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  1. Lorai Lorekeeper

    Not sure what this means, but as of Midnight CST (10pm PST) this lvl 110 XP loss after a Rez has not been fixed. Hopefully it will be after tomorrow's patch?
  2. Dartaniun Elder

    Don't know how the dmg is looking on live, but with the beastlord new abilities on Phinny the damage seems to be not working properly.
    Round kick with the AA feral swipe added to it is doing considerably less dps than regular kick.

    Regular kick damage seems to be unchanged from what it was before. The calculation for round kick and/or feral swipe needs to be looked at
  3. Zunar Augur

    On live feral swipe is ok:ish damage. Less than before but faster reuse now too.
    The round kick portion could maybe use a small increase.

    Frenzied swipe is still bugged. It needs to lower feral swipe by 2 more seconds to meet the AA description.
  4. RICE New Member

    I seem to be taking more damage on Pally at 110 vs undead in scorched woods which now mostly con blue. Was grinding them just fine at 106-107 using 2hander, but now almost dying several times vs light blues in the same area using shield+sword. Can't be certain it isn't the merc healer might not be healing as well. Didn't want to keep testing, risking dying and not gaining exp on rez (bug) again.

    EDIT: talking to others playing SK also report having noticed the same issue.
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  5. Tannin Steelblade Journeyman

    QUEST--- Here or Over There?

    After following quest line to the combine stage it appears none of the items combine in any containers using the information given. Every part of the Sub combine says, You cannot combine these items in this container type"

    So all sub combines for Crestra's Simple Earring will not combine
  6. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Not sure if it counts as a bug or if it is intentional?
    But the wizard synergy AA(rk11) is a downgrade from the previous rank, if you are still using vortex.

    I doubt many wizards will buy it, as it is now.
    It could use some tuning. :)
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  7. Aydin New Member

    Regarding the beastlord changes. At lvl 70 kick parses for more damage than round kick + feral swipe.
  8. Nudia Augur

    December 14, 2017

    *** Tradeskills ***

    - Corrected an issue that prevented players from completing tradeskill combines intended for Ring of Scale. This includes the upgrades to armor for Empires of Kunark and within Ring of Scale.

    *** Quests And Events ***

    - Crypt Robbers - Area of effect spells should no longer set off traps.
    - Fell Foliage (Mission) - The mission instance no longer has any requirements to enter the zone.
    - End of Empire (Raid and Mission) - Talendor's Fiery Breath will now work in the raid and in both the mission and raid will have a slightly narrower cone.

    *** Spells ***

    - Beastlord, Magician, Necromancer - Level 106 and higher pets can now be summoned without a valid pet focus item.
    - Enchanter, Magician, Wizard - Fixed several spells that had "Unknown String" descriptions.
    - Median Clawed Tablets of the Ring of Scale and Median Marked Symbols of the Ring of Scale will no longer give Promised Alleviation scrolls to players who are not Magicians or Beastlords.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Fixed an issue with Monk Health and endurance from level 106 to 110.
    - Fixed a bug that caused a reduction in player AC from levels 106-109.

    - The EverQuest Team
  9. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    Little bit of older content... but definitely a pain!

    The Dead Hills > "The Hills Are Alive" > Step 3: "Use keys to recover Krag's spare arms and armor from his home 0/1 (The Dead Hills)"

    There is a rat that spawns under the world or on top of the mountain (I've tracked to it multiple times), if this scavenger has the key on it, you cannot complete this mission. There are like 18 different mobs that could have the key on it potentially, so it's not incredibly common. Usually by this point you've done some clearing, and this mission scales with you, so mobs take a little more investment.
  10. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    Whenever you see "fixed internally" or "fixed pts" on the issue tracker, or any thing like that - it means the fix is found and implemented but requires a patch/server update for it to go live, if the fix made the cut off for the patch. Unfortunately it doesn't look like the xp bug made the patch notes, which indicates it probably isn't in todays.
  11. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    Howling Stones > "Lay the Trap" > Final Step: "Stop Venril from taking Drusella. 0/1 (Howling Stones)"

    I was set up where the adds in the previous step spawn killing them as they popped. When the final step occurred, I did not receive the completion. I tried to go back in and spawn the mob / portion of the event again but no luck. I had to re-get task, then make sure I was standing inside of the room when Sathir spawned. There's no player intervention with his spawn, it's just text.

    If there's some kind of "your presence scares him away" lore, consider making the event re-triggerable on a "fail" without having to re-get task.
  12. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    So level 110 players had the correct AC all along?

    Doesn't seem worth it to secure level 110, until they fix xp-rezzes though...
  13. Asmadeus Journeyman

    No, we'll have more :)

    The file was given here in a previous post (ACMitigation.txt)
    It was:

    It's now:

    So folks at 105 right now will get a small nerf, but folks at 110 will be higher than 105/110 have ever been.
    So everyone gets more!
    (EDIT: fixed the proper class citation)

    I also believe the rezz stuff at 110 is fixed, it's been fixed internally yesterday and probably isn't a big deal. Let's have some faith here :p
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  14. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    Gorowyn > Partisan 3 "Chokidai Unbound" > Step "Lead the chokidai out of Gorowyn. 0/1 (Gorowyn)"

    If the user who the friendly chokidai is "friend to" becomes invis, the chokidai bugs out and you cannot get him to do anything ever again. Have to drop and re-get task.

    Please consider making it stop in place if you don't want people invising to zone and have a text to begin following again like "here boy!".

    Also, if you forget to drop the task after you complete it and go exp in zone, the friendly chokidai will eventually appear again in front of you even though the quest is over.
  15. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    The Skyfire Mountains > Mission "The Dragons' Graveyard" > Step: "Defeat Dax and Droccus 0/1 (Skyfire Mountains)"

    It's possible to have the Dax spawn without Droccus after numerous wipes and shenanigans to try to not wipe. Not sure how to reproduce this.

    Added note: anyone who assisted in creating Skyfire is sick. Just sick!
  16. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    All of the quest mobs for fragments of the VP key show as "rare creatures". Is this intended? It gives the impression of player loot.
  17. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    Wizard ports to Skyfire put you dead center in the middle of the platform with roaming ratmen, vampires, and undead... in addition to being the spawn point for Dax and Droccus in the quest "The Dragons' Graveyard".
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  18. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    Be also warned that this could mean some of the internal fixes weren't ready for the patch and thusly weren't included in the patch notes.
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  19. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    I thought that designation (rare creature) was put in for the hunter achievements. really odd.
  20. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    Oh! Another thing, I know at least with bard speed it is possible to run too fast beyond the final update point. This leaves you squirming around trying to get as close to Skyfire as possible without zoning so you don't lose the escort without the means to complete it. I happened to backtrack after running around by the Skyfire entrances for some time and got the update, completing the quest.
  21. Tandaar New Member

    Upon completion of the mercenary tasks within Shard's Landing in the RoF expansion, the achievement window is popping up blank. There are no options to select from for completion of achievements. Might be something to look into.
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