Live Update Bugs 07/06/16

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Arcturion, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. baenre New Member

    for god sake Daybreak fix what you have broken
  2. Dermel New Member

    Zek is still performing horribly. Spell casting and melee are not delayed, chat is very delayed and zoning is near impossible. "The destination zone denied entry..." has been a constant issue since the maintenance earlier this week. After reading the AB issues, it appears whatever was crushing their server has spread to ours as well.

    Can we have this escalated to the next tier support? Not to downplay the value of bouncing a server, but it seems we might have a bigger problem than a reboot can fix.

    Zalnima sucks
  3. Deillusional Augur

    AB is still misbehaving.
  4. JChan Developer

    We're still investigating the root causes of these issues with Zek and AB.
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  5. JChan Developer

    AB coming down to push out a fix for the lag issues.
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  6. Zarnz New Member

    Clicking Passive alternate ability items not updating to create passive Item: AAs on any of my accounts and other players experiencing same issue....
  7. Zarnz New Member

  8. Sonal New Member

    AB zoning seems to work now.
    /tell and chat channels are better - but still a bit laggy
    Anyhow nice fix.
  9. Trizzity - Zek New Member

    Nothing better than burning primary and secondary ggh anchors + stein and still being stuck in a zone ;p
  10. corwin Journeyman

    Lasted a good 45 mins before Lag and zoning problems recurred , any more ideas?
  11. JChan Developer

    We fixed one of the sources of the lag, but now it's surfaced another issue. Still looking into potential solutions.
  12. Sonal New Member

    Well tried again - tell and chat channels even more are horrible.
    Tell seems to improve after first time - like the tell is doing some lookup and then cache it.
    Zoning is improved but i had 1 failed zoning to old world zone.
  13. Azlynx Elder

    Force of will is broken. It's damage stopped increasing in damage and is capped at the same max damage as its lower counterparts which stop increasing at level capping all 3 at 15985 dd each at level 18 and level 6. Surely you can see that level 18 force of will should be doing quite a bit more damage then level 6 force of ice and fire which are their respective level caps at the moment. You've also broke our dps. 1750x3 for spells doing under 18k damage is both illogical and unnecessary. Who thought of this and how are you going to fix these are forces that were never intended to consume mana. This is like the 7th nerf wizards have received in the past 2 years. So unbug who ever has that bug in their backside for wizards come out with a proper explanation and quit giving the stuff you took back the next expansion and act like it's a gift.
  14. Laxmi New Member

    Cannot login with any of my 4 accounts on Zek - Get to char select and games crashes after long delay attempting to login to Zek??
  15. Trizzity - Zek New Member

    IKR, been waiting for you all night in life too. I can't zone out
  16. Krukid New Member

    it has been almost a solid week now and still cant get out of any damn zone.... I feel a month of double xp or free month of gold is owed to us... most of us are paying for a service we are not getting.
  17. Trizzity - Zek New Member

    That won't ever happen, but it would certainly be nice.
  18. Maelya New Member

    Several people have mentioned I should post my patch issue here. My issue is on the xegony server and the lag at random times is becoming a real problem as I have clocked the lag to be as long as 14 seconds behind my other accounts. Up until Sunday it had only affected one account at a time but since then I am having two different accounts becoming buggy with the lag being as stated above.

    Maelya of Xegony
  19. Eaiana Augur

    Journeyman's Compass appears to be broken. I have gotten many new explore updates on one of my characters, and clicking it always reports that I have finished exploring everything. My AA speed is only at 1/5
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  20. JChan Developer

    The character select, zoning, and chat channels issues should now be resolved on Zek, Antonius Bayle, and The Rathe. Please let us know if you experience disconnects when trying to connect to character select or zoning or chat is lagging (in more than a few seconds spikes).