Longer release time on Phinigel?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by rovey, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. rovey New Member

    What do people feel about the release time on Phinigel expansions being upped? I feel we are coming to expansions now where an extra month or two of time would be warranted to enjoy the content fully.

    I would suggest 4-5 Months instead of 2-3 Months


    And disable Levi over POF! :)
  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    I mean if you want to disable lev in pof you have to remove pet debuffing aggro bugs in ntov first.
  3. snailish Augur

    Even release of each expac is going to be flawed no matter what equal timeframe they pick.

    Some expacs should be bundled (basically any non-level cap, minimal raid, mostly/all mission expac is a poor stand-alone). PoP-LoY-LDoN is the first obvious example, there's a weird run in the level 70 expacs too.

    Some expacs do take longer (or shorter) to meaningfully complete. The serious raid posters here have shown the math based on lockouts X encounters and so on. However, it is probably easier to just set "every 12 weeks" then 4-12-12-12-12-12-16-12...etc. mostly because something will get adjusted and suddenly expac #15 is 2 weeks easier or whatever. Also depends what they bundle as it changes the "reasonable completion" math.

    Changing the timeframes on a healthy pop server is a bit risky. There are two longer timeframe servers already? Besides, TLP rulesets don't seem to get modified. Case in point is why not move Fippy to be on auto unlocks?

    Given the choice of future expacs having longer timeframes or insanely high (vs. Historical) XP I think the playerbase would take the xp. Personally I think both would be a win ruleset.
  4. Nessirfiti New Member

    The release schedule on Phinny works just fine as is. If you want to enjoy content from an expansion fully, don't move over to the new stuff. Don't want to go to level 75? set 100% AA. No sense in trying to kill the raiding scene on Phinny because some people want to spend even more time in expansions. The time between PoP and GoD was interminable, and the wait between OoW to TSS didn't seem a whole lot better to me.
  5. Mwapo Augur

    In SoF, and basically onward, the keying is set up to take longer than in previous expansions. It would kill the raid scene not to slow it down more likely. Only one or two guilds would finish content in era and even then, they'd struggle to get the gear they need before the new expansion launched. The keying process will slow the game down far too much for most of guilds to both beat the expansions and to get any meaningful gearing done before the next comes out and will lead to many of the slower/smaller guilds hemorrhaging members. But yall do you.
  6. malaki Augur

    I'm enjoying TSS just fine, but I certainly don't want 1 or 2 extra months of it.
  7. malaki Augur

    Would much prefer faster keying than longer expansions personally.
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  8. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    Same. Please same.
  9. Nessirfiti New Member

    Exactly, I'm firmly of the opinion that the unlock speed is fine as is, but expansions like Underfoot need to have their key rate boosted.
  10. Brumans Augur

    We joined Phinny for 3 month unlocks. That shouldn't change. The artificial time gating needs to be removed, and keys/flags just need to drop so that everyone who participated can loot one.

    The time gating served its purpose.
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  11. Numiko Augur

    We are still in the 6 month cycle expansions .. once we hit the annual ones (SOF and Beyond) we are going to hit the artificial road blocks put in those expansions meant to slow down guilds.

    If they want to keep the fast cycle they should double the keys dropped in each raid, or else only the very top guilds who split raid will be able to even enter the final zone before the next expansion comes along.

    If nothing is done I predict a lot of people as they see their guilds fall further and further behind will give up trying to keep up and simply quit .. which is something I do not think daybreak really wants to see happen.
  12. Mwapo Augur

    Sure, that'd be ideal. But which option do you see being implemented if any? I'd guess the server will just die instead once guilds struggle to keep up due to the key gating. Because they will want to push the phinny players back onto the krono farm servers.
  13. Machentoo Augur

    As detailed in previous threads on this topic, casual guilds will have no problem beating SoF or SoD within the alloted 3 month time period.

    We only really need a change for Underfoot through the next 3-4 expansions after it.
  14. PathToEternity Augur

    Yeah no. It's already doing to take until 2021 or 2022 for this server to catch up to live. There's no way I want to add 4 or 5 more years to that.

    I love this game and this server, but I'm playing here for the fast unlocks.
  15. malaki Augur

    I mean if the choice is literally between longer unlocks or being unable to finish content in era for even the top guilds obviously longer unlocks is better between those 2 options. But either option is a lot worse than just making flagging go faster.
  16. Dailor Lorekeeper

  17. Bobbybick Augur

    I'd rather they do nothing if the other option is longer time in each expansion, at least then we'll have a carrot to continually chase. It's not like we also can't go back and finish UF in HoT if it came to it.
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  18. Kujoe New Member

    Increasing the expansion duration goes against what people signed up for in the beginning.

    However, this does speak to a bigger issue, that being the inherent gating/keying/time sinks built into expansions. I see two reasons for "issues" on these TLP servers.

    1 - much more people play, and are directed to be at the same stage of progression. When Kunark launches, for example, 90% +/- of the server is already max level. So, the majority of the server are hunting VP keys, epic camps, HS keys, etc. all at the same time. There is very little progression spread between the population, so there is more competition for each component.

    -- I don't necessarily see this as a bad problem, as i expect the point of TLP for some people would be to have robust groups and raiding guilds to drop content.

    2 - The expansion originally lasted 1yr +/-, and now lasts 2/3 months. Originally, keying was expected to have a lifespan of the 1yr mark, not the 2/3 month mark. However, on TLPs, the keying/gating components of servers have not been normalized for the shorter duration.

    -- This could be a simple fix of: decreasing re-spawn times for key components, epic mobs, or flagging raid Dz timers; alternatively increasing key, flagging, or epic drops; or something else. Adjusting re-spawn or drop timers still requires players to accomplish the event, killing the epic mob or farming the key component, but opens up the opportunity for the accomplishment to more players during that 2/3 month expansion. Removing keying/flags completely would take away components of the game and specific expansion, however, making keying/flagging activities more appropriate for the shortened duration would be beneficial, I feel, to all.
  19. Machentoo Augur

    Not really, since they publicly announced there was a chance they would lengthen expansion time once we hit Underfoot, prior to the server launching.
  20. Ryak Augur

    I disagree with the people saying that people will "go back and finish" expansions out of era. That is the go-to response, but there's a reason why progression servers exist instead of people just doing progression on live and that is because people will NOT actually do this. Instead people will simply miss the content they didn't get to do in era.

    If the choice is between longer unlocks and not getting to finish in era, 1000% it needs to be longer unlocks.

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