Live Update Bugs 07/06/16

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Arcturion, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Schalimar New Member

    There still seems something wrong. Antonius Bayle is now up again, but log in/zoning takes forever. Reading guildchat: OT everthing is slow.
  2. Mordiak New Member

    Antonius Bayle
    LogIn takes year's (character sit's in GH)
    Zoning from GH --> GL = The destination zone denied entry ...
    tell from one character to another both in GH from 5sec to 30sec
    seems the problem is still there :-(
  3. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    Got booted from server twice while I was about doing a task in an expedition. Took ages to get back in after the first bounce, just to get another Disconnect.

    Whatever it is with the server, it's (still) in the code which boots up after bouncing.
  4. Eilad Lorekeeper

    as of right now AB is on a crash loop
  5. gotwar Augur

    Some help for you live folks during these crashes:

    - Accurate (down to the minute) crash reporting may assist the developers in fixing your issue. Be sure to include your timezone. Only one person needs to report a crash when it happens. No clue what "kind" of crashes AB is going through right now, but I know that DB's crash reporting can be skewed by certain crashes.

    - There are a few different ways the server can "crash". World server crashes are usually quick, hard, and to the server select screen. Server "stalls" are drawn out affairs that can last up to 20 minutes prior to a "crash". You can tell the server is stalling because you will be able to see your own chats (general, guild, group etc) but no one else will and you can't see anyone elses. If you try to zone during a stall you will not complete your zoning and will eventually crash to server select. When the server finally "stalls out" you will be at character select (if you didn't zone during the stall). Stalls can be hard to spot because everything else in the game works fine - there's no lag, mobs still react accordingly, loot can be had, etc. When reporting crashes it's important to try and spot the type of crash and how it manifested.

    I'm sure there's an army of people at Daybreak right now working on your issue, and this may just inadvertently cause a flow of information that isn't needed (Hey Devs! Delete this if that's the case!). Chances are there are klaxons sounding, cellphones are self destructing, and the tracking chip implanted in every Daybreak employees elbow is creating a searing pain the further from the office said employee is. Even so, this will help give ya'll something to do and at the very least gives the illusion of helping to get things stable.

    We're working over on Test to make sure the relevant hotfixes are stable and ready to be pushed to Live. We're all players like you guys are, and don't want to see you endure what we've been enjoying on Test for weeks prior to stabilizing (and then destabilizing again this morning to try and get you all fixed up). Try to be patient; getting upset doesn't help fix the issue, it just clutters up the forums with rage.

    ~good luck and I hope you guys are up and running before too long.
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  6. Deillusional Augur

    AB is crashing quite a bit
  7. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    I'm sure AB right now generates more crash messages and logs than the Dev's can catch up and, with enough of them, they might have something in common which causes the crashes, so it's just a matter of time until the reason is found out.

    What makes me wonder is, why is it only AB? There are some more Live servers which seem to have no issue and a few of them had already their "up to 24h" maintenance in the past two weeks like AB did. What's the difference between the working servers and AB, besides of the location?
  8. Massoket_Prexus New Member

    The Rathe has been doing the same thing all morning, we also did the "up to 24 hour" thing on Thursday. I hope they can figure it out soon.
  9. Conjurous_AB Elder

    Seems like its the same thing that happened around september last year, that lasted for awhile b4 it was fixed.
  10. dhagdha New Member

    We gonna get compensation for the balls up??? Not only the problem with lag etc etc etc, but now can't even play. Great to see that you're not as bad as Verant. No Daybreak is worse. Doubt we'll get responses as this zone is probably unavailable also and I'll get booted to log-in rather than succor point.:mad:
  11. JChan Developer

    We're testing out a speculative fix on the Test Server right now for Antonius Bayle and The Rathe. Once we've reached a certain population number on the Test Server and it doesn't crash we'll deploy the fix to Antonius Bayle. Once we've reached a certain population number and time on Antonius Bayle we'll deploy the server to The Rathe.

    If you'd like to help us reach those population targets faster, please login and stay logged on to these servers (Test, then AB, then The Rathe) as they are unlocked.

  12. dhagdha New Member

    Cause Rathe and AB are special....... You have to love their maintenance, Expected a 3 hour emergency patch after the 24hr, but they really are excelling themselves.
  13. dhagdha New Member

    How does one log into test please so I can help expedite the AB server
  14. JChan Developer

    1. In the bottom left hand corner of LaunchPad click on the gear (Advanced Tools) icon.
    2. Click "Select Game Version".
    3. Select "Test" and click "Apply".
    4. When it finishes patching click "Play"
    5. You should see the Test Server as the only server option. If you don't: close the client, go back to the gear, click "Open Game Directory", delete the eqhost.txt file, and patch again.
  15. mirax999 New Member

    Crashed the test server at 12:35 eastern.
  16. JChan Developer

    Confirmed. Working on a different fix...
  17. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    While you do the testings on Test server ... do we need to repatch over and over to get into Test server or is it just a serverside patch, means we can stay on Server selection, waiting for "Up" marking?

    Oh, and if someone finds the time for it, it's probably a good idea to separate the server crashes postings off this thread, leaving it "clean" with the real patch bugs.
    Reason: The issues don't affect *all* servers which got the patch.
  18. JChan Developer

    These are just server side updates. I believe it will timeout and kick you out if you idle at Server Select for too long. However Chat shouldn't kick you out.
  19. Zaph Augur

    Dunno what youve done with it, but since the July 6th Patch, the overlay from steam no longer works, its as if Eqgame.exe isnt telling steam its connected
  20. Zaph Augur

    Also, while I remember, not sure how long this have been happening, but why does the ingame MP3 player constantly start playing every time I log in, no matter if its stopped, paused, or running when previously logging out.
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