Live Update Bugs: 9/19/2018

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. Yinla Augur

    sound is still messed up, getting stuttering at random times, both spell casting and audio triggers.
  2. Zunnoab Augur

    Aggro linking those I would hope is a bug considering it would fundamentally change the raid.

    Don't forget to stack bard Harmony of Sound and the GoD Ancient song to help debuff too.

    To stay on topic, have the devs acknowledged the script lag issues? It isn't even slight. Kor-Sha and End of Empire both having issues is extremely dangerous to the health of the mid tier raid game.

    For a raid to be as enormously punishing with AEs already, having random raid-ending sets of meteors with little to no warning is devastating.

    It isn't even worth wasting time on in that state for us.
  3. Sancus Augur

    Welcome to what the high end guilds have been dealing with in much greater severity for two years...

    Edit: I don't agree with your assessment of script lag in Thursday's raids, but that notwithstanding, casting lag was fine. I certainly wouldn't draw any conclusions until a larger number of guilds that actually produce significant raid lag try events on Sunday.
  4. Conq Augur

    I have to admit, I hadn't noticed any changes in End of Empire. But then again, I'm only a cleric - so it's autofire heals and AFK for me...
  5. Absor Augur

    I am aware of the issue with this one.

  6. Metanis Augur

    On Luclin last night Sathir Tomb #3 last night was the laggiest I've ever seen it. Toward the end I was unable to cast spells as gems wouldn't refresh. Prior to raiding I was not having any problems. Other people were saying in Teamspeak they were experiencing the same slowness with casting and refreshes.
  7. Hludwolf Developer

    Please re-patch your clients. Membership marketplace discounts will show up again (they were working before, just not showing). Also, after clicking claim for your monthly 500 DBC, it will update your total after a second or so in the window.
    *edit* It looks like just a few accounts might still not see the marketplace discount even with all access even though they will get the discount.
  8. NimTheBard New Member

    My client crashes after zoning 2 or 3 consecutive times.
  9. Fanra Augur

    Noticed the game was stopping for about 5 seconds every minute or so when raiding High Bokon Boromas on Thursday. However, when we did Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls raid, I didn't notice any issues. Also did not notice any problem with Prince Selrach Di'zok raid.

    Bertoxx server.
  10. Skyzul New Member

    Mage pet (water) loses all buffs, items, and weapons 9 out of 10 times that I zone if he is out. I tried suspending the pet before zoning and that did keep his buffs/weapons the one time I tried it.
  11. Shm12 New Member

    feel like feral form of ranger used to stack with mammoths force of sham, I cant do this anymore
  12. Lubianx Augur

    Since the patch, have been unable to claim unwritten glyphs
  13. Daft New Member

    Wizard rains are broken on all mobs with large models. Its very apparent on TLPs but I would assume it applies to Live as well. If the mob model has a large model, IE a dragon, god, etc, rains spells will only cast two out of their three waves.
  14. Ghubuk Augur

    Is it possible that it is hitting it twice then once for a total of 3 waves??
  15. Simaril New Member

    I'm noticing the same bug as Starkxx, pets are acting wierd and it's not just mage pets. Mage, necro, and enchanter pets seem to be affected. Sometimes they won't attack, and other times they will attack for a while, then stop attacking. Rampaging pets as well seem to be affected. I'll watch the fight and the horde of swarm pets will just sit there for 10 seconds with no animation..then animate a few times...then stop. I can't figure out what the trigger is...because some fights they seem to act more or less normal.
    I turned off Theft of essence for the mage pets just to make sure.

    The pets say 'Attacking x master'...but sometimes they just don't and just sit there.

  16. Sancus Augur

    What do you mean by "turned off Theft of essence"? Clicking the buff off your pet won't actually remove the aura, and even if you block it, swarm pets that have already spawned will still have the buff.

    If you have Theft blocked (/blockspell add pet 49680) prior to starting the test, do you still experience this?
  17. Simaril New Member

    I'll try that, it very well could be, I'd forgotten that it procs off the shock series so clicking it off wouldn't help. Thanks!

  18. Midasa Lorekeeper

    Last night sounds were still broken the same as pre-patch, but I just logged on again, and it seems to be working ok, at least bag sounds and items dropped into inventory.
  19. Midasa Lorekeeper

    Warrior agro pets seem to have the same behavior, not attacking then attacking periodically.
  20. Kialya Lorekeeper

    Quest: Trail of Discovery. Tried this 3 times now and cannot complete it. Twice I made it to the "Stop the Crypt Keepers" but no matter which crypt room I go into, nothing despawns, no Crypt Keeper spawns, nothing, so cannot complete the mission. There used to be a 'work around' where someone would drop the group and mission, retask the mission and then reenter the crypt to force the Keeper to spawn, but with the change in tasks, you cannot do that any more. I also dropped the quest once and killed for 2 hours without a single step one update and gave up for the night too. Something really screwy about this quest :(

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