Live Update Bugs 12/12/17

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  1. Axxius Augur

    They are rare. And they are an optional part of the Hunter achievement.
  2. HeatherPurrs Augur

    Monk FD is not shedding aggro on various mobs at various times. Level does not matter. So Monks are in certain cases unable to drop aggro during combat.

    Various DOTs and Snares, etc. are not being removed by purify. Dots Snares, etc after being removed by purify are being reapplied by various mobs all levels.

    Earthforce is not working at various times. Disc activated but parsed data shows zero change to mitigation and damage.

    Mercs are at random not buffing or healing mercs and players. Tank mers are not taunting, stopping combat and restarting combat at random.
  3. Prathun Developer

    NPCs have had the RARE_SPAWN flag since at least as far back as 2011.
    The gameplay benefit of this is that it allowed us to increase the spawn rate of these NPCs by a percentage during bonus events, and it's also useful to help identify them internally.
    In the June 2017 update, we changed the consider message to show whether or not the NPC is flagged as a rare. There are multiple benefits to this. You know that when something has a rare flag that it: spawns infrequently, has placeholder(s), is unique, has a chance to drop interesting item(s), and will spawn more frequently during bonus rare events. And if an NPC should be flagged as rare and isn't, or vice versa, you can let us know!
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  4. Greymantle Augur

    Small issue, was hunting sea turtles for the collectable last night on The Rathe. Zone, Overthere. 2 of them were either type 2 invis or underground. Level 106 ranger track used. May get fixed with the server repop , but may want to look at their spawn locactions.
  5. Absor Developer

    Yes. This is so that their spawn rate will be increased when we increase the spawn rates of rares.
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  6. Absor Developer

    The fix for that needs testing before it can go live. Pushing it without thorough testing would be a greater risk than it is worth.
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  7. Ssdar Augur

    still broken 12/14
  8. Angahran Augur

    So it's fine that people will continue to lose xp at 110 instead of patching a fix that may give 97% back instead of 96% ?

    How did this even get bugged ?
    Is there some level checking code in the rez spells that had to be changed from 105 to 110 ?

    It always appears that any bug that benefits the players gets fixed immediately but anything that is detrimental to players needs at least a month of 'testing'.
  9. Goodkitty Augur

    I would rather them revert the changes and make round kick-dragon punch their own thing. Now that they're tied to cool downs (Kick and a Punch/strike) and auto activate is a thing why would this be an improvement? I see bite of asp is a damage over time (you dont want to auto this so the dot takes it course) this being said round kick and whatever else thats on auto will be taking the cooldowns of these abilities. When I played on live I usually macroed together my 30 sec cooldowns (nukes swipe, whatever else) It's cool they give us a bit more physical damage, but why not just make these things separate again instead of being passive. Seems now when I get to those xpacs i'll have even more hot buttons to smash my face against the keyboard with for situational use where roundkick will probably be the only thing on auto activate.
    I liked Feral swipe on TLP by itself because it was big bulky dmg. Things die so fast that you need that burst damage to be relevant on some fights and that being said using big discs like Intensity and other things made that bursty physical damage ability relevant with the turbo crits. This doesn't happen anymore.
  10. Metanis Bad Company

    Why did you link Merc quests in OT? It means people in different places in the quest arc are less willing to group with people.
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  11. Absor Developer

    I'm sure someone will post when we know.
  12. Jaay Lorekeeper

    Mercs at 110 arent using weapons, not sure if its been mentioned somewhere cause im to lazy to read thru 9 pages.
  13. Axxius Augur

    Still broken after the patch 12/14:
    • Unable to claim the rewards for the Savior achievement (AA: Hero's Vitality/Fortitude)
    • Glyph of Arcane Secrets is still capped at lv 105 and does nothing for lv 106-110 spells:
  14. Prathun Developer

    It's not fine, but the problems associated with a bug in experience code could be as catastrophic as losing ALL your levels.

    It feels that way because People Remember Negative Events More Than Positive Ones.
    Note that, with the exception of fixing Talendor's non-functional AE, every change that went into this morning's update addressed an issue that was detrimental to players.
  15. Hiladdar Augur

    The longer the no-return-experience-on-res bug continues the more players it will affect, as more players hit 110.

    Most affected will be raid guilds, whose members rush to 110, and progression, so that then can more easily contribute on raids. This bug also severely inhibits learning new events, and progression once a player hits 110, since that player will be unnatural adverse to taking risk. It also inhibits earning AA, since when a player dies, they will have to re-grind back to 110, instead of earning AA.

    My personal opinion is the moment you can roll this patch out, bring the servers down and roll the patch ASAP.

    Regarding how that bug made it past the beta server... On beta you can only be ressed if you are ghosting over your corpse. Once you stopped ghosting, your corpse went poof, and you ended up at your bind point. On beta when you die, you do not loose any experience. Hence, there was no way to to even identify this as a bug on beta.

    Finally, how will the the player base be compensated if the player dies, gets ressed with the intent to get experience back, but gets no experience due to a bug and no fault of the player.
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  16. Hludwolf Developer

    Regarding the experience loss on resurrection bug:

    Due to the complexity and risk associated with this change, it is much safer to have this tested and vetted on the test server. Any change to the experience code is quite complicated and risk prone (you would not want to level up from 108 to level 1 for example) and we need to have exhaustive testing before this goes to live. The fix is being pushed to test right now and will need at least a few days to ensure that nothing else breaks. We know this delay is frustrating, but we cannot get this wrong or the impacts could potentially be way worse.
  17. Cleaver Augur

    I'd say this should of been tested in beta but you don't lose xp when dieing in beta. Maybe that should change when there is a level increase next time ?
  18. Tevraii Journeyman

    I finally was able to craft all the components for Crestra's simple earring. I tried the final combine and it wouldn't let me because she hasn't given me the recipe. Went back and said "simple earring" to her again, no update to recipe list.
  19. EQ Dev Developer

    Reminder: Please follow this thread's rules:

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.

    Future off topic posts will be deleted.
  20. Lily Augur

    Got the bonus task Castle Relic from Clayton Teek. On completion with Lesson running, and the bonus, we got 1% XP.

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