Mischief Server looks like it will be the best EQ TLP server ever

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Haldi, Apr 26, 2021.

  1. Haldi Elder

    Wow free trade, A huge diversity to the game, so amazing this is going to be fun.

    Thank you so much DPG this looks like it is going to be amazing and a time sink hehe
  2. Ishbu Augur

    Free trade + random loot is at least an interesting idea, something different than the status quo
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  3. MAggius New Member

    but classic again i mean early EQ expansions are pretty damn boring, classes are uneventful in general.
    Monks and Chanters are broken, its really not a good game. But it is easy i guess /shrug.
  4. Haldi Elder

    Oh I will be on this server probably till the end of EQ sunset, been wanting something like this for a long long time
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  5. Ketzerei84 Elder

    Free Trade + Random loot = no more SLR hacker bot armies. FTW!
  6. brickz Augur

    It will all be turned off when it hits live, but that's years away
  7. MAggius New Member

    farmers paradise i guess, droppable loot, can farm easier name of same level for drops.
    expansions fairly quick to gear gets made redundant quick i reckon 50% of the population will be there just to make krono :)
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  8. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I must admit after the devs saying no way to free trade for the past years this server being free trade took me by surprise.

    The randomised loot thing will be a suck it and see thing that I am cautiously optimistic about, if it works well it will make a huge amount more competition for the krono lords and open up way more zones being played - and making it harder for rare items to be monopolized by such a randomiser, if it does that, will be very interesting to see especially with a rare spawn rate increase. I think it may address something I have along with many others wanted to see to help curb the aggressiveness of farmers and make more of the game attractive to play in.

    I did not see it saying anything about Truebox, if it doesn't have that from the start I am worried it will be overrun by bot armies, even though I want that switched off when DoDH unlocks, by which time the bot armies and krono lords have moved on - but this move could also be due to how easily Truebox is to circumvent now.
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  9. Haldi Elder

    this is a dreamers paradise being able to pass loot to alt toons to lvl or to gear up new guildies to raid amazing concept
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  10. Nolrog Augur

    Now it has been confirmed.
  11. Valanie Lorekeeper

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  12. KrakenReality Augur

    Remember, how Free Trade was never going to happen?
  13. wade_watts Augur

    Gonna be awesome!

  14. TLP Addict Augur

    Just for going well outside the box and doing something different.

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  15. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Dream corrected the type, it's truebox.
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  16. Dmitry Elder

    You magnificent m***************.... just take my money.
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  17. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Yep, see that it was added in now.

    I still hope they consider switching it off at some point though, ideally when DoDH unlocks or at the very latest SoD.
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  18. MAggius New Member

    might seem great to pass items down, but on FV just meant every raid drop was seen as a pp/krono item. Makes raiding/gearing guilds harder ironically. With AOC's and then instances gear is really not an issue without this. Will be interesting im sure, will be pretty horrific early on but as classic only has 4 weeks, who would pay alot for classic drops , to be fair first 4 weeks you could skip.
  19. MAggius New Member

    though it is truebox, doesnt make much difference
  20. Dmitry Elder

    The Krono Drama will be strong.
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