If you answered that it went over my head.

    edit: been using destructive before ton po but I see your point that ton po has a shorter refresh - when I get those aas. Got a long ways to go on that front. Someone told me get 115 then worry about aas. Maybe thats right maybe not, but I feel pretty weak right now and Im still not sure if its the gear/aas or if Im hitting the wrong buttons.
  9. Heajol Augur

    I'm no pro .. still learning .. but for me it depends how hard I need to burn. If I need something dead *right now* I use all my burn abilities. If it's going to be a few mobs in a row or something, I spread them out a bit. Hope that helps!

    Also, yes, I would hit 115 before worrying about AAs. The extra levels vs mob levels is going to help more in general than stopping to get a few AAs. I did stop at 106 (after the auto grant stopped) for a few, but mostly I didn't get many AAs until I hit 115 a few weeks ago. I'm also getting mostly into TOV T3 right now and that's helping a lot too .. Luck, etc.

    Make sure you loot any rotting Hdex augs .. etc!
  10. Sancus Augur

    Destructive Force causes you to repeat combat rounds, which has synergy with disciplines that augment normal melee damage (e.g. Speed Focus or Terrorpalm).

    As an oversimplified comparison, using Speed Focus would yield 56.3% additional combat rounds in a given period of time, and Focused Destructive Force would yield 100% additional combat rounds. Using both, you'd end up with 202.6% additional combat rounds versus your baseline. HHE's don't stack so you're not actually going from 0% to 56.3%, but that's the idea.

    I only raided on my monk for about a month, and in that time I didn't get to the point where I feel comfortable suggesting optimal rotations. That said, I did like using Ton Po's + Infusion of Thunder at the start with Heel, and using Speed Focus + Destructive Force as soon as Heel dropped while IoT still has ~36 seconds remaining. That combination does knock off Ton Po's two ticks early, but Ton Po's is still pretty weak, relatively.

    I know some monks like to do a secondary burn with Speed Focus (or Terrorpalm?) 3 minutes in when epics refresh, so that's probably also an option. There is a "right" answer, but it very likely varies with ADPS (e.g. do you even have a shaman, how long are you running with decent HHE during the burn, etc.). As an alt, I think any of those approaches is likely viable as long as the pairings have some consideration and you have decent overall disc/ability uptime.
  11. svann Augur

    Sorry I meant to ask before - whats the HHE abbreviation?
  12. Sarcogian Augur

    Hundred hands effect. Its a miniature speed focus that is from an AA line that I forget.
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  13. Sarcogian Augur

    You should pass that info to Q, he needs it as a baseline
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  14. Fishlips_Jones Journeyman

    Great posts Thrillho. Because of these I was able to molo Orfur in Great Divide on 7/4. The one suggestion I would make would be to go: mend, earthforce, mend, shaded step.
  15. Sabrefist- Journeyman

    Anyone have definitive info on whether or not any of the Drunken Monkey Style buffs stack with Zan Fi's? I don't see any stacking issues on Lucy between any of them and Zan Fi.
  16. Riou EQResource

    Zan Fi isnt up for 30s per reuse, plus drunken does do tiger claw that zan fi doesn't

    So parts of it should, but last time seen anyone parse it it was extremely minor in the overall
  17. Heajol Augur

    My mash key is no longer triggering both Zan Fi Whistle and Two Finger Wasp Touch. It was working before I got a new computer. Does anyone have a mash key triggering both of these abilities?
  18. Szilent Augur

  19. Chasassis New Member

    The monk playstyle is pulling, DPS and emergency tanking. The third and first thing especially are a lot more effective with a 2Hander.

    Basically, if you're wanting to maximize your effectiveness, use a 2Hander. But that doesn't mean you HAVE to. It just means there's no good reason NOT to except because you don't want to. Which is, unfortunately, with free will and all, a perfectly valid reason to do something.

    Just don't try to justify it any other way.
  20. Astral64 Augur

    I assume you're on TLP?

    If not..

    Monks haven't been needed for pulling in a long, long time.

    Our primary role is DPS.

    The monk/bst 2hb are better for all three situations you describe and have been for quite some time. You will do less damage and take more damage using one handed weapons.

    No need to justify anything. Thems facts.

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