Live Update Bugs 09/21/16

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Sep 21, 2016.

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  2. Prathun Developer

    Not yet, though the Quarm /claim rewards were largely what prompted the addition of the Claim Window info pane so we could help distinguish between two claim items with different server restrictions that are otherwise identical.
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  4. Gialana Augur

    The quest reward window is somewhat broken in a way I only noticed yesterday.
    I opened the achievements window, clicked the TBM tab, then the General subtab. I then expanded the various achievements to see which had rewards and what those rewards are. For the rewards which offer an item (such as an augment), I was unable to highlight the item and then inspect it. Instead, I had to highlight the line above the item to inspect it. For instance, the achievement which grants the augment also grants two AA, Hero's Vitality and Hero's Fortitude, I believe. I had to highlight one of those AA to be able to inspect the augment.

    For rewards which only have a signle line, and it's an item, I couldn't inspect the item at all. There is one rewards that give "The Blind Vessel." I couldn't inspect it.

    I thought there might have been a problem with the registration of my cursor, but the same thing happened on two computers.
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  5. Koryu Augur

    So, I've confirmed this isn't limited to Frogloks. Tested positive on Humans, Erudites, Gnomes, Dark Elves, and Halflings as well, so it's probably true for all races. It's harder to notice on the less-animated original races, but it's very pronounced on Frogloks.
  6. Vannie Journeyman

    Not a bug, just an oversight I'm sure, but monks now need a 13,000 aa achievement.
  7. Igniz Augur

    I got a weird problem ... my own mana regeneration AA "Elemental Form: Water" as well as a couple other buffs (Enchanter Dichotomic, Bard Dichotomic, Celestial Regeneration and apparently my Heart of Flames) knock me inconcious and put me on -34.499 HP every 6 seconds, no matter my current HP. For other players, I seem to be standing, but my client acts as if I was unconcious.

    A fellow mage of my guild does not experience any of these problems ... what the hell is going on?

    Edit: In case it means anything ...

    Updated File List

    Checking game installation...

    All files are up to date
    Checking game installation...
    All files are up to date
    Checking all game files...
    *Warning: Fullscan unable to calculate CRC for D:/Games/EverQuest/spells_us.txt.
    All files are up to date
  8. Zheros Lorekeeper

    Since the patch, have noticed on 3 separate machines, multiple configuration of accounts:

    Druid/Shaman: Communion of Cheetah (AA) seems to be slower than normal...

    Things I checked:
    Verified that Run was active
    Made sure none of the affected characters were ducking
    Checked my Bards - no noticeable issue with Selo's Songs or AA

    Wondering if the changes to the following adversely affected some abilities:

    - Buffs will no longer slow you down if you have a higher run-speed AA ability effect.
  9. Astley Augur

    Using the /baz command in the Bazaar causes the EQ Client to crash on the Phinigel server when there are over 600 traders active.

    It's being discussed heavily in the TLP servers, but figured an official post in the Bugs thread should be made.
  10. JChan Developer

    On Friday, we increased the max number of bazaar traders active to 800, however this caused an issue in the client so we have decreased the number back to 600. We are looking into a fix for the client however we may need to wait until the next scheduled live update to push this out due to the nature of the crash.

    Thanks for reporting.
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  12. Mostcus Lorekeeper

  13. Astley Augur

    Phinigel Server - Temple of Cazic-Thule

    1) Picks that have been spawned are pre-revamp Cazic Thule, while Open World is revamped.

    2) Ring of Slime event has MOTM-1 currently. Final kill required over 2.9 million damage to kill. Now, I'm assuming this should instead be the Luclin level of MOTM due to the difficulty/reward and not make it tougher than actual Luclin endgame boss fights. Similarly, I'm guessing the other boss fights in this zone will have MOTM-1. We didn't check, but guessing it was put on here because the zone is in the old world, but the revamp is already tougher than old world boss mobs that needed the MOTM-1 to balance difficulty.
  14. Bandages Elder

    The instanced version of Grig's End you can't use a mount. But in the open world zone, you can.
  15. Ishtass Augur

    I noticed today that all my bandoleers got shuffled around. 1HB now points to my gate setup, and 2HB points to my throwing setup, etc.
  16. Annathah New Member

    I haven't seen anything posted about this... but it isn't exactly new. I searched through my logs and the first instance in my log is the 21st of May:

    You begin casting Winter's Wildflame Rk. III.
    Your Irae Faycite Shard: Winter's Wildflame Frostbite feels alive with power.
    You deliver a critical blast! (58046)
    Anashti Sul, Lady of Life's skin is torn by jagged ice crystals.
    Your Irae Faycite Shard: Winter's Wildflame Frostbite feels alive with power.
    You deliver a critical blast! (63543)
    Anashti Sul, Lady of Life is struck by a chilling sear.
    Anashti Sul, Lady of Life is struck by corruption.
    You have been granted gift of mana 101 to 105!
    You have healed Anashti Sul, Lady of Life for 3000 points.

    I removed gear and buffs, target is still getting healed for 3000 points when cast.
  17. gotwar Augur

    Anashti Sul is healed by corruption and disease damage.
  18. Bandages Elder

    In the open world of Katta Castellum, on Phinigel, you can ride a mount. In the instanced version, you cannot.
  19. Annathah New Member

    You begin casting Winter's Wildflame Rk. III.
    Your target resisted the Winter's Wildflame Frostbite III spell.
    Your Irae Faycite Shard: Winter's Wildflame Frostbite feels alive with power.
    Combat Dummy Dena is struck by a chilling sear.
    You have healed Combat Dummy Dena for 3000 points.

  20. gotwar Augur

    Apologies, my mistake.

    The Anashti heal message is different anyway, I'm just being dumb =X

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