It’s the Year of Darkpaw AMA time!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Angeliana, Jan 10, 2024.

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  1. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    You have questions, we have answers!

    As part of The Year of Darkpaw: An EverQuest® Celebration, we are going to opening this Ask Me Anything post. This thread will remain open until February 14, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. PST, at which time we will close it to new posts but it will remain visible. Once this is done, we will gather all the questions and route them to the proper team member to answer.

    Once the answers have been provided, we will post them in a new post within this thread in a Question-and-Answer format. The volume of questions will determine the frequency of this reoccurring throughout the year.

    We do have some guidelines to follow when posting your questions and some other information we wish to provide prior to kicking this off.
    • Questions must be within the confines of both the Terms of Service Agreement as well as the forum guidelines.
    • We ask that you look through the previously posted questions to see if the question you want to ask was already posted by someone else.
    • While we encourage anything to be asked, please understand that we cannot respond to all topics, nor will we explain why we cannot respond.
    • We ask that you refrain from back-and-forth conversations with other forum posters.
    • We understand that you are all passionate about the game, but we ask that you remain constructive in your post.
    • Anything that does not follow the guidelines set forth here will be removed, and warnings or sanctions issued if necessary.
    We look forward to your questions!

    Be sure to follow us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.
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  2. Cassiera MOAR DoTs

    What steps are planned for this year re: addressing raid lag?
    Thank you for taking questions!
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  3. SuinegOne New Member

    Would it be possible to bring back player made/designed items for a guild to pay to make their own livery for their whole group? As a player in FashionQuest the whole guild looking gritty isn't good.
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  4. Kakashi77 Elder

    Are there any plans to add additional content in LS? In the form of additional hero missions, or tiered raids? Some of the doors in Laurion's Inn are not used so there is a possibility of extra content in the year?
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  5. OhrsII New Member

    Fellowship Exp please fix this and explain how this works..... Its buggy when your toon is maxed aa and Exp. Seems like you have to kill your toon and lvl down?

    Thank you
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  6. Kenuven Journeyman

    It is known that Va Xi Aten Ha Ra routinely resets when it flings players. The only reason why this mechanic makes the fight more difficult is because it causes resets. The fling on the blobs do nothing for the difficulty. Why does VXAHR still do Fling? The easiest solutions are to either make her immune to it or remove it.
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  7. unoplank Apprentice

    Our server has recently been invaded with players automating their grinding in xp zones for several hours per day. They seem to be undeterred even with other players reporting them to authorities.

    In 2024 will daybreak take a stronger stance against those that use third party programs to play the game in an automated, and often unattended way?
  8. ChiiChii Augur

    Can market place cut down on the micro transactions and make more of the offerings available by questing?
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  9. Caisy Master

    Is there a plan in place to do a deep dive on the Ranger class? We're seeing many changes to bring melee up to caster levels and that's awesome, but we're lagging behind in a big way and I'm wondering if some of those changes are going to make it to this class, it does need some help as we've been carried by being able to Headshot mobs on raids to artificially inflate our parses.
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  10. Heelfor New Member

    Is there any plans or thoughts on merging Thornblade and Mischief?
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  11. OhrsII New Member

    Can we get 10 man raids?
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  12. ieaien_bertox Journeyman

    Is there any reason that druid requests for better mana recuperation seems to fall on deaf ears?
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  13. FencallenBristle Apprentice

    How do you plan to make clerics more fun to play outside of raids? Group content is not engaging enough, and soloing is not an option. They have no DPS options, which I personally think is a crime in 2024.
  14. Gabbo New Member

    The recent tradeskill depot exploit affected the economy of Oakwynd server severely, but the information provided seems to conflict with what is seen in game.

    Official response:
    "The impact on the Oakwynd economy was roughly 2.2% of Oakwynd's economic availability pre-removal. In the removal, we recovered 89.98% of the improper currencies generated for a net impact of 0.22% to the Oakwynd economy."

    Krono prices in the bazaar went from around 60,000pp pre-exploit to capping in the bazaar at 2 million platinum - and are still currently well over 1 million platinum.

    So my question:
    If the resulting affect on platinum to the server was only 0.22% this seems to conflict with what the server economy is witnessing - Could you provide further clarification on the raw data, or is it possible the problem is multiple teams of automated bot-armies farming platinum 24/7 in the game, and being routinely overlooked for TOS enforcement by staff, has allowed billions of platinum to be hoarded too early on the server?
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  15. Silias McKendrick Augur

    Is there any possibility of doing a progression sever that is like WoW's Season of Discovery? (adding/adjusting content in classic and other expansions.
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  16. sinnister Apprentice

    I have a question...and i will keep this brief.

    i have noticed that there is a character that admittedly creates different names in order to sell items across many servers. It has been reported as spam, and i would think creating a similar name in order to bypass the spam filter, would be against daybreak policies. i dont understand how this person is able to continue to do this, and not have any consequences.

    I also just strolled into the very last crystal cave in great divide, and as usual there are 15...Fifteen...characters in that cave power leveling. I would guess, and someone can correct me if i am wrong, they have been there for a very long time. Months actually and not just on my server. I have petitioned this over and over, also, and get the same automated response from the GMs.

    My question is this:

    Are there going to be any ramifications for this kind of behavior going forward?

    i would like to think if any of us did this, we would immediately be reprimanded, yet these people continue to break rules and get away with it. And not seemingly, they do.
  17. Dreekenail Journeyman

    Rumor mill has been flying. The Everquest show and other discord and forums have talked very excitedly about the idea that there might be, hoping for, some form of real life location/celebration of the 25th anniversary, any form of a Fan Faire. While I do not anticipate that any specific dates or locations be announced, can we get ANY confirmation that something is planned somewhere sometime this year for an in person event of some sort? If there is, even knowing that something will take place at some point, would allow for people to begin saving money for a possible trip or hotel room or save up vacation days.
  18. sforzando New Member

    Can we let the NoS Cloak gain increased exp in LS zones? Particularly, can you PLEASE give us the mission bonus exp for the cloak and multiply it by 4 to account for 2 missions. 5% a mission in LS so basically it would advance at 2x the rate of the neck which i think is fair considering it's basically impossible to convince others to run NoS missions these days just to help you level a cloak.
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  19. Froglok Augur

    Rumors still abound about a possible Fan Fair this year, albeit it may just be wishful thinking.

    It is said that Fan Fairs of the past were big financial loses for EQ. If so, I'd rather NO Fan Fair than drain funds from EQ.

    And if there is going to be one, keep in mind that travel costs and time off and other real life concerns will prevent most Players from going, even if they wanted to. The more advance notice given, the less of an issue some of that becomes (allows for a level of advance planning).

    So my question is this, IF there is a Fan Fair planned and since Fan Fairs of the past awarded one or more in-game item claim codes... would it be possible to sell the tickets via the Marketplace or Web Site... that would credit the purchasers account for all the Fan Fair in-game claim codes?

    It would sell more tickets, even if the purchasing Player could not physically attend.
  20. phaeril Augur

    How popular is housing among the developers, any hardcore cozy gamers or absolute hoarders? Any thoughts on making it an earlier part of TLP lifecyle or expanding it in future live expansions?

    How common is it for players to play multiple servers, bopping back and forth for raids and releases? Think we'll see another event server in the upcoming years?
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