Fixed Internally Multi-binds activating simultaneously

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Sprained wrist hurts, Aug 20, 2020.

  1. Sprained wrist hurts New Member

    My zerker loves hitting 8 combat abilities with one button press.
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  2. svann Augur

    I thought thats how it worked.
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  3. Hellowhatsyourname Augur


    We don't call it "sequential" binds!
  4. yodo Elder

    How multibinds work definitely changed in the patch yesterday. As a monk if I have Whistle of Zan Fi and Two Finger Wasp Touch in the same bind whichever one is first will never activate no matter how many times I hit the button or what other abilities are on or off cd. It worked fine before the patch.
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  5. Jondalar Augur

    And if you have AA abilities tied to that hotkey they are now not going off.
  6. aozs Elder

    I noticed this on my rogue as well. My CDs multibind, which is a combination of AAs and discs, used to work perfectly fine and now the AAs don't fire.
  7. Jondalar Augur

    Put all the AAs into a social. put that on a multibind.
  8. Caisy Journeyman

    That's a work around, but I think people are looking for a solution. If you bind your mash bar to the E key, everything on that key should fire when mashed and it doesn't.
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  9. Notanx New Member

    Still having issues with multibind hotkeys.
  10. niente Developer

    Can you give us some more details on a good test for this to help save time when testing?
    i.e. what class, what combat abilities / AA are assigned to the same key.

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  11. svann Augur
    Is this what you are seeing? Thats a guide from a couple years ago.
  12. aozs Elder

    My rogue has Hotbar 2, Buttons 1-10 bound to Alt-E:

    1. Rogue's Fury
    2. Dissident Weapon
    3. Focused Rake's Rampage
    4. Twisted Chance Discipline
    5. Shadow's Flanking
    6. Naive Mark Rk. II
    7. Spire of the Rake
    8. Drachnid Blade
    9. Poisonous Covenant
    10. Phantom Assassin Rk. II

    Post-patch, the only AA that fires is Spire of the Rake (the last AA in the list). That means Rogue's Fury, Focused Rake's Rampage, and Shadow's Flanking aren't firing.

    Before the patch, everything would fire.

    @svann I read about that when setting up this character a year ago. There was a way to work around it by alternating discs and AAs in the multibind to make it work. That's why the keys are set up the way they are (alternating AAs and discs). It used to work fine before the patch because the keys would be used in sequence (incidentally requiring 10 button presses to activate everything), but now pressing the button tries to activate all the skills at once as the OP mentioned.

    Throwing all the AAs in a social and having it at the end of the multibind seems to work for the time being.
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  13. yodo Elder

  14. Sprained wrist hurts New Member

    Yay, servers are up.

    My zerker is using a multi-bind on hotbar 5 on key 1-8. The hotkey is Shift + 1 (Shift + 1 was removed from hot bar 1's hotkeys)

    1. Axe of Derakor
    2. Vindicating Volley
    3. Viindicating Axe Throw
    4. Shared Atavism
    5. Vindicating Frenzy
    6. Seething Rage
    7. Dissident Rage
    8. Magnified Frenzy

    Pressing Shift + 1 activates all 8 abilities at once. It didn't work this way previously.
  15. Krool Journeyman


    Main hotbar key 1

    /attack ON
    /alt activate 3732
    /alt activate 801
    /alt activate 552

    Hotbar #4 has the first five buttons of the row linked to key press 1. The abilities on hot bar 4 slots 1-5 are in the following order:

    Shield Sunder Rk. III
    Aggravate Rk. III
    Concordant Precision Rk. III
    Oppressing Shout Rk. III
    Kragek's Roar Rk. III

    Pressing the number 1 is currently activating all 8 abilities. The way it previously worked, it would only activate the 3 AA's and Shield Sunder with the first key press, Aggravate with second key press, etc. etc. If pressed with one or more abilities on cooldown, the key press would only activate the first available that was off cooldown.
  16. niente Developer

    Thanks for the detailed steps. Made a ticket to fix multiple AA abilities not firing off the same hotkey at the same time. No ETA at this time.
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  17. Wulfhere Augur

    I'm worried that you misconstrued the issue.

    It's pretty obvious that some developer changed the logic so that a successful AA or discipline does not end the processing loop for a single key press (like it does with spells). Now the bound abilities can all fire from one key press simultaneously.

    This change can have a powerful impact on the game because it means that players can burst ALL of their activated abilities (sans spells) in a single instance. Burst +hate, debuffs, damage, heals, ... all instantly. Sure players can get the old sequential behavior by creating macros, but this new power might be overpowering for some classes and even game breaking. Think about it a bit.
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  18. niente Developer

    Not sure that whatever happened with combat abilities was done intentionally. If I had to guess, it was a side effect of a speculative fix to spells becoming locked out and other item lockout bug changes that were made in the patch.

    Not sure if the original post here is a joke or meant to be a report of an exploit, but I do think the AA bug reported in this thread is legitimate if a spam key no longer works the way it used to. Having multiple AA in a social is a workaround but we'd rather not make melee classes have to re-make their spam key after a patch (although I suppose we already did). Not sure why we wouldn't want all the commands to activate in a single keypress otherwise and I don't see that spamming the key 20 times to achieve the same effect is better gameplay, or less powerful. I already think playing melee classes in general is kind of lame due to the need to spam so many combat abilities / AA (just my personal opinion here).
  19. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    No argument here.
    A bit of streamlining would be awesome, some stuff to click is okay but when you have to create complex firing systems for as many abilities & aa as we have right now it does seem like too much time gets spent on how to make it all work from fewer keys so you don't go mad.
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  20. Derd Augur

    Ummm isn't that all classes in eq currently? Tank spam 1 or 2 keys, healers 1 key, shaman probably most complicated if going for max dps and heals, then everyone else including druids having a couple keys set to repeat everything fast as possible.

    Does that mean you " niente" think we're all lame classes :)

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